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My name is tyler Anderson always been reading fanfiction for about three years so i am now just writing and publishing them. I like many of the stories and will soon be updating more info about me (nothing personal). SEE YA SOON!!!!!

Tyler Anderson

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Here is all the works I've been doing I hope they're good

ASCALON is a private military corporation (PMC) and is the largest, if not the most powerful private company in the world. They were a seemingly unstoppable fighting force, on par with the entire United States Army. Logistically, technologically, and tactically advantaged, they were deployed all over the globe with the use of high-tech, high-end technology on the battlefield, and could come in and out of any conflict with minimal casualties.

The four PMCs that make up ASCALON were all namedand led by members of the Beauty and the Beast Unit.

Praying Mantis "A sense of duty when the risks run high" ―Praying Mantis slogan

Based in the UK.

Deployed in the Middle East, to fight the local militia.

Vehicles used include Tanks, Strykers, Humvees, attack helicopters (including multiple hammerheads), and Slider UCAVs.

Specialties are Top leadership and tactical strategies against any abnormal threat.

Led by Screaming Mantis

Pieuvre Armement

"Les tentacules de la pieuvre pour votre guerre!
Arms of the octopus, arms for your war!" ―Pieuvre Armement slogan

English: Octopus Armament

Based in France.

Deployed in South America to assist a state army against local rebel soldiers.

Vehicles used include Strykers, attack helicopters, and Slider UCAVs.

Led by Laughing Octopus.

Used for their superiority in numbers and surplus supply of firearms.

Raven Sword

"Never a shot in the dark" ―Raven Sword slogan

Based in the U.S.

Deployed in Eastern Europe in the efforts to take out any factions affiliated with insurgency like the one led by Lars alexanderson.

Also deploy Humvees, and Slider UCAVs.

Best of the four with their elite wearing heavy tactical armor and using heavy special weapons and explosives.

Led by Raging Raven


"Evolution reinvented" ―Werewolf Slogan

Based in the U.S.

Deployed unmanned units to deal with any areas allied with the prodigies..

Led by Crying Wolf.

Most advanced section using RC combat vehicle, A.I. operated advanced mechanized bots, drones, and tripods.

Now moving into other matters they have taken over other factions like: Shadaloo, J6, S.I.N., Addes, M.I.S.T., Ruscorp, Eyderdex, Valencorp, Ex-corp, Birkhauser, and even a few rogue ninja clans. Their goal is to accumulate enough funds to initiate a project that no one but the CEO knows; one that will change everything we know.

CEO: Heinrich Guillotine

Appearance- 32 year old tall and slender man with a few inhuman traits. He has messy, shoulder-length white hair with a black streak shaped like a V and piercing green eyes. He wears an open, red-collared shirt with a black blazer, a long jacket, black trousers, and black shoes.

Personality- Cold, mysterious, and unreadable. No one could tell what he was thinking, being silent and keeping all he could to himself. He spoke little, even to his fellow workers, and when he did, each word was filled with a passively strong tone that gave off a sense of wisdom and enlightenment. Heinrich demonstrated a small amount of cockiness and self-worth, finding that he was above fighting with some individuals, and didn't wish to dirty his hands.

Bio- Just being any other businessman trying to make it to the top, his company was a rising success. All that changed when he vanished without a trace to an overseas meeting during mid-flight. He was missing for three months when he was finally found stranded on an uncharted island off the coast china. Since then he has been somewhat secluded getting out only when necessary and not to give off suspicion, so that he could start the project with the knowledge he learned of during his exclusion from society.

Vice-President: Elizébet Bathory

Appearance- Same as before only looking a bit more human with healthier skin and somewhat normalish eyes. Attire has somewhat change with a black slim vest instead of the black breastplate; wears an onyx necklace and perfectly manicured nails. She still has on the red leather jacket and pants with the buckle being a Ascalon symbol instead of the demon head; she also wears shades to hide her cat like eyes and has on the same red heels. However while on the job she wears a maroon business suit and red high platform heels. Her hair is somewhat darker with crimson highlights.

Personality- Different than her old self she is now a little bit nicer and more loyal. She achieves any task given to her with the highest conviction and without question. She is afraid of what would happen if they found out about her secret clueless of the repercussions. For some reason she has a hatred of ninjas.

Bio- In the early days of the company a raid was conducted on a Bio-lab that they were hired to siege. After all personnel were taken care of they reached the main laboratory to see a nude female within a liquid containment tube. Bringing the subject back to HQ scientist were assured that it meant no harm so she was released but, surprisingly on awakening does not remember anything other than her name. So it was decided by the CEO that she would be given a job and identity for which she was grateful. It wasn't long til she exposed the original VP of embezzling money which led to his termination and to Elizebet's promotion to Vice President. She has small visions of her past from time to time; one led to the transformation of greater form which she was scared of. Once she learned to transform back she kept this a secret from everyone afraid of what would happen.

Head Scientist: Ariel G. Lavette

Appearance- an 24 year old attractive woman with long golden blond hair and green cat-like eyes. She wears a seductive naval style outfit with a dark naval fur coat, high-length black leather boots and a small blue ribbon. She also wore black sunglasses on top of her head that are tinted a light brown. Her casual wear was similar, except she properly wore her sunglasses, and wore a small black hat with black webs adorning it. Instead of her usual seductive outfit, she wore an extremely revealing body suit with a fur collar that was cut down the middle, exposing most of her b*. Around her neck, she wore a simple, tied blue scarf.

Personality-a confident young woman who was a master of manipulation. Despite being enemies with Ivy and several others, she would give them helpful advice when they proved their combat prowess to her. She and Drekard have a fairly good friendship, but she would often become annoyed when he lectured her about their mission She hated the weak and those that whine, If someone had thoroughly annoyed her, she would attempt to kill them with her science; something she was cockily confident in.

Bio- Graduating at top of her class through several fields of science, Ariel was offered several positions and proposal from diferent research facilities. One however caught her eye...Ascalon; which is where it is now thanks to her knowledge of cybernetics, robotics, biology, and human physiology. Since the major takeovers she is now in charge of several operations including Dural, Phase-4, Judehiem, Bleece, and the new Abbadon project. She will now bring all these experiments to full fruition unlike previous attempt and show how her intellect is superior to all.

Head & Lieutenant of security:Perry Kendrix and Drekard Mortis Holtan

Appearance- Perry is mostly robotic especially his arms which are completely cybernetic, has on a black and red metallic bodysuit while wearing a sinister looking breathing apparatus. Drekard is a huge, muscular tall man with slick brown hair and crimson red eyes. He wore a sleeveless green top with a large black trench coat over his shoulders, arm-length black gloves with silver nails, baggy black trousers, and black leather boots. In battle he wears a battle suit with a hi-tech visor-helmet.

Personality- Perry has little mercy for his enemies and is not afraid to kill. He is known for toying with his victims and does not rush to finish the job quickly. However, he does have a sense of fighting honor. He views overpowered people as worthy opponents, but will be disappointed on how easily he beats them the first time they fought. He wanted a worthy fight more than simply being the best. Drekard Overly confident in his abilities, Drekard is cocky, and extremely proud of his achievements, anyone who was an outsider to Ascalon was treated coldly, and even colder should they be a enemy or rival. He had a fairly healthy friendship with Ariel, but was forced to constantly remind her to stay focused on the mission instead of indulging in her sadistic pleasures.

Bio- Leaving the army due to a dishonorable discharge Perry and Drekard made a living as independent freelances ranging from assassination to sabotage. Things seemd to be going well till they accept a mission to steal a highly unstable explosive compound. A simple mistake led to a catastrophe where the liquid was ignited and a explosion occurred injuring the pair greatly. Drekard had a few punctured organs and a missing left hand while 65% of Perry's body was damaged beyond recognition. That would have been the end of them if a man hadn't entered the medical suite they were in and made the promise of returning them to the field in exchange for their employment. Without a second thought they accepted and were retrofitted with the latest in mechanical augmentation; Perry had a robotic power suit with new arms that have two retractable, chain-like, electric whips which are mounted to his wrists. They're quite long, possibly fifteen to twenty feet long. He is able to power and de-power the electrical current at will, allowing him to hold people and objects with his whips without hurting them if he desires. He can also separate them link-by-link and fire them at his enemies if he desires. He can then detonate the links and cause them to explode, use them as shields, or launch small but, powerful bombs. Drekard received internal implants increasing his strength, endurance, and durability. In the place of his left hand is prosthetic that can deliver shock-wave punches and turn into a bulky proton cannon. Since then they have protected Ascalon investments from any threat; however they felt kind short on manpower and needed more. That all changed when they joined a group of man on operation against S.I.N. during the takeover; in a heavily guarded warehouse they found twelve girls in capsule and realized they found the Shadaloo dolls. Reactivating their mind reprogramming but only, in the service of Ascalon the entire group became know as the elite gaurd called "The Dragon Haebrus Corps" or DHC. Since then no one has made an attempt on Ascalon in fear on the task-force might do to them.


I call them the "Scions"
Kano's son
Rin Rin (Anarchy Reigns)
Ai Rin (Anarchy Reigns)
Fei Rin (Anarchy Reigns)
Rig (DOA)
Juri Han(Street Fighter)
Olga (Asura's wrath)
Nagase (KOF Maximum Impact 2)
Absalom Avatar of chaos (Darksiders 2)
Azreal (Blazblue)
Lich King(WOW)
Screaming Mantis(Metal Gear)
Laughing Octopus(Metal Gear)
Raging Raven(Metal Gear)
Crying Wolf(Metal Gear)
Jacky Bryant (Virtual Fighter/DOA5)
Cinder(Killer Instinct season 2)

And here's them in action:

In a luxury estate somewhere in the land of Tuscany lies a highly influential figure in the criminal underworld who is currently in hiding. Daniel (Danny) Clear controls the entire market for Crystal Methamphetamine therefore earning the name "CRYSTAL CLEAR" is on his glass desk watching a movie as his own private force was patrolling the grounds outside. "Sector one clear" said a guard that was patrolling the front of the yard. "Sector 2 clear" said another one patrolling the back. "Sector 3 clear" Said the third one investigating the outer wall; "Almost finish with sector four" replied guard number four as he was looking through the fields. He was caught off guard by the sounds of rustling on the far right; he slowly approached to see nothing in the spot . He shrugged his shoulders and turned around only to meet with the end of a Ninjato courtesy of the girl who appeared to be something you would see out of an anime show. She wears a black and yellow dress outfit, has unusual hair, and wears orange tinted glasses. The guard could only look in astonishment as he take his last breaths before hitting the ground hard. "First bogey is down" she said impetuously; the other guards where about to check the disturbance when a whistling sound was heard and each one was dropped like a sack of potatoes as a rifle bullet penetrated their skulls. "All three neutralized" said a young voice with a Australian accent.

Inside the estate the rest of the men were waiting for their shifts to end when an explosion came off at the front door blowing some of the guards back; emerging from the cloud of smoke was a Korean female wearing a spider breastplate, with gi chaps with hot pink leggings in them. Next to her was a tall Caucasian man, his hair has been styled into a buzz cut with a couple of visible lines shaved out at the front hairline. He wears a black, sleeveless hoodie which exposes the front of his torso and baggy stone-washed jeans complete with wristbands and a belt with a pouch on his right hip. "Hope you boys give me a good time" she said while her partner remained silent. The guards aimed their weapons firing at the two only for the lead projectiles to somehow dissipate in a violet light as the Korean's right eye started glowing. The crew could only look in disbelief as the Duo started their attack; the Korean delivered a devastating kick to each guy making the bones crack under extreme stress before delivering an energized lash out to their bodies killing them instantly. The Caucasian used power but, with more precision than his partner in taking out the men, delivering combo after combo with no break in sight. After that was done they checked all the rooms only to see their in any of the rooms.

At an outpost not so far the reinforcements were about to assist when they heard a pop song coming on their P.A. system. All of them were wondering what was going on when they heard a giggle and turned around to see a teen Asian girl in a yellow outfit wearing an eye patch. All she did was giggle some more before pulling out a pair of nunchucks that spouted electrical hooks and dashed them at breakneck speeds. They barely had a second to register what was going on before they felt agonizing pain as 10,000 volts ripped through their bodies. The female got to the other end as the men fell over to their deaths when a door opened and four guys in light armor and black masks came out and surrounded her. They showed off doing a lot of martial art moves and flips before engaging her; one of them charged only to be stabbed by some type of ice lance from above. Dropping to the floor in front of the girl was another Asian female only looking abit more mature than the yellow one and is wearing a purple Chinese outfit. "Better run home to mama now" she said as the remaining three ignored her and charged at her only to meet the deadly end of the double-bladed weapon as she moved and twirled it around with grace hurling the enforcers back. She waited till all three were in a row before impaling them all with the lance and using its ice capabilities froze them solid. She pulls the lance out shattering them completely as she smirks. That would have been the end if it weren't for the commander aiming a RPG at them; just when he was about to pull the trigger someone kicked him off the ledge sending hurtling to the ground before the person straddled him. He opened his eyes to see another Asian girl this time wearing red and pulls out two fiery blade-fans and proceeds to tries and cut him crisscross style. The commander tries to resist but it proves futile as release her fans and gave him an excruciating and sweltering death. Now done she approach her sisters and gives them a hug glad that they're alright as they return it as well.

Back at the estate the search was at a end when the fighters herd something and looked out to see convoy, motorcycle, and helicopter leaving the grounds in three different directions. "Cata team, report!" said the man; "All support forces disposed off" said a voice with a Cantonese accent. "Gamma, Epsilon, Omega we have a magic cup maneuver, pursue each target" he ordered. The convoy was halfway in the road as several humvees approached and out came soldiers firing at them. Several came out and returned fire as well; during the battle the main vehicle doors opened and out were several heavily armored men each holding a specific weapon. One a riot shotgun, the other a Gatling gun, another with a grenade launcher, and the final man a flamethrower; as the firefight a continue a nearly invisible enemy approached the group, it stabbed the shotgun man, blast the gatler's head clean off, slit the grenadier's throat, and punctured the arsonist gas tank setting him ablaze. The cloak disengaged to show a quite tall (roughly 7 feet) man wearing a very decorative, high-ranking uniform; it appears to be modeled after heavy-duty Spartan armor. He has a unique colonel's helmet fitted with a breathing apparatus. As he approached the van he was shot in the shoulder by Danny who before he could get another shot was shot in the head in a long distance; emerging from the side was young man with a scar on his chest and looked somewhat familiar. "You're welcome" he said as his partner remained silent and hooked the targets face to a scanner and waited for the response. When it came back negative he spoke in the headset, "This isn't him it's a decoy" he said in a grizzled voice distorted by his rebreather.

In the helicopter flying away was Danny and his co-pilot trying to escape. The criminal took a deep breath blessed to have gotten away, or that's what he thinks he did. All of a sudden the propellers were on fire and the chopper was losing altitude. They tried their best to regain control only for it was no use and crashed hard to the ground. Emerging from the wreckage was Danny mortally wounded and crawling on the ground leaving the dead pilot and wreck behind. He only got away a little when someone was standing before him; a beautiful young woman with long white hair and a curvaceous hour-glass figure. She wears an ornate dress of golden armor acting as a chest plate with a revealing midriff, matching gauntlets, and a skirt that extends a little portion past her knees. She also wears protective a golden leg guards which connect to her high heeled shoes stands before him. "Oh thank god, listen if you help me out of this I'll pay you whatever you want." He pleaded as the female did nothing but, plunged a golden glowing sword into his back causing him great pain. "ohhohoho that has got to hurt, now talk being a backstabber" said a humorous voice as materializing before him was a burning man whose body's plasma is a darker shade of orange, and it emits ribbons of fire that swirl around him like solar flares on the surface of the sun. His head, shoulders, knees, hands, hips, and feet resemble solid brownish-grey volcanic rock, while the rest of his body is plasma. Thin red wires are present on his forearms and ankles, and on his hips are small turbine-like structures. Over parts of his body are holographic red hexagons and he has two thumbs and three fingers on each hand, and his hands are curved into alienoid claws. His eyes glow white and are fixated in a vicious scowl. He has a small, but noticeable, indent in his mask where his mouth should be. "Sorry dude nothing personal but ya just got ta go" the fireman said before grabbing the wounded man and burning him alive; as the flames receded all that remained was a charred corpse. "So I know this great restaurant in Italy from a web video of beavers eating Italian food. So what do you say, you, me, no beavers" he said flexing his muscles only for the woman to scoff in disgust as the results came back negative. "Our target was a decoy. Last one is real target" she spoke into commlink.

At the docks Crystal Clear got off the cycle and into the speed boat speeding away from land and into the ocean. Glad that he finally got away he took a deep breath only to be jerked back as the boat stops abruptly; looking back he sees the vessel stuck to some type of black purplish gunk. Hearing a sound he turned around to see a tall athletic man with spiky blonde hair wearing red racing clothes. "Wrong day asswipe" he said getting his switch knife out lunging forward only to be countered easily and slammed to the surface hard. "Alright, alright what do you want name your price" he said bargaining for his life; only the blonde set a suitcase and said "to leave a message" he said coldly before jumping out of the boat and disappearing. Danny looked to see him and the slime gone, then looked in the case to see a lot of money; "alrighty then" he said grinning when all of a sudden he heard a beeping noise. He looked under the cash to see a pack of C4 under it. From the distance the boat explodes killing the man once and for all.

Everyone gathered at the estate knowing that the assignment is complete; "well that was fun. Wouldn't you say Kano Jr." the burning man said with a smirk making the young man sneer at him. "That's Leo to you" he spat at the flaming jerk as the group heard numerous footsteps approaching them. In front of them were four armored females: one had on a helmet with many optics on it along with a tactical vest and cybernetic arms that have marionettes on them, the second wore a OctoCamo suit and a tentacle-bearing helmet with a faceless mask, the third in a quadupedal power suit, that resembles a wolf equipped with a enormous rail gun, and finally the last had on a flight suit and MGL-140 grenade launcher. The leader approached them to congratulate them, "well done I see we've made the right choice" she said in a calm and stable manner which shocked a few of them knowing who they are and from what they heard. "We're glad that you'll be joining Mr. Sparda, Azreal, Absalom, and the new Lich King as part of our new group:

Leo Flynn

Rin Rin

Ai Rin

Fei Rin



Juri Han



Mael Radec


And Cinder" she said announcing each new member into the fold for their new employer. "WELCOME TO ASCALON" Mantis said.


H.O.T.H. (Heralds Of Techmaturgy & Hextek) is an organization of brilliant scientists and magicks and their hirelings dedicated to the acquisition of power and the overthrow of all forms of governments by technmaturgy(science or mostly technology "mixed" with magic) means. Its leadership traditionally consisted of the seven-member Board of Directors (known as the Imperial Council) with a chairperson. Under the Directors are various division supervisors, and under them are the technicians and salesmen/dealers.

The organization supplies arms and Hextek to various terrorist and subversive organizations both to foster a violent technological revolution and to make a profit. H.O.T.H. operatives are usually involved in research, development, manufacturing, and sales of high techmaturgy. Members of H.O.T.H. are required to at least have a Master's degree, if not a Ph.D, in some area of science, magic, sorcery, alchemy, mathematics, or business.

H.O.T.H.'s reach is worldwide, including various front organizations such as Targo Corporation, International Data Integration and Control, and Cadenza Industries. H.O.T.H. has also operated under some other fronts including Koenig and Strey, Pacific Vista Laboratories, and Omnitech.

H.O.T.H. has had a number of bases of operations,

6 forms of magical properties.

1) MachinaTech: Magic infused with machines. This can take on many forms, from magically powered cars and kitchenware, to artificial intelligence

2) PharmaTech: Pharmaceutical technology infused with magic. Certain magical properties work to enhance diagnosis of patients, as well as the healing properties of medication and surgery.

3) TransmuTech: A controversial form of HexTech, which enables the user to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form of being. Several scientists over the years have used TransmuTech, to advance themselves to higher levels of existence or power.

4) BioTech: BioTech enhances muscular tissue. Users can perform at a higher level of strength and speed through use of BioTech equipment and elixers.

5) MagiTech: Technology that enhances the magical properties and abilities of its user.

6) DimensionTech: Magically infused technology that enables travel between realms. This technology has been lost to all dwelling on. However, remnants of DimensionTech have been found in various parts of the world. Most commonly known use was for access into The Void.


The Kombat Federation (sometimes referred to by some of its members as the War feds) was formed initially as an union of powerful battle factions of alternate timelines were they were victorious unlike the original ones and created by the Bedlam Recluse and an alternate Liu Kang, who was convinced by the strangers knowledge of dark magic & advanced machinery and the existence of a different worlds in order to attain militaristic supremacy in the universes. The factions were united under a single leader, Liu Kang of the Zhēn long clan. Bent on the conquest of Earth and many other realms, the Kombat Federation is an enemy to be feared.


Throughout the ages Mr. Howl otherwise known best as the Bedlam Recluse lives nothing more than to cause mayhem and conflict. He then came up with the plan to create a militaristic force so powerful that no one would stand in their way. With that in mind he set out to accomplish that goal he went to four different alternate dimensions and recruited eight powerful individual to create a powerful armed forces unlike anything ever seen. By showing what happened to their original selves in the timeline and his knowledge of enchantment and machinery to arm their forces the Chieftains were united under the single banner of the Kombat Federation. Now a new future was set on the horizon, one were the new army’s lust for power will be tested.

Groups/ Clans

Zhēn long clan- Led by Liu Kang and based in Terraros a realm of Green and yellow grassy plains, Pink-channeled sky. Greener than Earthrealm and has a minor amount of wetland in places, as well as an overall higher presence of water. The skilled warrior of the clan favor agility and precision- always attack fast and hard and without question. Their divine fire attacks are something that the enemy wishes they never come across.

Liu Kang: In an alternate universe the champion of mortal kombat survives Raiden’s defense only to be horribly scarred. After Shao Khan’s defeat Liu Kang believed he was the only one capable of defending Earthrealm against outside threats. During the invasion Raiden had been more burden than ally. Brazenly he demanded the Elder Gods grant him the thunder god's status. In a one-match Mortal Kombat tournament, Liu Kang defeated his former friend and mentor. Liu Kang's request was granted. He was made a god, the new Protector of Earthrealm. But when Shinnok’s invasion came and Liu defeated the former elder god he picked up his amulet allowing the dark energy to corrupt him. Cutting off the elder gods from his universe he begins his plan for conquest; it wasn’t till later that the recluse came to him and showed him both timelines. Seeing his other selves as corpses both dead and undead, unfit in either way he agrees to the formation of the pact and being the leader of it. With the recluse’s gift of Terraros and his arcane knowledge allowing Liu’s men to share his pyrokinetic abilities he will strike down anyone in his way. Appearance: Like his arcade ending except black cloth instead of white and shinnok’ amulet at the buckle. When using his full power his skin turns coal black and eyes glow a menacing red.

Skarlet: Seeing potential in the construct Liu Kang frees scarlet and gives her a place in his inner circle. Using the kamidogus to give her divine blood power she now serves as his personal assassin and secret weapon deployed only for the toughest assignments.

Karbrac: Ending the khan faithful tarkata Baraka the new god sees the loyalty of these mutants and chooses the next strongest Karbrac to lead the Outworld armies after merging it Terraros. Now faster and dexterous than his predecessor he will lead the force to victory.

Tremor: Being freed from his imprisonment he was not only given the chance to exact revenge on his old boss and cohorts; he was made the new head of the Black Dragon. Liu Kang gave him the position of Head of Special Arms where supplies all the clans with the new weapons. The combatant now plays a vital role to the Federation.

Tanya: In honor of his fallen lover Kitana, Liu separates Edenia from Outworld but, merges it Terraros. Looking for a ruler plus advisor to serve him one came in the form Tanya. With her knowledge of magic and diplomacy and also a pyrokenetic being second only to Liu Kang now; she serves as his right hand going so far as to entrust her with leading the clan should anything happen to him.

Reiten clan- Led by the respectable Zero and based in Tengokenka peaks the highest mountains in the Maru realm from atop a majestic Temple like palace. The men have been drawn by a sense of honor and tradition combining it with cybernetics and augmentation in their ranks, becoming the most advanced of the clans. Through this they become effective in stealth and close range combat, and their reputations as ninjas and tacticians is well earned.

Zero: The recluse heads to a timeline where zero does not meet his end by Jack Cayman and shows him his fate convincing to follow a different path than that of a merc. The recluse takes him to the world known as Maru and from their Zero traveled long and far till he reached the peaks and climbed all the way to the top arriving at the palace. With the knowledge shared from the stranger deciding that technology is the way to go; he builds his forces with ninja drones, cyberized shinobi, and powerful superweapons. His prized invention is the 4 Cybersparks: four A.I. cores with an elemental affinity of fire, lightning, earth, and magnetism. Zero’s goal is to bring back the age of the ninja by any means necessary.

Garuda: A gargoyle equipped with a pair of drill equipped cybernetic arms. Given the Earth cyberspark Garuda is more armored and strategic than ever before; can drill through almost anything and, perfect for crowd control or multiple enemies. Can also transform into a jet that teammates can ride on as it fires a set of twin machine guns.

GRGYL-22(Gargoyle): Combat robot created to battle inhuman enemies like Garuda its equipped with a flight mode as well. Possessing the Lightning cyberspark it can harness nearly limitless amounts of energy and processing it into its attacks. Equipped dual plasma arms and a secondary miniaturized shoulder mounted missile launcher makes virtually unbeatable.

Cybrid K.O. Joe: Once a mechanized training dummy now literally an unstoppable fighting machine with skills of a master. Programmed with the Fire cyberspark it can now add fire damage to its devastating attacks of over several martial arts moves. It can severely hurt, if not flat out kill its opponent when facing it.

Cthulhu: the strongest of the four armed with several types of missiles, dual positron blades, and heavy laser; also equipped with heavy metal plating and shield on each limb. With the Magnetism cyberspark no metallic object is safe within its range; that with its massive size makes it a serious threat.

Oda Clan- Led by Oda Nobunaga and based in the world known as Folook on the Seaglobe Peninsula where it serve as both their base of operations and seat of the federation’s dominion over their conquered worlds. They are a keen and rudimentary clan that fights with a dark passion with their mastery over a fighting style using both firearms and melee weapons.

Oda Nobunaga: Thanks to the interference by the recluse Nobunaga is somewhat less than what he was; going from evil to neutral but still in a chaotic way. Never being ruthless and a bit more caring of his family and troops he’s still merciless to his enemies and achieve his goals by almost any means necessary. Learning the dark arts from Howl he still retains his power only without any side effects some of his men can do this as well to some extent. His goal is to conquer the worlds and create a ruling that rivals the heavens themselves.

Noihime: the wife of Oda both loved and adored by the entire clan but she still has unyielding love to Nobunaga She has a soft spot for children in general and considers Mori Ranmaru to be a son to her though she wishes to one day bear his child and start a real family someday. She is the top gunslinger of the clan and has her own elite guard know as the shadow kings wear each member is skilled with a single gun: (pistol, assault rifle, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket launcher).

Mori Ramaru: the top scout of the clan; get into places most men can’t get into and make shots most think are impossible. He serves to get the recognition and respect from his master that he deserves.

Shibata Katsuie: After stopping a plot hatched by Akechi Mitsuhide the low ranked officer was given the latter’s rank making him the new general of Oda’s armies. Not letting this new meaning to his life go to waste he follows every order and command without hesitation. In a way the Oda are like family to him and he felt actually happy for the first time in years.

Oichi Oda: the younger sister of Oda Nobunaga a slender woman who is very forlorn and timid, always thinking that she is innocent of things. She knows very little of the world and how it work which leads to the question if she will ever take as head of the clan when the time comes. A skilled warrior with naginata she can clear out dozens of her enemies however the Recluse knows about the potential darkness within her and does something to reverse it into something pure.

Crimson Beast Clan- Led by Lu Bu himself, these forces make their home in Luk’ Suma which consist of two distinct regions, The eastern portion of the zone is filled with lush plant life and shimmering pools and The northwest region couldn't be more different. It's a dry, barren wasteland, but with a beauty of its own. The Crimson Beasts are brutal, structured, and dominant who brag of mighty warriors and rare strategists. Very strong they depend on just might, luck, and sometimes wit to win the battle.

Lu Bu: Seeing such great potential wasted too early the Bedlam Recluse showed the warrior his fate and decided to kill Dong Zhuo earlier than expected and took his officers as his own. Not stopping their Howl gave them their new home: the world called Luk’ Suma where the new warlord begins training and recruiting his forces into a force to be reckoned with. Now he fights from land to land looking for worthy opponents to test his valor against.

Chen Gong: supreme strategist of the clan and may as well be its only brain. Of the few tacticians they have Chen is the best among them; only problem is making his lord listen let alone agrees to his plans knowing they will work. Still he works hard knowing he will achieve fame throughout history.

Diao Chan: Lu Bu's lover previously Dong Zhuo only to destroy him which surprises her when Lu Bu does it before her. Seeing she was fated to be with him she follows him .she devotes herself to her love and helps him however she can. Her kindness and benevolence is something that keeps the clan from getting out of hand. With her many gifts and talents she has become an important part of the clan.

Lu Lingqi: Daughter of Lu Bu and a courageous woman who shares her father's love for battle. She later joins the clan against her father’s wishes to become a great warrior and one day rule the clan. Her relationship with Diao Chan is somewhat understanding at best though she has a much friendlier one with Sun ShangXiang. After learning of her father’s supposed fate now avoided she stands by his side at all times promising to only die by his side if necessary.

Zhang Liao: Lu Bu’s general and one of his most trusted friends. Impressed at his lord’s strength he joins to increase his as well and to bring his masters goal to fruition no matter what. He follows a strict code never deterring from the path of the warrior for that’s who he is. The clan will never fall as long as he or Lu Bu doesn’t as well.

Toyotomi Clan- Led by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, it is one of the most powerful of the clans that lives in Coldguard Edge: an area of extremes - snow and ice-covered glaciers in one area, active volcanoes spewing lava in another. The region is defined by the volcanic activity of late, so be wary of gigantic cliffs in otherwise normal plains; in the Northbrim realm. The Clan is known for its prowess and force to win any battle and then having losers as allies building their strength.

Hideyoshi Toyotomi: Heading to just a few minutes before the attack on the village both Keiji and Hideyoshi were supposed to protect, the Recluse kills Matsumaga and all his men before they can capture the large man. Once Toyotomi was alone the stranger approached him and showed him his destiny. The future warlord couldn’t that same brutal tyrant was him, however The Bedlam Recluse convinced that he could still follow the same path only better; so after getting affairs in order he went on a two year training trip to get to the level of strength he needed. Thanks to an enchantment from the Howl Toyotomi could not be injured nor killed for the course of his training period; allowing him to partake in whatever life-threatening exercise that was thrown at him. Once he returned he became thrice as powerful as his original self and started to create an average size army before moving to Northbrim settle and continue bolstering his forces. His dream is to still create a dominion of strength where the weak can become strong only without becoming coldblooded but, still stern to all his enemies. He wanted Keiji to join him but knowing him best decided to let his best friend have his carefree life while he can.

Takenaka Hanbee: the strategist of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, also a rival of Katakura Kojūrō. Thanks to modern medicine and healing magic provided by Howl, Hanbei has been cured of his tuberculosis. Now with a clean bill of health he strives to bring his lord and the clan to greatness unlike anything ever before. He shares a small tinge of jealousy of the bond between Keiji and Hideyoshi despite being his second in command.

Nene: Loving wife of Hideyoshi and still friend of Keiji despite not knowing of his feelings for her in the past is the matriarch of the clan as well. Despite her lack of combat experience she supports her husband through fields where he does not excel in. Just as Hideyoshi is like a father figure to them; the men see Nene as the mother figure as well; especially the vassals & retainers who show the utmost respect and loyalty to her.

Ishia Mitsunari: a loyal retainer of Toyotomi Hideyoshi like all officers has an unquestionable and complete loyalty while some say it borders on obsession. After being shown the fate of his lord, Mitsunari tries to eliminate Ieyasu only for the man he was trying to protect stop him saying that to kill him without giving him a chance to be on equal strength would not be fair. Since then Mitsunari still hates Ieyasu but not so much as to let it consume him and therefore retain his original personality. With his ally and friend Otani Yoshitsugu, Mitsunari intends to fight for the Federation to his very last breath.

Shima Sakon: a cheerful young man who enjoys gambling and his flirtatious looks, who serves under Ishida Mitsunari. When first arriving in northbrim the clan had nowhere to settle; then Sakon wanting to prove himself to lord Mitsunari volunteers to scout for a base. What seemed like days without any word from him at all; it looked to be utter failure when he finally returned almost freezing to death saying he found something. After marching through the cold tundra they arrived at an abandoned large castle sitting on a huge cliff facing an expansive coastline. After building a village around it Mitsunari acknowledges the young fighter and has him serve with him side by side as Hideyoshi’s retainer. To that end Coldguard Edge will never fall as long as Shima still stands.

Ii clan- Led by Ii Naotora and stationed in the world of Daizo a place of lush forests and cloud ringed mountains with an oriental culture and civilization. They are best for their mastery of every known melee weapon known in warfare thanks to BR. All high ranking are female while the footsoliders are still men despite being somewhat of an Amazonian force.

Ii Naotora: hot-blooded female general of the clan burns with animosity towards all of the world's men. Offering relief to the maidens who grieve in war. In the past, her fiance fled due to the war with the Takeda army dragging on for so long. It's because of this that she harbours one-sided hostility towards Takeda Shingen. She states that anyone strong enough to beat her can compete for her hand, though most males find her too overbearing and scary. Thanks to the somewhat mutual support of Mr. Howl who supports her idealism makes her both graceful and powerful thanks to rune enhancements on her massive longsword that is almost as tall as her. Unlike most of her clansmen she believes in strength of heart being better than bodily strength, and having a good bond with all the females of the other clans especially Carmilla. She strives to create an epoch serene for women devastated by war; some rumor has it that even though her target is Shingen she has a crush on her true rival the enthusiastic Yukimura Sanada.

Fennikusu: The brains of the Tri-Furies a trinity of skilled warriors that joined the Ii clan after they moved to Daizo and who lead the female elite guard. A woman of natural beauty with light tan skin and lavender waist-length hair that’s a shade darker on the two front bangs violet eyes and a killer figure with a tight white bodysuit. She’s skilled with the blade called the kitsune no ha which is a Ninjato that encases the soul of history’s most deadliest ninja within it making it capable of cutting through anything. Not much is known about her except that she’s an orphan and while she’s calm and reserved woman she secretly gets very hormonally aroused at times.

Hihi: The muscle of the Tri-furies. A female of a more wild and savage beauty, a tall, curvaceous woman with jade fur armor covering most of her body, with the exception of her chest and abdomen. She has ankle-length, light pink feral spiky hair with black markings on her bangs. Her eyes are light lime, and she has a beauty mark on the left side of her chest. She fights using her bare fists being a master level but, tough and brutal brawler being able to hold her own against her five brothers for three days but, getting tired of it so she left to find a new meaning eventually joining the Ii clan. She believes true strength is not found only in having the will to fight, but in the will to kill one's opponent. She’s somewhat lazy and is truly serious and pumped up whenever there is fight coming on.

Sakana: The soul of the Tri-Furies. A lady of pure beauty with an elegantly sculpted body, long pale hair, ivory skin, full red lips, and deep brown eyes. Trained with keen marksmanship at a young age there is no firearm she couldn’t handle. Daughter of a very wealthy and influential family she was bored with the high-class life that was and begin looking for something with a bit more excitement. After seeing a firing range and how skilled the occupants were using she decided to take up shooting. It wasn’t till she received news of her elder brother who joined the wars was killed in action she was never the same, just devoid of life. However she was informed of someone who could help her: Ii Naotora; so she joined the Ii clan gaining the relief, comfort, and excitement she craved and became the last member of the furies. The Bedlma Recluse gave her enchanted Silver-Plated Musket as her primary weapon.

Darkblood Moon clan- The only clan who already knew of the plans of Mr. Howl and wanted join the federation; operating from Kaiziel a castle fortress with a underground lake hidden deep within the frost mountains of Thognos. Unlike other clans they rely on magic and craftiness than brute force. Led by one of the oldest and infamous vampires in history, Carmilla. They are empowered by all sorts of dark magic: Necromancy, black magic, voodoo, chaos, witchcraft, blood, and alchemy. Because of this mostly all clanmembers range from mystics, sorcerers, mages, wizards, to ritualists, alchemists, magicians, and enchanters.

Carmilla: the Queen of the Vampires, once co-founder of the brotherhood of light met her end at the hand of Gabriel Belmont, however before dying she telepathically sends the memory to a parallel version of herself. Looking for a way to avoid her fate she found the answer in the form of the Kombat Federation; she searches for the Bedlam Recluse offering her loyalty to the alliance. Using the arcane knowledge given to her she was able to revert herself from her vampiric form (a nun's habit with the front split open to partially reveal her midriff and cleavage. Her skin is a ghostly white. Her eyes in this form were pitch black with red irises and also wears an elaborate choker embedded with red jewelry.) to her more human form (A voluptuous woman who wears a brown brotherhood dress which features a hood. Her hair is a long dark brown. Her choker is much simpler this time and features a single green gem. The magic however while still keeping her vampire powers, it's somewhat making her more like her old human self slowly. Going from the woman who cares little for life as she killed most of her enemies without remorse whatsoever and being intelligent, manipulative, seductive and deceptive to the woman who loved life, and could not stand to see vile experiments on the living. Using Kaiziel she will create the most powerful force of the dark arts in the history of magic.

Nyx: a peasant girl born to a laborer in the service of Count Vance. From her birth she was raised with constant abuse from the people around her. While she intensely hated the irrationality and the evilness of the world, there was no way for a shy, talentless girl like her to oppose them. She possessed the demon staff Funikura that punishes her without reason until Carmilla appeared before her and offered power even greater than the demon. Upset it tried to attack her only to meet an unpleasant end. Nyx should feel scared at the woman for what she did but, she didn't, as matter of fact she felt grateful for what she did. Receiving the dark staff of Amaterasu which produces a black flame that can basically burn any material, other flames included until nothing but, ash remains, Nyx becomes the Mistress of the Black Flame. Switching in her old dress for a new one (the one Eliza Cassan wears) she is now the right hand of Carmilla and overtime developed a mother-daughter relationship with her. Off the battlefield she can be weak, caring little girl but, in combat she is darker and stronger; letting loose the anger she had pent up over the years.

Kara Anawa: Once a great advisor now fallen cursed due to almost dying by a coup d’état on her kingdom in the earlier years. The only way to survive was through a curse that gives the person eternal youth but, forever bind their soul to an ultimate-class devil upon death. Now forever cursed and homeless Kara travel as a vagabond doing enough just to survive. It wasn’t till decades later that she reached Kaizel just as it was established as a base and met Carmilla. The fallen mystic now serves as the left hand Carmilla showing nothing but absolute loyalty to her new master for letting her be part of the Darkblood moon clan. Kara is a tall and buxom woman with long, azure blue hair that obscured her right eye and brown eyes. Her attire consisted of a mauve, trenchcoat-like top with a wide collar, a matching sarong with a slit showing her toned legs, and black heeled shoes. The trenchcoat top was open at her chest, giving view to her breasts and cleavage. She also wears a bullion necklace around her neck. She is shown to be an arrogant woman with a tendency to look down on her opponents, and shows no mercy towards her opponents. Kara is highly skilled in light magic or illumonmancy able to create constructs, weapons, even entities. The curse gives her black feathered wings and thick shadow tendrils.

Golden Dragon clan- Led by their Lord Yuan Shao, the clan makes their home in Shadestar Vale. A lush valley engulfed in eternal night, the watery luminary shines so brightly here that it even replaced the sun as the vale's primary light source during the day. Shadestar serves as one of the key centres of ancient dragon civilization on the world of Dovahkanos, its heart being the sacred temple of Kur. They have connections to the upper class with links to military, political, financial, and agricultural top figures. Their power lies in their nobility and therefore having the largest forces of all the clans.

Yuan Shao: a proud nobleman who wants to uphold his prestigious family name. It was really rhetorical how he would respond when learning of his death at the hands of Cao Cao ; gathering his entire force he relocated to Shadestar Vale where their he received something from the Recluse himself. It was a journal containing secrets, confidential Intel, hidden caches, and other clandestine info. With this Yuan Shao has all the men, equipment, and clout for the entire federation becoming it's very backbone. He will make sure that the Yuan name is something praise and not belittle when the campaign is over.

Catalyna Sundrow- Sole Heiress of the Sundrow family an interdimensional family with numerous ties to the banks around dimensions. She solely likes conflict just for the fun of it so, when Yuan Shao came and knew about the secret to her family. It being that the banking families are in large debt to them she not only supports him but also joins the clan as one of the officers being impressed with his bravado. Catalyna is a tall bespectacled woman with a voluptuous figure. She has tan skin with long brown hair reaching down to the small of her back and purple eyes. She wears a dress that was extremely low-cut and had a high slit on it which exposed a large portion of her breasts. She's very intellectual while also very playful towards her prey at times and can quickly lose her temper when losing. She’s equipped with a whip made of pure dark energy giving it a dark purple electrical flare and able to do serious lingering damage.

Niko Seltzer: Once lieutenant of the Sarafran Order until their untimely demise due to an inquisition into the Chaosrealm to try and create order. Having been raised trained there his whole life Niko was sure he wouldn’t last long despite his skillset. When he came across Yuan Shao and learned of his recruitment he volunteered and was given the role as his bodyguard. Now anyone that wants get to the leader of the clan has get through the #1 balanced warrior. A handsome young man with short black hair and cherry eyes; he was dressed in what seemed to be Italian priestly clothing mixed Chinese attire. Niko has shown great skills in combat and swordsmanship with his darkness sword and holy gun showing he is good in both close and long range combat. He is a noble and calm personality and greatly respects his opponents. He also likes to fight strong people. He is shown to be a kindhearted and compassionate person and has a very straightforward personality.


The foundation of all Kombat Federation knowledge is the Lexicron Capsule: an ancient and complex, storage container which can be used to store info on either magic or technology ranging from spell, blueprints, schematics, recipes, and power sources. It was initially used as time capsules to make sure that the legacy of past civilizations was never truly lost.

and here's a preview of them in action

Several years ago…

The night is cold as the event took place on top of an ancient altar ruin atop the cliffs; few soldiers were staring at their commanders as they met with someone strange. Walking up to the spring was eight different combatants waiting for what was to be bestowed upon them. Dipping a cylinder shaped chalice into the spring of a midnight blue liquid that gives of an eerie glow was a cloaked figure; once repeated the process numerous times he handed them to the eight.

The eight consisted of a: martial artist in ancient attire, a hi-tech ninja, a man in silver armor with a red cape, a heavily armored warrior with a halberd, a giant in an armored gi, a woman with a high ponytail and very long sword, a hooded female with fangs, and a very distinctive nobleman. They snatch the drink and look at it strangely; some part of them told them not to swig it at all as they smelled it giving of a dark and vile aroma. “Drink Kang, zero, Oda, Bu, Toyotomi, Ii, Carmilla, and Yuan; ascertain your providence.” Said the cloaked figure.

While he was talking the eight looked back to see a person wearing a light gray long sleeved hooded shirt with a sleeveless dark brown leather wrapping, trousers, leather calf braces, leather wrap arm bracers, a white sleeveless surcoat, and leather foot wear nodding at them. “You will all be vanquishers, more powerful than anything you can imagine.” The cloaked man finished as they were about to drink but, stopped as the cup nearly touched their lips and they gave a cold stare at the man. “And what Sunyook must we give in return” demanded Lu Bu. The man removed his cloak to show his tainted visage to the group “everything” he answered.

The eight then slowly held out the chalice and poured the liquid out before dropping the cup and smashing it on the ground in defiance. Sunyook only looked in anger as a creepy chortle was heard and the anger turned to fear as he moved away. “You all have some audacity to dare discard the endowment I bestow upon you” said a demonic as they turned around to see the demon lord Samael himself (darksiders appearance). And did you bring these weaklings and cretins here; just to watch as I grant you all oblivion” Samael assumed.

The group gave a slight smirk as blasts were fired and heading towards the altar. Sunyook only looked in shock before a blast impacted him sending him away from the altar. The demon growled and roared at the ineffective blasts as the mysterious man signaled to commence the plan. “NOW!!!” he said as the men brought a strange menacing device that fired several electrical yellow rings that restrained the demon lord. Next was what looked like a triple-barreled cannon charging up, however Samael was able to free himself enough to discharge a flameball at the weapon causing minimal damage.

Now knowing what they have to do the eight rushed to the weapon dodging the many fire orbs that were coming their way. Reaching it they did everything they can to make it operational from angling it, to giving it power, and even manually firing it. Samael was ready to finish the job when they all gave a warcry and fired the cannon sending a blast of fire and shrapnel his way. The impact caused a explosion of combustion and metal disorienting him enough for the warrior to come out of the plume and fatally wound him by striking his head and vital parts. Samael cried in agony as his body began to deteriorate; the man from before saw this and knew what was about to happen and ran to their aid. The lord released a detonation of demonic energy engulfing the eight but, the man pushed them out of the way before the final explosion could take their lives.

As the vapor receded all that was left was a charred corpse as footsteps were heard and stooped at the downed Sunyook as he was grabbed by the foreign man. “This was not their fate” he said as the pulled down the hood revealing to be the Bedlam Recluse with his slicked back black and white and priceless antique monocle. “Times change” was all he said letting the man go before walking towards the corpse. He pulled out the weapons and tossed them back to the chieftains; they give the armaments a long look before turning their army and declaring by bellowing “we will never be slaves to fate ever again!!!!” The armies only cheered and raised their weapons in triumph.

The image then shows to a far away land where a Multiverse portal is currently under construction.

“But we will & shall write and make our own DESTINY.”

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Warcraft - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 38 - Words: 132,976 - Reviews: 468 - Favs: 727 - Follows: 801 - Updated: 4/6/2019 - Published: 12/1/2016 - Arthas Menethil, Sylvanas Windrunner, Muradin Bronzebeard, Mal’Ganis - Complete
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In Fiore City Cana, Gray and Natsu were hanging out at a bar one night and they had much to drink and then ended up back at Cana's place, they then worked on some team building exercises, in an interesting kind of way. by Random-Guardian. I do not own Fairy Tail nor Fairy Tail City, all rights go to Hiro Mashima, Warning, contains Lemons, Adult Content, Threesome, etc..
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Witchblade: New beginnings and bonds reviews
Masane survived her after her sacrifice at tokyo tower, however it also broght back three cloneblade sisters back from the dead. What will happen now and how will this affect present relationships. rated m for language,lemons,violence, and blood.
Witchblade - Rated: M - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 7 - Words: 4,552 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 47 - Follows: 36 - Updated: 4/1/2014 - Published: 6/10/2012 - Masane A., R. Takayama
SAINTS ROW The FanFiction reviews
A fic i'm rewriting from my previous on which will tell the whole series using my protagonist. Rating on language, violence and other content. Not good at summaries so read and review. On HIATUS
Saints Row - Rated: M - English - Humor/Crime - Chapters: 7 - Words: 5,653 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 4/1/2014 - Published: 2/17/2014 - Boss/PC, J. Gat, Lin
KILL LA KILL: Who am I reviews
We all know how the fight between Satsuki and Ryuuko ended in episode 3, but what if something unexpected happens that twists the story in many ways. And could things ever be set back the way there supposed to or will our hero be gone forever. Rated M for violence, mild language and sexual content. DISCONTINUED
Kill la Kill/ キルラキル - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 4 - Words: 2,336 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 38 - Follows: 46 - Updated: 4/1/2014 - Published: 12/12/2013 - Ryuko M., Satsuki K., Mako M., U. Sanageyama
Metal Gear What If: Sparing The Wolf reviews
A small fanfic I just wanted to get out of my head. What would happen If otacon made it in time and stopped Sniper Wolf from dying by snakes hands. Rated for violence and language.
Metal Gear - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,367 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 7 - Published: 3/24/2014 - S. Snake, Otacon/Hal E., S. Wolf - Complete
Saints row the third: Steelport Triangle reviews
Post SR3. The boss Never thought that he would love Two people at the same time. Well you what they say about surprises. Bossxkinziexviola. M for sex,language, and other things.
Saints Row - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,073 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 31 - Updated: 2/17/2014 - Published: 11/14/2011
Whenever I See You reviews
A poem on how tony see his girlfriend whitney and how she's special to him.
Iron Man: Armored Adventures - Rated: K - English - Romance/Poetry - Chapters: 1 - Words: 114 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 2/14/2014 - Tony S., Whitney S. - Complete
Sleeping Dogs Brotherhood reviews
We all know what happened in the game but what might occur if things were to happen differently. What will happen to undercover cop Wei Shen. M for blood, violence, and strong language.
Sleeping Dogs - Rated: M - English - Crime/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,127 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 4 - Published: 1/30/2014 - Wei S., Jackie Mah
Death of a Rebel reviews
This is what happens when you mix video games with anime. Story is mine except OC belongs to another author so read it.
Crossover - Darksiders & Queen's Blade/クイーンズブレイド - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 388 - Reviews: 4 - Published: 12/3/2013 - OC - Complete
Killing Balalaika and Chang reviews
Finally fed up with them rock decides to kill them, his only mistake was working with Rotton. M for language and character death
Black Lagoon - Rated: M - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 339 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Published: 11/28/2013 - Rock, Chang, Balalaika, Rotton - Complete
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When I was a Teenage Wolf reviews
Just something I wanted to write while watching tv. What would happen if rock became a were wolf. Rated M for language and sexual themes.
Black Lagoon - Rated: M - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,029 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/30/2013 - Rock, Revy - Complete
Blood is thicker than ooze reviews
Jin and kazuya have been at each other throats since the fourth tournament. But what would if took someone they both really care about to realize their flaws. Based off of TT2. Family fic between jin, jun, and kazuya.
Tekken - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,096 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 1 - Published: 10/14/2012 - Jin K., Kazuya M. - Complete
A sister in need reviews
post-DOA5/ she was the first and last of what she was yet the person who wanted her destroyed the most is offering her chance to be with her as siblings. Alpha-152/Kasumi bonding.
Dead or Alive - Rated: T - English - Family/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,227 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 2 - Published: 9/23/2012 - Alpha 152, Kasumi - Complete
Tron: The Gift of Serenity reviews
Sequel to tron: Complications. takes place in the episode The price of power. What if tron wasn't the only person to get convince beck to give up the weapon. BeckXPaige
Tron - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,557 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 5 - Published: 8/2/2012 - Beck, Paige - Complete
Tron: Complications reviews
Just an alternate ending to the episode ISOLATED. What if Beck saved Paige first. BeckXPaige
Tron - Rated: T - English - Romance/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,281 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 9 - Published: 7/31/2012 - Beck, Paige - Complete
The Bat And The Cat reviews
Post justice league: Doom/: After taking on the legion of doom batman gets an unexpected surprise from one the legionaires. CheetahXbatman and will soon be CheetahXBatmanXWonderWoman. M for language and content
Justice League - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,276 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 38 - Follows: 22 - Published: 2/23/2012 - Bruce W./Batman
set in 2011 anime-verse. Takes place after episode 12. It was yinsen who made tony value life but it was Dr. Tanaka who made him value someone to love. TonyXChika or Tonkia if that exists. Rated M for sexual content
Ironman - Rated: M - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,138 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 5 - Published: 1/3/2012 - A. E. Stark/Tony - Complete
Here is my first holiday fic there will be numerous pairings and will be updated daily till Christmas so stay tune. Based of the song 12 days of Christmas. DISCONTINUED.
Tekken - Rated: T - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 3 - Words: 883 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 12/22/2011 - Published: 12/14/2011 - Jun K., Kazuya M. - Complete
Wet Dead Men' SongI Got Shot reviews
Songfic/ even your victims will be impressed
WET - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 249 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Published: 11/28/2011 - Complete
DEATH JR: LifeDeathLove mortality reviews
Takes place after death jr 2 roots of evil. Dj's father heads home only to find someone who can make him feel alive once again. DeathXFuri. Rated m For Language Strong sexual content.
Misc. Games - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 779 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 11/8/2011
Mortal kombat: Resurrection reviews
Takes place after MK 2011 with the netherrealms onsaught will that destroy everything the elder gods send their most powerful relic to a champion who will make his mark in this alternate timeline the way it was supposed to be. rated m for multiple reasons
Mortal Kombat - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,535 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 9/2/2011 - Published: 8/21/2011
Comfort & Passion reviews
Takes place after green lantern emrald knights. Hal finds a distraught laira on what happened on Jayd and soon a night of fun turns into something more. Warning! Lemon HalxLaira
Green Lantern - Rated: M - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 514 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 10 - Published: 8/3/2011
Midnight Reunion reviews
What would happen if razia was still alive and returned to the prince only reveal something strong about the two of them.
Prince of Persia - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,037 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 2 - Published: 6/11/2011 - Complete
Prince of Persia The Crystal of Time reviews
This takes place after The two thrones. When an evil man tries to take control of time by finding a powerful artifact It'll take a prince, a princes, and a ressurected empress to stop him. princexfarahxkalieena.
Prince of Persia - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 237 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 3 - Published: 6/11/2011
Move along and be reborn reviews
This takes place after the infamous 2 hero ending which was good but a major spoiler. what if there was a way to bring them back Also half songfic
inFAMOUS - Rated: M - English - Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,219 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 1 - Published: 6/10/2011 - Cole MacGrath - Complete
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