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if you think my story here is bad, wait til you see my comics. It's 1000x sappier and more indulgent LOL. But please do check it out if you have time to burn. (*whispers loudly* I have a Sasu/Naru comic too )

main comic website: OVICATI (Tapastic)

"we kill our way to heaven" is also available in AO3. Same username, yo.

sometimes, you read a story and then there are lines or passages that literally make you stop and stare. And you read these lines over and over again, because you can't help it and they're just that heartstoppingly unbelievable, poignant, and beautiful. These are those stories: (i'm an awful sap. please shoot me)


(Speaker/ Narrator, Chapter)

Naruto by FastForward

Sasuke looked at the ground. "Do I love you?"

At that, the blond winced, and he looked away from Sasuke, focusing on the bars to the neighbouring cell.

"No. You don't." (Naruto, Chapter 13)

Butterfly Syringe (Naruto) by Qismat Qami

"They can hate him, all of them can, and he'll just love them and love them and love them until they're exhausted... and finally love him back."

"Desire ripens into exquisite tension between his thighs, trapping his throbbing heart there... Animal smell in his nostrils, dirt and fur and darkness. In the screaming night. In the loam of the forest. Taste the beast upon his tongue, salt and metal and earth.

"I cannot be kind to you," that raw silk voices says on a tender whisper. "This time, I cannot let you go." (Gaara)

Sole (Naruto) by Liliath

"Admitting you love someone is such a heinous, fearsome thing... It's not about saying the words, it's about coming in terms with who you are." (Gaara, Chapter 11)

"Closer and closer. Until their noses brushed, the foreheads touched. The silhouettes neared and then, not to be disturbed, melted together, connected." (Chapter 1)

"Seriously, Naruto, what are you? A freak magnet? First Sasuke, then Gaara? Hell, I bet if Neji was any bigger of a freak, he'd be all over you, too…" (Kiba, Chapter 11) XD

"And in reality, for Sasuke counted and Sasuke knew…For many long hours, they did not move from the same spot, content to remain in each other's presence, the world outside nothing but a figment of their imagination. At the moment, Naruto, there's no-one else but you and I." (Chapter 13)

“Sasuke was a sophisticated man. But in his last moments, he would be just a man in love.” (Chapter 17)

Beyond War (Naruto) by Omocha

"Accept the reality that no one else can keep Naruto safe like I can. Not a single one of your people would be willing to sacrifice hundreds of lives for him like I can. Only I can do that," his lips twisted deprecatingly, "because I don't care about the greater good like the rest of you." (Sasuke, Chapter 2)

"No cursed seal, no man or woman or army could keep me from bringing you back. Even if I am ripped apart, limb by limb, I will still find you, Sasuke. You are my goal, always have been since we were children. At just a whisper, I would track you down to the ends of the earth. At your command, no seal could keep me, and I will, definitely and without fail, return." (Chapter 5)

"Only Naruto could challenge him, time and time again... As the flickering light cast deep shadows on the walls, no familiar voices haunted him and he was thankful for that small mercy. He didn't sleep, only watched and thought like a starved man, and yet somehow, he still dreamt of that day when he could awake to claim his own prize." (Sasuke, Chapter 4)

"Kill me, if you really don't think that darkness will follow." (Naruto, Chapter 4)

Work of Art (Naruto) by Taisi

"Sai reached over to smear charcoal on his nose and knew; the real beauty of this boy was in what could never be defined on paper."

"And that, he decided, as Naruto clutched his present tightly and looked down to hide his eyes, was the beauty of absolute truth. If that picture could remind Naruto that there was a world of people out there who saw him as someone wonderful and worthwhile, then Sai could really call himself an artist."

Cruel Irony (Naruto)
by DaisyTango28

"The Uchiha was Naruto's stumbling block... It was his greatest downfall, whether he saw it that way or not." (Tsunade, Chapter 8)

"I'm sorry. For everything." (Sasuke, Chapter 10) - Damn.

"I know you consider Sasuke to be your greatest failure, and I know you are judging your self-worth because of it. But Sasuke's return had to be prompted by Sasuke himself, and there was nothing that you, or I, or anyone could have said or done to change that... But even so, Naruto, I don't think Sasuke would have returned had it not been for you. Even though he fought you every step of the way, you made him realize that he was valued somewhere whether he liked it or not. You may have not physically brought Sasuke back home, but I dare say you were the only one who let him know it was always an option." (Chapter 12)

"But you know, Naruto, the worst part about being lied to is knowing you're not worth the truth." (Kakashi, Chapter 12)

"We are so fucked up. From the very start, we were bound to screw ourselves up." (Chapter 24)

"You wait and see. There will be no more mixing between us. No more orange. We're not good at orange. We're done with orange." Naruto commented, flipping the hair out of his eyes. " But someday, if he's willing to be the red, and I'm willing to be the yellow, then maybe, we'll be more powerful than the sunset." (Epilogue) - XD

Obey My Command (Naruto) by SioLian

"Sasuke stare to the darkness. The moonlight is blocked by the clouds. The wind is chilling against his skin. He braces himself. What I truly desire will never be known to you, and it will never be mine." (Chapter 4)

"Their gazes meet, connected. Naruto sees all these things behind the dark eyes, flashed in that one moment. The longing, the missing, the mourn, the remorse. The joy. Meet once. Forget for never." (Chapter 7)

Pendulum (Mirage of Blaze) by Amarissia

"The boy looked so small and cold that even the fire of anger would be better. Naoe realized, as he closed the space between them and wrapped his arms around Takaya, that the progress he thought they had made these past months was the real mirage." (Chapter 1)

"A hand blocked the sun, caged the butterfly and slowly descended to offer it to him. The hand was like his, the face too, but the fingers most of all. Time shifted, he was taller, it was early morning as he limped into the garden, and he wanted to die." (Kagetora, Chapter 2)

"I love you. I love you more in one day than I could hate you in four hundred years. I love your cold true self and I love the insecure boy your amnesia has placed in my care. I will hold on to you no matter how much you push me away. I will remind you of my sins or you'll remember, and while you hate me, I will love you still. And when you give me those anxious looks, when you wonder who or what is causing me pain, I will try to be only reassuring, to remember that you don't know our terrible truths." (Naoe, Chapter 3)

"You are the one who is hurting me. I would have it no other way." (Naoe, Chapter 3)

Purple (Naruto) by kodak-85

"Kissing Sasuke was like swallowing ash." (Naruto, Chapter 1)

"The crying, the countless tears running down his sweaty cheeks, and the way his body shook didn't make him feel less a boy, less a man. No, he'd gone far beyond that. Sasuke's stripped him of everything now, including his humanity. He didn't feel human anymore." (Naruto, Chapter 1)

"Your body, your heart, are completely different. And it isn't fair to not give me both." (Sasuke, Chapter 1)

"Everything, everything, everything on a whim, on a promise made years and years ago, between two people unfit for humanity, what a beautiful disaster this is." (Chapter 5)

"Naruto Uzumaki had a lot on his mind, so it only made sense that he pay little attention to the spark of familiarity he felt when he saw the look in the eyes of the nameless man's face, drenched and crumbled in guilt." (Chapter 6)

Indigo (Naruto) by kodak-85

"That was the problem with people like Naruto and Sasuke. It was a one-in-a-million shot that they found people as deeply rooted in loneliness as they themselves were. An even greater miracle that they'd met a second time." (Chapter 1)

"...Sasuke wondered which one of them deserved the mercy shot more." (Chapter 2)

Diplomatic (Mirage of Blaze) by Unmentionable Squick

"The silence was an invitation for a deluge of memories – mirage of waking dreams – and the words I love you had played themselves nearly hollow. You don't do that. You didn't do that... Naoe was crazy because normal people don't go through all that shit to confess those sorts of things and then just walk off, out of a sunset. You didn't leave. And if you did, you came back." (Takaya)

"And when all his tears were nearly spent, he whispered into her shoulder, "I want him."" (Takaya)

"He broke me first." (Naoe)

Aishiteru Dakara (Naruto) by GeminiScar

"Shhh! You'll piss off the ramen gods!" (Naruto)

"Sakura was right. He'd been unable to let go of Naruto, because at some point his best friend had become more than simply his most important person. He was the voice in his head, the warmth in his icy existence, the light in his blackened memories." (Sasuke)

Unhealthy (Naruto) by Omocha

"His hair is everywhere so he's lazy or else just normally tacky. Judging from the bag he was carrying when he got here, probably both. His face shape is like a cat that's run into a wall. His eyes are… nice." Naruto almost dared Sasuke to take a look 'down there' before calling him average but the eyes comment threw him off and into silence." (Sasuke, Chapter 1)

"I found, in a scary forest of dark trees, a normal one. I felt the greatest relief to meet him. He was what could be called a thread to the sane among all the insane. But relief is such a funny thing. I feel it when I don't get caught doing something wrong. I feel it when I do get caught doing something wrong and then know God will forgive me for repenting. See the fickleness? In this case, I'm relieved because misery loves company, and I sure as hell am misery." (Sasuke?, Chapter 2)

"No one ever stayed with me more than oncebecause I never let them." (Naruto, Chapter 4)

What Really Matters (Naruto) by ErithEl

"I had killed before. I had felt what it was like to plunge my katana into some nameless enemy – to see him bleed and gasp as he struggled to hang onto life. I could do that without hesitation, but removing a blade from the body of someone I knew – my rival, my teammate – that was entirely different." (Sasuke)

"I told you you would regret it if you killed him. Return to Konoha … He would make it different …" (Kyuubi)

(That's it. This will be updated in later dates...!)

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A Consequence Called Azure by DaisyTango28 reviews
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Roommate Problems by Kanariya674 reviews
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