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Author has written 5 stories for Legend of Zelda, Star Wars, Scorpio Races, and Queen's Thief series.

This is where I ususally post extravagent excuses for my slow updates...well, um, I ran out. So, yeah...

*Tipoca City is currently on hold. May be continued later.*

Hey y'all!

If you're reading this, you obviously want to know more about the girl behind the words. So, without further ado...

From the first, I'm a Star Wars fan (movies and books). Out of all the Star Wars universe though, Obi-Wan Kenobi is my favorite Jedi, if not all-time character. Though I've got a soft spot for Han Solo as well. (But who doesn't?) And I must honorably mention Kal Skirata and all his clone 'sons'--Ordo, Fi, Mereel, Atin, and all the other boys.

Hobbies: Reading, drawing (especially people from my stories, books I've read, or movies I've seen. If I can see a picture of it, I can draw it) playing videogames...hanging out with my sisters. Of course, I like to write. I can't even begin to count the notebooks lying around my house full of (mostly unfinished) story ides. A friend at summer camp several years ago got me hooked on writing and I can't stop.

Movies: The list could go on forever...I'll try to touch the highlights in no particular order--Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, How to Train Your Dragon, Rise of the Guardians, Skyfall, Prince of Persia, The Eagle, Epic, Sherlock Holmes

Games: video, of course. Final Fantasy (especially 7, 8, and 13), Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Smash Bros. Brawl, most Mario stuff, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed

Music: I really like country music! And yes, I stand by that decision. :P I actually listen to just about everything from rock to pop to soundtrack. A few favorites: Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace, Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin, The Song of The Lonely Moutain by Neil Finn (Hobbit soundtrack), Every Storm Runs Out of Rain by Gary Allen, Would You Go With Me by Josh Turner, I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme) from Disney's Treasure Planet soundtrack, and innumerable others

Books: My favorite genre is one that doesn't have an official name exactly. My friend once termed it "romaction." Basically it's adventure with a little romance thrown in. I'm a fan of epic battles and heros, fantasy, and action. Some of my favorite books would be the Lord of the Rings trilogy, various Star Wars novels (especially the Republic Commando series!!!!!), The Eagle of the Ninth, Alex Rider, The Scorpio Races, Pip and Flynx series, The Dresden Files, and Young James Bond. I like a little sci-fi, but I'll tell you straight off that I am not a fan of Twilight or anything to do with zombies, handsome dead guys, fallen angels, and the like. In my opinion, there are WAY to many books written about them, and one day I'll change that trend.

Heroes: some of my favorite characters from various series: Squall Leonhart, Cloud Strife, Vincent Valentine, Link, Aragorn, Samwise Gamgee, Faramir, Gandalf, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kal Skirata, Sean Kendrick, Dastan, Jack Frost, Eugenides (Queen's Theif series), Will Treaty, Halt, Daniel X, Fang (Maximum Ride)

I love English, tolerate math, and am a junior in college. Eventually I hope to be an author of young adult fiction (so I can write something that actually makes sense) and/or an illustrator and a concept artist. My ultimate goal would be to work for LucasArts, but designing for videogames and movies of any sort sounds cool to me.

I have a clutzy yet adorable yellow lab named Sunshine and four cats: Darth Kittius, Mouse, Etain, and Besany.

Alright, enough about me. Enjoy my stories. And share what you think. I'd like to know what you really think of my work. Good bye, good luck, and May the Force be with you!

Random Quotes and other assorted fun stuff that I couldn't resist putting here:

You know you're Mandalorian if...
gar suvavir ibik
you speak Mando'a fluently
you can perform the Dha Wherda
you've always wanted a suit of beskar'gam
you affectionately refer to your friends as "'ika"
you want to turn all aiwha bait into tat-sushi
you're Plan B is always ba'slan shev'la
gar kar'tayli ad meg hukaat'kama
your motto is ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade
you can sing the Vode'An
Mando'ade Darasuum!
if gar suvavir ibik and you are Mando'ade, copy and paste into your profile ;)

a piece of advice:
Don't say anything bad about a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes. By then, you'll have his shoes, he'll be a mile away, and you can say anything you want.

"Someday they may kill me," I said. "But not today. Open the door."
(The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart)

One thing she had discovered in the last few days was that professional soldiers were neither habitually angry nor violent. They didn't even talk tough. They were a mass of contradictions. They washed their clothing and they shaved and cooked and generally conducted themselves like well-behaved Padawans. Then they went out and blew up installations and killed total strangers and cracked bad jokes. Etain was getting used to it, but slowly.
(Republic Commando: Hard Contact by Karen Traviss)

"Is there a plan C?" [Etain asked.]
"The nice thing about the alphabet, ma'am, is that it gives you plenty of plans to choose from," Fi said.
(Republic Commando: Hard Contact by Karen Traviss)

"Well my ghost player just beat the tobacco juice out of your ghost player!" -Hobbes, after getting into an argument with Calvin over ghost players in baseball (Calvin & Hobbes)

Follow this...
"Oh, it's a case of they think I'll think that they'll do A, so they'll do B because I wouldn't think they'd think of that but then because I might think I know what they're thinking they'll do A after all because I wouldn't think they'd think that way," Will said.
Halt looked at him for a long moment in silence. "You know, I'm almost tempted to ask you to repeat that."
Will grinned. "I'm not sure I could."
-The Kings of Clonmel by John Flanagan

A little creation of mine and my sisters:
Salute to a Skywalker

You travel to Tatooine
to cut down dirty fiends
You chop down Tusken Raiders
without a care or a "see-you-later"
With all the dirt and dust,
taking a bath is a must
With your socks full of sand,
your troops you bravely command,
despite the hostile land
You have a battered face and a missing hand
It goes to show you're a lasting man
Even with that robotic apendage,
we'll gladly lend you all our courage
Until this story is finally ended
We raise our blasters in respect
to the man who hasn't died yet
(told you I was a hopeless Star Wars fan)

"Yes," said Horace, warming to his theme. "What about if you're facing an enemy with a battleaxe? Do your knives work then?"
Gilan hesitated. "I wouldn't advise anyone to face a battleaxe with just two knives," he said carefully.
"So what should I do?" Will joined in.
Gilan glared from one boy to the other. He had the feeling he was being set up. "Shoot him," he said shortly. Will shook his head, grinning.
"Can't," he said. "My bowstring's broken."
"Then run and hide," said Gilan, between gritted teeth.
"But there's a cliff," Horace pointed out. "A sheer drop behind him and an angry axman coming toward him."
"What do I do?" prompted Will.
Gilan took a deep breath and looked them both in the eye, one after the other.
"Jump off the cliff. It'll be less messy that way."
-The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan

Book Titles That Never Were (compiled by me, my friends, and/or my sisters)
Self-Rising Flour and Boy Bands
Pedestrians Walk Upside Down Here
Gas Stations are Highly Explosive
Justice is Blind and Carries a Sword
Angels Wear Berets
New York is Bleeding
I'll leave it up to your vivid imaginations as to what exactly these books would entail...

To Be Successful, you must know how to:
1. hatch a dragon
2. catch a Pokemon
3. play Wizard's Chess
4. use the Force
5. weild a lightsaber
6. catch the Snitch
7. survive Bowser's Castle
8. take Navi's advice
9. weild a Keyblade
10. defeat Master Hand
11. speak the Ancient Language
12. escape Mordor
13. destroy the Death Star
14. speak Mando'ade
15. control Chaos
16. weild a gunblade/buster sword

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