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Author has written 7 stories for Young Justice, Claymore, Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy X.

Not much could be said about me. I'm just a normal crazy person that likes writing, drawing, and a bunch of other things (and yes I just used normal and crazy in the same sentence).

Fanfiction writing just started as a way for me to blow off some steam on how horrible some anime or cartoon series just turned out... until I decided to approach it differently. Now instead of completely redoing the stories (which would be hard anyway since the characters have their own distinct personalities), I'm mainly putting one of my own characters into my fanfiction, working around the main story, and using the gaps in the original story so I can have my characters in the story but not really of it. I dub this style of fanfiction writing with the subtype of 'loophole writing'. That being said, many of my stories will be OC stories though I will have the main characters make appearances.

Please note, this is a hobby so I may not get new updates posted as quickly as everyone expects (Schoolwork takes priority in my life). Also, due to family, work, and life in general, I may or may not update infrequently.

I now have a deviantart account where I will upload drawings of my characters occasionally. Currently, I only have pictures for my 'Bow and the Blade' story, but other story's characters will be uploaded eventually.

I'm on Facebook! Come and see my !


ANIME/TV SHOWS (listed in alphabetical order since I'm paranoid like that).

-Ancient Magus' Bride

-Claymore - Liked the storyline; the actual fight scenes while cool were... graphic, to say the least...

-Code Lyoko - Awesome concept and unique artwork, enough said.

-Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night - Both could have had some details explained a bit better, but both the artwork and story were unique and amazing


-Kim Possible

-Kara No Kyoukai - While confusing to some degree (mainly their out of order movies), this is an interesting mystery/supernatural chain of movies that take place in an AU parallel world of Fate Stay/Night and Tsukihime. If you get nothing out of the movies, the animation at least will take your breath away.

-Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


-RWBY - A decent show overall. There are still unexplained details that are bugging me but the introduction of a slightly deeper plot and the good character development steps they have taken has made this show enjoyable, to say the least.

-Seirei No Moribito (aka Guardian of the Spirit) - Balsa is just so epic.

-Spice and Wolf

-Violet Evergarden - Those feels...

-Young Justice - I cannot wait for Season 3!

-and random other shows that I just can't remember the names of to save my life...

VIDEO GAMES (I'm a bit limited in this department but here they are anyway)

- Dark Souls - I haven't beaten it yet but I'm just so caught up in the sheer depth of the lore and environments that I sometimes forget that there's nothing even resembling a pause button until the enemies remind me to get out of la-la-land and 'get good'.

- Fire Emblem - This little gem first caught my eye when Fire Emblem Awakening was given to me for Christmas and I've been a FE junkie every since!

- Legend of Zelda (Twilight Princess and Breath of the Wild, specifically) - Need I really explain myself? I do have Skyward Sword, but that game with all it's unnecessary backtracking and ridiculous defense system on just the Bulblins alone made it a chore to try and complete. I have played and beaten Windwaker but I could never really 'Link' with Chibi Link, if you catch my drift. Ocarina of Time was good but just didn't have the depth of character or story I have come to prefer. And while Link Between Worlds had a much better story, again, Chibi Link...

- Kingdom Hearts - The storyline is a bit confusing to newbies, but it has a certain depth and complexity to it that I enjoy.

- Metroid (I only have the Prime Trilogy, Fusion, Hunters, Other:M, and Samus Returns) - Like seemingly all games with Nintendo, there are gaping plot holes, but who doesn't enjoy a sci-fi adventure with the very versatile and cool Samus Aran? As long as Aran isn't monologuing half the time and getting us more confused than before. Yes, I'm looking at you Other: M... Even if you gave me inspiration for a story, I will still rag on you for what you did to Samus... And don't you start thinking you're out of hot water, Fusion, because your plot has enough holes to be Swiss cheese! I digress...


- Clare: From Angel to Demon - Reevaluating my life's choices with this one...

Clare was just a normal young girl before the Yoma struck and destroyed her life. Here is the Tale of Clare as told in her own words of the trials she faced, the friends she made, and the demons she fought before she became a Claymore.


- Mentors (Young Justice) - When a new teammate is assigned to the team, none of Young Justice ever thought they would have so much trouble on their hands. A/N Rating is precautionary for some of the missions later on. Scheduled for a rewrite after Bow and the Blade.


- Ranking Zero (Claymore) - Completed, but will be editing small parts occasionally.

- A Clash of Blades (Claymore) - A one-shot poem depicting Priscilla and Clare.

- Your Faint Smile (Claymore) - A one-shot poem depicting young Clare and Teresa.

- The Bow and the Blade (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) - Completed but will be updating Chapters 1-6 to smooth out a few things.


- Ranking Zero: Countdown to Destruction (Temporary Title) - Plot development/First draft stage - Next on my list of Claymore stories after 'Clare'

A Sequel to Ranking Zero. With the reemergence of the Seven Ghosts of Pieta, Adri leaves the comfort of her home with the Gale Clan to finish the Organization once and for all. Will the secrets she has keep long hidden be a boon or a hindrance to her and her companions in this, her final tale? Only time will tell...

- Code Lyoko: Reemergence - Plot development stage

The old team goes back for a nostalgic visit to Lyoko, only to find out things have taken a turn for the worst in the virtual world. With many of the old Lyoko Warriors unable to battle, now their children along with a mysterious program from Lyoko must battle the new foe to save both Lyoko and Earth.

- The Guardian Emerges (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) - Currently finishing the first draft

A collaboration with author S.S. Pie. NOTE: This story will be posted on S.S. Pie's account.

- Metroid: Mirror Images - Plot-development/First Draft stage (Next Large Project after "The Bow and the Blade")

Set after the events of Metroid: Other M. The end of Samus' conflict with the Federation's questionable research did not end with the events on the Bottleship and the capture of Madeline Bergman and MB. A small detective job that Samus normally wouldn't have even given a second glance to has led Samus back into the devious webs and plots of the Federation and, consequently, leading her to another ship, aptly named Bottleship II. Warning(s): Rating will be T, at least, for various reasons (i.e. human experimentation, violence, and perhaps character death), OC main/secondary character, liberties will be taken to fit this as a continuation to the Other M 'universe'.

*Note: Will be taking suggestions for the following stories.*

- The Shadow Tome (Legend of Zelda) - Idea stage

A collection of short stories set in the Bow and the Blade universe along with retelling/expansions on Sheikah legends/Hyrule history.

- Child of Storms (League of Legends) - Idea stage

There has long been a legend told around the campfires and whispered in the icy caverns of the Freljord of a child who will tip the balance of power in the unsettled War of the Three Sisters. When a girl is found by the Cryopheonix, Anivia, and brought to the leader of one of Freljord's three tribes, the War for the Freljord escalates as the other two tribes fight to possess this child; the child believed to be the one deciding factor of the war... (Rating T primarily for violence)

Note: In regards to the latest devblog concerning the LoL lore - which eliminates the existence of the League, summoners, Fields of Justice, etc. - until a viable substitute for this 'questionable' (I would use a stronger word here but I'll restrain myself) decision is given in the lore, I will continue creating this story with the League intact and interacting in the affairs of Valoran. Thankfully, there should be very few times when the League would have been brought into this story, so the overall story will remain mostly intact should changes need to be made.

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