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Name: Enaira Rian or just Rian for short

Other Names: Aria Mitsuki(jap) and 関珍珍(chi)

Age: 20 (but still acts like 13)

Location: I'm one of the monkeys singing in Bruno Mars' the lazy song.

I have been a Vocaloid Fan for 3 years and pretty DAMN proud of it!

If there is one thing in the world that can describe me, myself and I is that I'm a Vocaloidiot.

My Favorite Vocaloids:

1) KAITO - He's actually my overall favorite. His awesomeness is too much for words. My favorite songs from him are What's your color and CANTARELLA (my very first vocaloid song)

2) Lily - She's my favorite female vocaloid (replacing GUMI). I absolutely LOVE her rock songs and she just fits the bill. My favorite songs from her are -ERROR, +REVERSE, Limiter, Tremors, Prototype, Chloe, Existence-Another and Fatal Moment.

3) Hiyama Kiyoteru-sensei - I just love his voice (which BTW doesn't sound like KAITO's to me). Too bad he doesn't seem to have many producers. I just love how his voice fits to Rock songs. and he's the only vocaloid to scream naturally. My favorite songs from him are Lost Story(cover), Guilty Verse, The Dying Message(cover) and Leia(cover).

4) VY1 (Mizki) - Her voice is so totally awesome. I kinda understand why she has the best quality voice among the female voice banks. My favorite songs from her are Tsukihane, Various Feelings(cover), Invitation and Hand written Map.

5) SF-A2 Miki - Her voice is so cute and sweet, it makes me have goose bumps. I love her trance and pop songs. her voice just fits them perfectly! My favorite songs from her are Memories, Dive into Blue, Falling Snow and Good Night.

6) VY2 Yuma - HIS VOICE IS LIKE MELTING BUTTER!! He's only new so I'm still waiting for new songs from him. My favorite songs from him are Anatani hana wo watashi ni Uta wo, Iroha Uta(cover) and Happy Synthesizer.

7) Nekomura Iroha - She's so CUTE!!! Her voice seems like the most maturest(if there's a word like this) in the Japanese Vocaloids. She could sound like a guy and a girl at the same time. and She's getting more songs in youtube too. My favorite songs from her are The Liar's song, Cosmology and Double suicide.

8) Kaai Yuki - My number one favorite school girl of all time!! She's so sweet and ADORABLE!! Too most of her songs are sad songs, she would have sounded better in a pop song. My favorite songs from her are Meteor36.0, World's only person and Forgotten Girl.

9) Utatane Piko - He's still new so I'm still looking for some songs from him. But I like his design, COME ON!! Who wouldn't want a Vocaloid dressed up as a GUITAR! My favorite songs from him are Remember and Hello/How are you(cover).

10) SONIKA - Last but not the least. My favorite Engloid, I like her no-nonsense attitude and her soft, heavily-accented and robotic voice. Still hoping that there's some producer who can tune her beautifully. My favorite songs from her are BPM (Eng cover), Love is War (Eng cover) and Wash my Blood(cover).

Favorite multi-vocaloid songs:

1) CENDRILLON - VY1 Mizki and VY2 Yuma. This song is the reason I'm writing fics for them now.

2) Sacrifice - VY1 Mizki and Lily. Damn they're so good.

3) Keystological - Kaai Yuki and SF-A2-Miki. It's pretty catchy.

If your going to ask "Where's Miku, Len/Rin, Luka, Gumi, Gakupo, Meiko and the English Vocaloids?" They already had their stories of success and more (ESPECIALLY Miku) so I wanted to support the not so famous ones (namely the last 9 on the list). It's not just because I pity them, it's because they have so much musical potential.

I'm currently focusing on VY1XVY2 Fanfictions, unfortunately I can't find time to write/think about it so I only update once a month or so..

still thinking of some things to write


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