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Hello! Hola'! Konnichiwa! Nihao! Bonjour!

Hey there everyone! Goodness, it's been awhile since my last bio update! I haven't been on here in ages, partly because "Tansho" (my masterpiece! lol ^_^) is now finished. I haven't found the inspiration for a new fanfic just yet; this past semester I've had to focus on literary fiction for my Creative Writing class...so now, maybe I'll get a new idea for a fic. :)
So...here's a little about me... I'm a 19 year old female college student pretty much consumed w/ the college life, lol. And, as you must already know, I am a writer and planning on being a writer for the rest of my life. I'm an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing, and I'm very much looking forward to the day when I publish my first novel (hopefully, it will happen bfore I turn 50 ^_^).

So what do I like???
I'm absolutely positively addicted to Anime. I adore Rurouni Kenshin, Inu-Yasha, Fushigi Yuugi, Uzumaki, The Mermaid Saga, Rumic World, and the movies Akira, Blood: The Last Vampire, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke; I love to read all kinds of books and magazines, but I love novels the most (a few of my recent favs are "Wisdom's Daughter", "100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed", "The Changeling of Finnistuath", and my all-time favorite "The Red Tent" ); I'm all about writing (Along with the posted stories below, I've written three novels, about half a dozen short stories, and a few little poems here and there ^_^ I've also written a novella called "Leviticus" for my Creative Writing class & I have it posted on FictionPress.net if you'd like to read it. I'm also constantly thinking of ideas for new stories, though I can never be for sure if they'll ever end up on paper).

A few of the minor activities I like include shopping, watching TV, going to the movies, jet-skiing, swimming, camping, and listening to music (Although I'm a hard-core fan for all things rock, I also love Country, Rap, R&B, and Bluegrass).

I also have a strong love of warm weather, my home state of Georgia, mythology, ceasar salads, the ocean, literature, Amaretto Sours, fireworks, the Japanese culture, HBO, Margaritas, tabloid mags, and quite a few other magnificent things...lol

I have a serious dislike of obnoxious people, nasty bathrooms, the wet dog smell, bad sequels, sorority girls, most reality shows, violence against women, and quite a few other things...

Just a few more things about me...
I'm Caucasian with a Scottish, Norwegian, and Irish mixed heritage. I'm extremely tall (5' 10"), and I like to refer to myself as voluptuous ^_^. I'm kinda shy, but then again, I most definately speak my mind when the time calls for it. I'm spontaneous, very stubborn, and when I'm provoked I get pissed off beyond belief. I have a sense of humor that borders on perversity, and my worst habit by far is my constant cursing. But I've been told that I'm a pretty well-rounded, laid-back, good-hearted, decent person...so I have no complaints.

I hope my little bio here has shed some light on me, myself, and I. Go check out my stories in you're into romance and drama (they're my specialities ^_^)!!! And make sure to leave a review and tell me your thoughts!

Luv ya,

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