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Hello everyone! renny writes, is my username, and writing FanFics is almost kinda sorta my game.

I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! You've probably seen me spending more time reading various fanfics. But fear not! I have been working on my still untitled story when I get the chance. I hope you stay tuned in!

About me and my writing:

I mostly like to keep it to the Star Wars universe. Anakin has always been my favorite character, and I like the idea of him not turning to the Dark Side. I stick around the Clone Wars Era.

You'll mostly find me reading other people's stories, as I am very curious with what other author's have to say. Obviously, you can check out my personal favorites below. I highly suggest it! If you like my writing, I bet you'd like theirs just as much if not more!

Important note to go with this: I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL WRITER! I'm just a college student who has a "slight" addiction to Star Wars. Sometimes I get ideas for stories and I just go with it, writing it all out and posting it just because I can. My writing is not always clear, but I am thankful for the constructive criticism I receive on my stories because it really helps me grow as an amateur writer. I feel I've really improved over the years, and I appreciate all of the support from readers and reviewers.

And now for what you're all probably here for...

Stories in the Making!

(Still) Untitled Story: A few months ago, I posted that I was starting a new story that would probably take a while to finish. Well that was an understatement. Six months later, and I'm still about where I was when I began, mainly because I decided some ideas needed to be scrapped and rewritten. But I have now found more motivation! I've been rewriting the first chapter, and I'm still chugging along on the second. I'm hoping to start on the third soon. It's going to be the saga with a twist, beginning with the end of Revenge of the Sith and going through Return of the Jedi. I might even have a companion story with it after it's all posted. Each chapter will be based off a movie. It's going to follow those pretty closely, with different circumstances based on this little twist I put into it. I hope you find it interesting when I get to posting it. It's going to be very, very AU. Anakin doesn't turn to the dark side, Padme lives, and Sidious is still wreaking havoc across the galaxy... You know what? Screw it. How about I give you a sneak peak. A taste of what is to come:

"The desert is merciless. It takes everything from you. Anakin Skywalker thought bitterly, and not for the first time in his life. He aggressively adjusted his head scarf around his face and nose as the wind whipped him around, trying to distract himself as he trudged through the light sandstorm. Mom, Owen, Beru, my sweet Luke. Anakin cringed. Thirteen years. Nearly thirteen years since he and Padme had gotten the call from Obi-Wan. Anakin fingered the small holovid in his pocket that held the only picture of his family as a whole, taken mere hours after the twins’ birth.

Thirteen years since he’d visited the dust ball, and now he was back only to deliver more bad news to his old master. Anakin sucked in some air through his scarf to stop tears from springing into his eyes. To add to the long list of friends lost, an ambush had taken his beloved padawan not even a month ago. With Ahsoka’s death came the news that made the pit of Anakin’s stomach knot up.

“It was a Sith.” Ahsoka murmured as Anakin gathered her crumpled form in his arms. Her wounds were that of a lightsaber.

“Oh Snips.” Anakin choked, still taking in the sight before him.

“Anakin, please listen.” Ahsoka called to him, snapping him out of whatever sorrowful trance had taken hold of him. “It was a Sith Lord. The power, the darkness. I haven't… Felt… Not since…”

“Please Ahsoka!” Anakin cried in vain.

“Not since… Dooku…"

Anakin shook his head. He'd been replaying that last conversation in his mind everyday since it happened. He just hadn't been able to come back to Tatooine to see Obi-Wan about this supposed Sith Lord. The Rebellion had been fighting for a victory ever since the ambush left their base destroyed. The Empire had dealt quite a blow, but the Rebellion stayed strong. They had been able to find a new planet for relocation, but Anakin’s Gold Squadron had been constantly on the move in order to distract the Empire from the new base as the remaining rebels relocated.

He left soon after. It was Padme’s idea, really. Anakin didn’t like it, especially since just before he left a band of rebels that called themselves “Rogue” had embarked on an unsanctioned mission to retrieve the plans to the Empire’s newest weapon. He would have joined them if he had known, but the other leaders of the Rebellion had already decided to send him off for a short respite. Padme had managed to convince them all that he needed it.

Anakin huffed, knowing that perhaps his wife was right. Afterall, a visit with Obi-Wan would do him good.

They had much to discuss."

I hope that kind of holds you off for now, and I hope you're interested in it!

I'd say that about does it for me. I'm definitely excited about what is to come! Thanks for reading!

-renny writes

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