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Here's my new and improved BIO, with MORE information about me, mainly because of the reviews I've gotten on my best story, "For The Love of A Child"

A quick insight on my writing: I primarily write TRUNKS/VEGETA bonding stories!

I'm a writer. I've written...I think it's 14 novels now (including For The Love of a Child, even though it's a fanfiction and not a REAL novel...) I haven't actually tried to PUBLISH my work yet, but don't look for it because I'm publishing under another name when I do and I don't really want any links between the writing I intend on doing for a living and THIS writing, which is for fun and for the people that are reviewing me.

You may notice, a bunch of my stories are linked with "Vegeta's Promise". That was the first one I ever wrote and the ones that follow it came next. Now I've got some that are independent of that and I've been posting those. Anywayz-- I'm 21 and female and that's all anyone gets to know about the real me!

Ok, here's a LITTLE bit more about me mainly because I've gotten so many people that think I'm GREAT at father/son relationship, so... nope, I don't have kids, just one younger brother that's 17. I haven't graduated from college, but I've taken a FEW classes and I was enrolled full time for a week, but I had to drop out because my mom lost her job. I've taken a FEW psychology classes, but I didn't learn all that much from them. I LOVE psychology, but I haven't studied it a whole lot. What I know is from my observation and my own formulated opinions and diagnosises of people, but I've been told by SEVERAL people (some here on fanfiction, some other places...) that I have great insight on people and in high school I was the "relationship queen" (as in the person people asked about relationships--I never HAD one myself...)

My parents have been seperated since I was 5 and divorced since I was 10 and I'm a DEFINITE daddy's girl. My father is more like a friend than a father though, which is probably why I'm so addicted to writing T/V stories. Everyone in my immediate family has mental disabilities (myself included--mine is either bi-polar, depression, or disphoria...I'm not really sure WHICH). My brother and Dad both have Tourette Syndrome and my brother has some others to. and my mom...well I think HER list is up to about 11 now... the main ones being disphoria (the most severe and hardest to treat type of depression) and sleep apnea.

I mention those things because I think they are a large part of the reasons I am who I am and I write how I write. So...maybe if you guys can figure out how that all fits into my writing style or abilities to understand people...I'm just guessing they do.

Thanks to all my readers, you guys are great!

If you're a Trunks/Vegeta bonding lover (Otherwise known as SAP lover), you'll LOVE my stories!

Chibi Vegeta by Burenda reviews
While summoning the Eternal Dragon, Trunks makes an accidental wish concerning his father. Now Vegeta is confronted with his own unkindness as, still fully cognizant, Chibi Vegeta learns firsthand what it's like to be treated like a baby. Discontinued.
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After Bulma kicks Vegeta out of the house during a spat, Vegeta kidnaps 8 yr old Trunks and takes him with him on a journey to the planet Ghendis. Very father/son. What's the forbidden box, who's Trusei, and what will Bulma do to retrive Trunks?
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Vegeta's Promise reviews
Goten is spending the night with Trunks and Bulma wants Vegeta to spend some time with them. But what happens when Bulma leaves? Lot of REALISTIC mischief. Also a lot of Vegeta self-discovery. father/son story. Whole story now up!
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