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It’s Me!

Hello, I am the amazing and elusive bo-leigh bella ( just kidding, I'm not that conceited). I am a teenage girl who loves writing, singing, and acting. If you read my stories please, please, please review! Reviews make all the writer's block and painful lapses in any ideas bearable.

A little bit about me: I am a very weird kind of person. I am very social and outgoing yet everyday I need my time in solitude. (Fanfiction has really helped with that :) ) I love musicals, especially not so cheesey ones like Phantom of the Opera. Such a great story. Any friends I have are treasured for they can look past my quirks and like the strange but fun girl beneath. I have addiction prone tendencies. If I like something, I LOVE it. Any activity can quickly escalate into an undeniable obsession if I enjoy it. I exercise this nature mainly in literature, movies, and the few video games I actually enjoy. For this very reason I have decided to never try alcohol or drugs. No judgments for others who do. I am just honestly apprehensive about what could happen. I am inquisitive and easily amused. Life itself tends to entertain me; a happy-go-lucky nature I attribute to being a middle child. I feel fairly intelligent, yet I know I can be lacking in common sense on occasion. I have few things I am truly proud of. But those I have pride in, I truly have a passion for. Singing has been a love of mine since before I can remember. I'm told that as soon as I could talk, I was singing. I perform in high school drama and in the church choir on Sundays. But the times I express myself best through the beauty of music are on my back porchswing. I can belt or hum or sing in any manner, but it isn't for anyone else's enjoyment. Its mine. This passion has easily flowed into my writing POTO fics. Describing a virtuoso and his talented and eager to please musical protege is wonderful. My own experiences especially help with writing Christine, the student.

Personal Responses to My Lovely Reviewers

Much love to all of you!

So sorry this was late, but here are your responses. Thank you for all of the sweet reviews. I adore them all!

Hugabouv- Sorry. Hehe I couldn’t help it. Cliffies are just so tempting. I’m glad I left you wanting more though and I’m so happy you will be reading the next chapter. Really that is wonderful to hear!

Nami Swannn- Yes, that almost kiss was so fun to write. Happy you still thought it sweet! Oh and me too! I wish someone could create Erik worthy pieces. That would be amazing!

Viviane Ravenheart- I know! Erik is either overzealous or over cautious. Hehehe I love his extremes.

Everyonedeserveslove- I am assuming that’s a good thing? And thanks, I was trying to make it pretty…intense I suppose.

Kumon5- Glad you liked my version of his venting. And I never thought of him as a music therapist. Interesting idea. Then again, he has so many issues idk if he could handle any one else’s. ;)

Sheepshanks- Aww…thank you so much! I’m so excited that you are enjoying this evolution of their relationship. And you’ve no idea how wonderful it is to hear that you will patiently await my updates. I cannot thank you enough for that. Thanks for the well wishes. I made an A in my first summer class.

Toriana- Thank you for your understanding about my obligations and for calling my writing “excellent”, I really appreciate it. Also thank you for the advice. I try to write as much as I am able. This chapter however was particularly difficulty.

Vampgirliegirl- Thanks for your review! And I shall try my best!

CaptainHooksGirl- Thank you for liking my Erik’s jealousy of an inanimate objects thing. I thought it sort of strange at first, but it seemed so him, ya know? And I feel the same way! Writing is so personal, so intimate; it is nerve-racking sharing it with others because so much of yourself has been put into the work. So I suppose we are a lot like Erik in that way. :)

Phanatic01- Oh! Thank you for saying it was “worth the wait”. That is one of the sweetest things you could’ve said! And I’m glad you enjoyed Erik transition as he played. I really wanted that the read. And funny you should say so. I actually wrote that scene without influence from Kay but I read the novel while writing this newest update. I know the scene you mean. Mine was a little less sexual and punishing but it was very similar. I really enjoyed her version of Phantom though! Hope you enjoy this chapter!

Angel’s wings- (1st review)How sweet your review was! “Gaining your heart and soul” what a lovely phrase and how kind you are to say so! I do hope you enjoy this next chapter and thank you for asking for others. And I tried to update but Summer is half over. :( My apologies. Also, no need to say sorry. I am utterly obsessed with him as well. If you wish, check out his tumblr for your amusement. (2nd review) You have quite a talent for charming and flattering reviews. “Cannot be outdone by the gods” I mean you should be a poet or lyricist. I truly appreciate your well wishes. I shall need that pixie dust so I thank you for it! :)

brook.gassmanchickenzombies- Oh I’m so happy it is your favorite! I shall try to update when I can. I won’t stop writing though, not if I can help it. Hope to hear from you again!

SiriusMarleneXWolverineRogue- It makes me smile to hear that you love it. I try my best. And it’s wonderful to hear you enjoyed my other story as well. I will update when I can but I shall definitely continue it. :)

Guest- I know I haven’t and I’m sorry! I hope you will still read this. And I don’t disclose too much info but a small community college in my area. (Sorry)

Guest- Sorry it was late! But here is theupdate!

Finally a huge thanks to the talented, sweet, wonderful, supportive Starcrier, who never fails to give me the confidence I need to continue to post and write this story. Thank you for your reviews, constructive criticism and positive feedback! Love you darling!

About me as an author: Before fanfiction, I have written thousand word plus papers only for school. But now writing has become a beautiful and extremely fulfilling obsession. My strengths, I have been told by reviewers, are my descriptions and characterization. Most readers seem to agree that Erik is my strongest to write of. That pleases me to no end; if you are a reviewer who said so, thank you. Erik is a fascinating person. His emotions are so raw and powerful. He is unpredictable, even to me. As an author, I do not create actions. I set my characters loose in a situation and write out what I see. I feel like I have very little control over them. That is why it is so exciting. I am constantly surprised by my imagined scenarios. I relate specifically to Erik because he is so impassioned, so convicted in everything he feels and values.

Writing Christine proves to be more challenging sometimes. In my mind, she is a mix of woman and child. So writing from her perspective has to demonstrate both sides. Also her loyalty is so skewed. So her thoughts are constantly contradicting. Kind of funny if it didn't cause so many problems.

Finally Raoul, yes I do write from the fop's point of view (sometimes). However, I am very adamant not to make him into a character that in reality, he could never be. Raoul does care for Christine, unfortunate, but true. Therefore I cannot see him beating her or purposefully being cruel to her. It isn't in his gentleman's constitution to do so. So I write him out to be the lovesick puppy that he is. I hope this doesn't offend anyone.

I love Erik and Christine as a couple. No offense to those who like Raoul, but I will never write a Raoul and Christine love story (or Erik and Meg for that matter). My thought processes are very scatterbrained so I was really worried about writing an actual story. I was afraid that my ideas would not make sense when tried to be organized into some semblance of order. Only the encouraging reviews and support from my beta has convinced me otherwise.

Phantoms I Adore: Ramin Karimloo for Love Never Dies and Phantom of the Opera, Gerard Butler Phantom of the Opera 2004, and Charles Dance 1990s Phantom of the Opera Mini Series.

Lost Love is a tale I thought worthy of being told. I never knew telling it could be so difficult. But the rewards have been so worth it and I have grown very attached to it. Winner of favorite chapter poll: Chapter 7-Healing Hands thanks to everyone who cast a vote :)


Me performing a solo from Wicked- No Good Deed (in response to a reader asking if I sing)-

COVER ART!-Recently a wonderful artist on deviantART by the name of Muirin007 allowed me permission to use some of her astounding work as covers for my stories (also one is my profile picture). Here's the link to her page, please check out more of her beautiful art :) Also, let her know I sent you! (if you don't mind)

Update on Updates: I am working on the chapters of Fight For Me. I am trying to keep ahead on chapters so I can keep to my 2-weeks between updates.

I'll Go Down With These Ships! :D (Just a few, naming them all would take forever)

Erik/Christine-Phantom of the Opera (favorite couple of all time)

Midna/Link-Legend of Zelda

Megamind/Roxanne Richie-Megamind

Tyrion/Tysha- A Song of Ice and Fire

Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen- A Song of Ice and Fire

Sansa/Tyrion- A Song of Ice and Fire

Jaime/Anyone who isn't Cersei- A Song of Ice and Fire

Hermoine/Severus Snape- Harry Potter

Rhett Butler/Scarlett O'Hara- Gone with the Wind

Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth- Pirates of the Caribbean

Darcy/Elizabeth- Pride and Prejudice

Heathcliffe/Catherine- Wuthering Heights

Alice/Tarrant Hightopp (Mad Hatter)- Alice in Wonderland

Wesley/Buttercup- Princess Bride

Sweeney Todd/Ms. Lovette- Sweeney Todd

Marius/Eponine- Les Miserables

Jean Val Jean/Fantine- Les Miserables

Javert/Somebody to love him- Les Miserables

Aang/Katara- Avatar the Last Airbender

Sokka/Yue- Avatar the Last Airbender

Korra/Bolin- The Legend of Korra

Lin/Tinzin- The Legend of Korra

Don't judge me on the HG/SS one. Really the age difference is similar to Christine and Erik or Rhett and Scarlett.

Appearance: I am very tall, about five foot ten I believe. My hair is dark blond and curly. I have deep blue eyes. My skin is pale like porcelain and I have freckles from being out in the summer time. My frame is lean and willowy. (So I am kind of like Leroux's Christine)

My favorite color in general is blue. My favorite colors to wear are red, black, or blue. Those colors contrast nicely with my skin and highlight my eyes.

Salty or sweet? Ummm...Definately salty.

Favorite sport: Basketball

Sing or dance? Sing, I am quite the hopeless dancer

Diamonds or pearls: Both

Nicknames: bo, bo-leigh, or lizard

Birthday: In september, that's all you get

Origin:South Eastern United States

Tea or coffee: Tea, coffee is bitter. I'm not much of a fan.

SEPTEMBER (My birthday month): Suave and compromising. Careful, cautious and organized. Likes to point out people's mistakes. Likes to criticize. Stubborn. Quiet but able to talk well. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. Loyal but not always honest. Does work well.Very confident. Sensitive. Good memory. Clever and knowledgeable. Loves to look for information. Must control oneself when criticizing. Able to motivate oneself. Understanding. Fun to be around. Secretive. Loves leisure and traveling. Hardly shows emotions. Tends to bottle up feelings. Very choosy, especially in relationships. Systematic

Wanna talk? e-mail any questions, comments, concerns, poems, ideas, reviews, advice, funfacts, or other such info to: (this is a strictly fanfic related e-mail, I suggest every user have one for security)

Facts about me:

I am currently 18 years old

I am left-handed

I can write backwards neater than I can forwards

I have written 4 fanfics

I am proud to be a Christian

I have friends of all races, gay and straight

I love and respect my parents

I believe in the freedom of self expression

I sing randomly and sometimes use sounds as adjectives

I am different

I am me!

If you have taken the time to read this far, thank you. I appreciate that you actually wanted to get to know me. If you only wanted to peruse my existing stories; that is flattering as well. Reader or enthusiast, your interest is appreciated and enjoyed with gratitude from a silly lil author ;)

And, as always, much love!

bo-leigh bella

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