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Rosalind's outfit in Beautiful Nightmare from chapter 3: http://www.polyvore.com/you_only_live_once_so/set?id=79556776

Adrianna Brooks's info (from Wouldn't Want to Keep You Waiting): http://quizilla.teennick.com/stories/24169553/wwe-rp-adrianna-brooks

Abby's outfit in Hello There Ms. Brooks from chapter 4: http://www.polyvore.com/abbys_summerslam_outfit/set?id=55319317&lid=1764231

Sabrina's outfit in Have Faith in Me from chapter 7: http://www.polyvore.com/settle_for_long_distance_calls/set?id=87417321

Characters in "Seven":

Name: Dwight Garrett Vasquez

Age: 28

Nickname: DV

Portrayed By: Chris Rock

Occupation: Detective for the Las Vegas Police Department

Born: Dominican Republic

Raised: Miami, Florida

Resides: Reno, Nevada

Personality: Dwight is funny. If you make him mad, he will tase you. Dwight likes to act like he’s white, but he’s not. He gives bad advice to people. He is sarcastic and outspoken and can be shy at times.

Likes: The color red, wrestling, to look at the sky when he’s bored, wood, baseball, football, Batman, Boston Red Sox, to eat sushi with a fork, dancing, Duck Dynasty, his taser

Dislikes: Dots, New York Yankees, books, the color yellow, vertical stripes



-Name: Angel Miyia Vasquez (nee Bell)

-Age: 51

-Resides: Miami, Florida

-Relationship with Dwight: Dwight and his mother don’t love each other, but don’t hate each other either. He may visit her when in Miami.

-Occupation: Dentist


-Name: Carlos Daniel Vasquez

-Age: 69

-Relationship with Dwight: Carlos and Dwight hang out all the time. They are more friends than father and son.

-Occupation: Lawyer


-Name: Miguel Esteban Vasquez

-Age: 25

-Relationship with Dwight: Dwight and Miguel haven’t seen or spoken to each other in 15 years.

-Occupation: NFL Cornerback for the Detroit Lions


-Name: Mya Diamond Vasquez

-Age: 21

-Relationship with Dwight: Mya’s relationship with Dwight is much like her mother’s.

-Occupation: Pizza deliverer, while attending Boise State University


-Name: Jose Carlos Vasquez

-Age: 20

-Relationship with Dwight: They hang out when Dwight isn’t working and Jose isn’t attending classes or working.

-Occupation: Cashier at McDonald’s, Student at University of Nevada – Las Vegas


-Name: Tony

-Animal: Bird

-Age: 4 years old


-Name: Samantha (Sam) Nicole Wood

-Occupation: Stripper

-Length of Relationship: 1 year

Name: Katherine Delilah Fischer

Age: 29

Portrayed By: Jenna McDougall

Nickname: Kat

Occupation: Detective for the Las Vegas Police Department

Born: Baltimore, Maryland

Raised: Baltimore, Maryland

Resides: Las Vegas, Nevada

Personality: Kat is not your typical detective. She is covered in tattoos, is outspoken about everything, and sarcastic to the point where she hurts your feelings. She’s genuine, which is how she’d describe herself. Once she becomes focused on a case, it’s all she can think about. Kat is loyal, and will remain loyal to you until you break her trust or take advantage of her. She sometimes lets cases get to her, but she must keep going no matter what.

Likes: Music, books, tattoos, piercings, her family, Baltimore, the color purple, black, her phone

Dislikes: Dishonest people, Justin Bieber, being called Katherine, people who smoke, selfish people



-Name: Samuel Alexander Fischer

-Age: 54

-Relationship with Kat: Samuel is the only person who calls his daughter Katherine, and she doesn’t mind. He and Kat get along great and are very close, and she cites him as one of her biggest inspirations.

-Occupation: Sherriff of the Baltimore Police Department


-Name: Victoria Elise Fischer (nee Bowden)

-Age: 52

-Relationship with Kat: Victoria and Kat are more like sisters than mother and daughter. They get along amazingly well. Victoria is always there for her daughter.

-Occupation: Middle school social studies teacher


-Name: Daniel Jackson Fischer

-Age: 23

-Relationship with Kat: Daniel and Kat get long pretty well most of the time, but they do get into fights a lot, and when that happens, it takes a while for them to start talking again.

-Occupation: Graduate student at Harvard, studying to become a neurosurgeon; currently works at Burger King


-Name: Lucky

-Animal: Dog

-Age: 3 years old

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"The Rated R Diva" Maya is Edge's little sister. Her best friends are Christian and John Cena. While going after the Divas Championship, she is also in a relationship with Alberto del Rio. What happens when her best friend knows all about this "relationship"? **Short Story** Based on the song by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
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WWE Diva Mona Lisa Laurinaitis grew up in Chicago, Illinois, where she met her best friend, fellow WWE Superstar CM Punk. Sadly, her father is Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis, who has it out for Punk. Meanwhile, Punk is practically in love with Mona, who is head over heels in love with WWE's poster boy, John Cena. Who will Mona end up choosing?
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For DivaliciousDooL What happens when Mara is stuck on an island with the man she least expects, and especially hates Randy Orton? I suck at summaries...
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