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Hmmm...Not much time since it's nearly midnight so I'lll do a quick write-up. Hey, you can call me Jas, short for my full name or NJ, though i prefer Jas. Anyways, I might (or might not) write some fics of my own. I like (basically) Naruto, Halo and TMNT and other stuff but mostly this... Yea, i have two over-protective older brothers and my choice of music may not fit yours but I like Breaking Benjamin and Sum 41 (listen to 'em). I talk a LOT when I feel like it, like now.

I think I'll write on Naruto, Spongebob and maybe Halo. I like TMNT but...I don't have sufficient information...hehe. I'm not into same-gender relationships besides as friends...in other words I'm straight and that's all I read about though I don't make fun of those who aren't. I'm just saying this cause I've read some weird stuff. Maybe it's cause I'm only 13? Maybe. Okay, name and birthday is secret (always will be) yay.

Okay now writing: Forgive Me?

Living in: Singapore, dudes and dudettes! Search it up, but look closely, or else you'll never find it!

Occupation: Student, really, I'm real small

Gender: Female, hopefully that's obvious >

By the way, scratch out Naruto on top. Might not write about it in the end. Grrr.

Yea, I'm 13 and also, lovin the life, its chill but sometimes, when times get hard, it's about holding on while others have let go.

Also I find love stories sweet but lots of people dont know cos I act like a tomboy and I am sometimes and I'm not other times. depends, really.

Hmm... Oh! Favourite turtles in TMNT are Raph and Mikey but I like them for different reasons. As Raph for the tough attitude but I like Mikey cos of *giggles* yea that. Hehe. Wish they were real. Oh, turtles, how I wish you existed and somehow entered my life. And Master Chief too. How I wish I knew him. His cool. Hehe... *giggle giggle* I'm getting high now. should stop before I write something I don't wanna. But yea, I cant take alcohol or drugs (c'mon who does those things?) or smoke (bleckh) so i'm high from being happy, dont think otherwise. Btw, I love Brandacelynn's story "Ultimate Love Story", KellEliz's story "Stand", All of Who am I. Well. I'm just me's and all of turtlegirls16 stories. Hehe. Oh did I mention I like Deadpool (Marvel character) and Star Wars? Actually I like the clones in star wars, the jedi suck at times. The only cool jedi is obi-wan. lol. Anyways, I like Deadpool cos his funny. Always liked funny. I saw one comic where he said "My common sense is tingling!" LOLS! Okay should go now. Reading Halo Fall of Reach. PM me. Or dont if you dont wanna. It's up to you, really.

OH and by the way, those who liked the halo truth and dare thing? I'm sorry i took it down but someone said it was against the rules (which is was) * so i tore it down or else he/she would've reported me to the admins. Sorry :/

-refer to the stuff we're not supposed to do under guidelines, point 5 & 6. :(

Oh, and my favourite quotes from story:

"First of all, bro, whenever you think you're nothing compared to me, remember you're everything to me" ~Leo to Raph (Forgive Me?) bleckh, its my only story so far...sort of

Well, I changed like 2 words or something in my bio cause people change.

Anyways, if it ever happens, I may write random collab fics, and just so you know, if it's a real random one and consists of Who Am I...Well...I'm Just Me, then I may have the abilty to morph into a black cat whenever. Reason for this? Well, just go to this story to find out : http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7366481/1/#

Yea, that's about it

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