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News: its been a while...but a new chapter is up! Yay for Chapter 6! R&R

Bunnies r cute.

4ever luv them.

If u kill one, fairies will come and kill u.

Have u ever saw a chain saw?

I think it runs by motor.

I never saw one in real life.

Am wierd, always will be.

Luv candy, always will luv.

Skittles r the best, and will always be the best.

Help skittles go world domination by posting this on ur profile.

(S) (S) (S) (S) (S) Taste the Rainbow!

here's a skittles story

The Skittles Adventure

i'm not a madgirl.

i have a mad side though.

i try 2 keep it in me, but sometimes it esca--


hey! who said u could come out!

world domination! skittles will control everyone!!! muhahahaha!

get back in there! * thinking* hey maybe skittles should take control. that's a good idea.

and then you could be the skittles king.

i could be the skittles king... hey i'm not a boy, i'm a girl! >:(

... oops

your me aren't you? how could you not know your a girl 2!

who said i was a girl?

your not a girl? then there's only one thing left that you could be... my 90 year old great great grannie!

what?! never mind. ur 2 dumb anyways.

Let me tell u this, im not dumb! i got a 5% on my last quiz!

!!!!!!! ok watever. lets go back to the skittles controlling everybody thing.

ok how should we start.

we would need some plastic, string...muhahahahaha!

12 hours later.

a yoyo! a yoyo! is that all you could think of?!

what else could we have done?

idk! maybe we could have built a mind controlling machine or went to the dollar store and buy a yoyo there!



15minutes and whatever seconds later.


uh.. y r we standing on top of a random guy's shoulder?

shut up.


now swing the yoyo back and forth

swinging yoyo*

now say " skittles r good. they will take over the world. i will be ur queen, even though im dumb. u will be my servant, muhahahahaha"

skittles r good. they will take over the world. i will be ur queen, even though im dumb. u will be my servant, muhahahahaha.

everything is normal

it didn't work! stupid mad self! get back in there! *pushes mad self back inside*

no! no! no!!...


everyone bows down and says" skittles, taste the rainbow."

smiles sinisterly* muhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

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