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Hello, everyone. My name is Daniel Paul Moore, and I come from Galesburg, Michigan.

What do I enjoy doing in my spare time, you ask? The answer is simple. I enjoy playing video games (mostly the Sonic and Mario ones), watching videos on the Internet, cooking food for my family, and of course, watching Japanese Anime.

Ever wondered what it would be like if you made a crossover of Sonic, Soul Calibur and Mortal Kombat? If MegaMan meets Sonic and Mario? If you've made a character and you want to use him/her in your stories? Well, this is what this website's for, everybody. Making stories. I have a TON of characters that I've made.

If anyone can help me on my ideas of the stories I make, please feel free. I'm all ears.

In the meantime, here are my characters...so by all means, allow me to tell you what they are:

Danny the Panda: Biological creation of Professor Calvin Rikudo, as well as the adopted son of the Lancefield Family. Always a creature who loves to run at 375 mph, Danny has saved the universe from evil threats countless times. Armed with Bio-Blood flowing through his veins, Danny always has one thing that he likes to do, and that, is to race with anyone who is as fast as he is.

Musume Kimishima: The beautiful redheaded sister of Musuko, known for being both the biological mother of Jillian, and the adopted mother of the white Dragon, Tashi Gendorix. She has been in love with Kai for years. Though she was born a full-blooded human being (despite the fact that her mother and father are both humans), in the past, she and her brother were infected and turned into humanoid viruses by the evil Kron. Musuko and Musume become full-blooded humans again now that the viruses in their bodies have been removed.

Musuko Kimishima: A big fan of anime, video games and manga, Musuko was born a full-blooded human being, just like his sister, Musume. He was infected by Kron and turned into a blue humanoid virus, only to become a full-fledged human being again after they were removed. It is shown that Musuko does not like Kai and Jillian one bit (mostly because of her annoyance).

Natsume Nominsyt: The sister of Kai Nominsyt whom Musume has been friends with for years. It is unknown whether or not she still has feelings for Star Killer/Galen Marek, but she did accept the bird girl, Faeya, into her family under the name "Faeya Nominsyt". Formerly a Brood in the beginning, she became a full-blooded human being like Musume, which means that she is able to unite with Musume to become Teepo, or with Musume and Miwa to become Trinity.

Kai Nominsyt: Being the husband of Musume Kimishima, the son of Windalf Nominsyt, and a Brood of the Red Dragon Clan, as well as the sister of Natsume Nominsyt, Kai holds a friendly grudge against his long-time friend, Danny the Panda. He not only wields the elements of light and darkness, but he also has the ability to transform into a dragon, much to his Brood inheritage. His nobody is Riku.

Tashi Gendorix: This female Brood hails from the White Dragon clan. She was born sometime after the war with the Black Dragon clan has ended, as her father, Joneres, died in the war, and her mother, Redina, died after giving birth to her. At the age of 7, she met Musume, who became her mother, since her biological family died long ago. If ever the redhead is in danger, Tashi has the power to transform into a giant white dragon at will.

Faeya Nominsyt: Though she is an orphan, no one knows who her real family is. Which is why Natsume chose Faeya to be her daughter. Faeya is a kind and polite girl with bird like features, which makes her a full-fledged Fae. She has the power to transform into a gigantic beautiful bird, and she is very protective of her adopted mother. Her non-biological uncle is none other than Kai Nominsyt (thus, she is his niece). She has been friends with Tashi for a very long time.

Jillian Nominsyt: Jillian Nominsyt is the biological daughter of both Kai Nominsyt and Musume Kimishima. She likes to mop up the Agency at her own spare time, and she has Tashi as her non-biological sister. Being a hybrid between a human and a Brood, she is able to transform into her Phoenix Dragon form, as well as unite with Tashi and Faeya with the Shaman Rings to become Marina. She is the only member of the City of Heroes Agency who understands Team Rose, and cannot stand seeing Sonic do violent things. As a baby, she was given to Kai by Musume, because Tashi needed her more.

For those of you who wanna help me out on my Video Game/Anime/PC Gaming Crossovers, please feel free to visit this forum that I made to drop in your ideas and suggestions, the link is: http://www.fanfiction.net/myforums/DannyGeneticBioWeaponXX39/2988159/

Don't forget to give me and my stories some support!

Also, I am in desparate need of some new partners for my forum website (due to my last one who has retired) that could sure use some tuning up and changes, so here's the link: z15.invisionfree.com/Sonic_Galaxy_3

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