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Heyas!!!!! Imma Matrix The Hedgehog. Of course I'm not gonna tell ya who I really am, but I can offer you a description of my fan character and I. I'm short, kinda funny, VERY RANDOM, GOOFY AND WEIRD, I'm a gamer, I especially like Sonic The Hedgehog games. A while ago I came up with a story about a school full of ninjas, and back then I was thinking about sending it to publishers after I wrote it but now I realise it's a better idea to post it here. I did write a bit, but that is only a small amount of what I have planned, especially now that I have a co-author to help me with ideas. Rest assured it will not only be adventurous, but humorous and random! EDIT: I realise that the story I made is original so it'll either appear here or on, if I ever bother to get an account there.

Back to my description, I play the keyboard/piano and the drums, and my favourite colour is green. I'm actually kinda young, but not too much. I really like the rock band Crush 40, not just because they did music for Sonic games, but their songs are really good! They're not heavy metal, but they're not sucky either. I don't like heavy metal, it sounds kinda scary and obsessed with death and violence.

My Sonic fan character, Matrix The Hedgehog is a goofy funny kid who is known by his friends to be a complete clown most of the time, but when the school bullies start trying to push him around and make fun of his friends and himself, he gets MAD. Unfortunately, his temper lands him in some sticky situations, as he's not exactly one to win in a fight. he usually gets him self beaten up, but thankfully he has the power to heal himself and others, though when healing he becomes VERY vulnerable. Someone could walk up to him and knock him out cold with just a punch if Matrix is still trying to recover from healing. However, there is more to him than meets the eye, as if you push him over the edge, if you do everything possible to make his life a misery, if you torture his friends and rape his girlfriend, if you drive him completely and utterly INSANE, he will transform into Mad Matrix, out of both anger and sheer insanity. Mad Matrix has the basic ablilties of every super form: the ability to fly, super speed, practical invulnerability and enhanced strength, but also the power to shoot energy beams, summon energy balls, and use his Ultimatrix Blast attack, in which lots of green numbers made out of energy (which is why he's called Matrix) slam into his foe, then swirl around in his hands until they merge to form a massive energy beam. The appearance of Mad Matrix is Matrix (see my avatar for what he looks like) but with his fur turned white, the spikes on the back of his head pointed upwards, sharp teeth, (like Scourge's) the pupils in his eyes gone, (like a dark form) and green numbers swirling around him.

Well, this is my profile, and Matrix will soon appear in his own fanfic along with all his friends, I also will be writing fanfics about The Chaotix, because they're awesome, a story about Matrix's chao, and of course the Ninja School series. It'd be nice if you reviewed every chapter of my stories that you read, as I like hearing others opinions as long as they're not TOO harsh. And finally, I will miscellanously write fanfics about Sonic and Co, including a Shadamy story I have planned about Shadow raping Amy while confessing his feelings! :P I dunno why I like Shadamy, I like ShadRouge better though, I guess it's just coz I'm a weirdo!

EDIT: Dokey okey guys, I'm gonna tell ya about the stories I have planned...

The Voices: Daxter is a Pokemon Trainer, adopted by a rich kid to be his brother. But Daxter's jealousy begins to take over him. Soon he starts hearing voices in his head, and they're telling him to kill...

Chao Paradise: Chao Paradise is the perfect utopia for chao to live in harmony with animals. But when a baby chao evolves into the rare Normal type, it struggles to fit in with the others. Will it ever become strong enough to be liked?

The Most Unoriginal Sonic Fanfic Ever: Guess what? There are TWO Ultimate Lifeforms! No, THREE! No, TEN! No... There's so many I can't even count them! Amy has a SISTER! SONIC FALLS IN LOVE WITH HER! Sonic has an OLDER BROTHER WHO'S FASTER AND STRONGER THAN HIM! AND HE'S DATING AMY!

Spyro's Return: After Spyro leaves Ember and Flame so he can defeat and eventually befriend Cynder, he returns to find there's a new dragon in the village. AND HE'S DATING EMBER! Will Spyro be able to compete with the new guy? Or has he been out-cooled?

Brawl: It's Party Time!: The Brawl gang have a wild party, go bowling, scoff pizza, beat each other up, get drunk, beat each other up some more, pop Jigglypuff like the balloon it is, and have a crazy sleepover!

Torturing Amy: "Hello Amy." Amy was surrounded by a mass expanse of white, when the hedgehog appeared. "You're in my imagination." "Who are you?" Amy asked. "Oh, just your worst nightmare. But you can call me Matrix." He grinned, evilly.

Sonic Couples: ALL MESSED UP!: ROUGETAILS?!!? KNUXCREAM?!!? SonBlaze, SilvSally, ShadTikal, BIGAMY?!!? OCBunnie.

Pirates Of The Chaotix: Jack Espio is the world's best pirate (and the unluckiest). When he saves Princess Amy's life and then uses her to escape from the navy, he becomes very WANTED indeed. On top of that, he goes on a quest to try and find the Aztec Gold, but it has a dreaded curse...

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