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So, my name is Meph and I used to write really bad fanfiction when I was like 14 or whatever. I don't do that anymore because:

a) I can't be bothered

b) I don't have the time

c) I was fairly shite at it anyway

The stories I wrote back then were bad. A lot of shameless self-inserts, rubbish grammar and just... ew. They were terrible. I still write things now and again, but nothing I feel comfortable putting up here. I'm currently working on a Danganronpa RP series with AdmiralBobbery and that's been amazing fun. There's a fanfiction story for that coming up and I'll probably end up writing up the games at some point just for funsies. But, regardless, that won't be for a while. Maybe I'll write some fluff stuff again at some point; I feel like I could probably write proper DR fanfics given enough motivation but, as of right now, nothing springs to mind. Who knows?

No one really cares about my fanfiction page and I don't really know why I'm updating this, I guess I just feel an obligation to the people who used to read my stuff. You deserve to know where it's all gone and whatever. I wasn't happy with 14 year old me still being on the internet somewhere because he sucked. I'm me now and I'm happier for it.

Stay groovy y'all.

Obligatory shoutouts are obligatory

So thanks to Gigaremo for being my brother and for running the Crib for the longest time, 'cause that wasn't fun for you but you did it anyway; if it wasn't for the crib I would have none of this grooviness in my life. Thanks to Skullgrumble for being the best pal anyone could ask for yo.

Thanks to the Melon Gang (Blue, Blaze, Tip, Holly, Dong) for all the funtimes. Blue, thank you for your endless trying to get the Minecraft server sorted... one day it'll happen. Blaze and Tip, thank you for being such a huge part of the Crib and, thereby, of my growth as a person. Holly, thank you for always looking out for me; you're a groovy gal. And Dong... you just always be you please, never change that, I'd cry if you did. And here, while I'm at it, have the letter a.

OG Cribbers, I ain't forgotten you either. Wiggles and Vinny, you guys will always be my faves and, Wiggles, you are still my stache bro at heart.

And then we come to you, the noobs, who have already had such a huge impact on my life. Jason, thank you for liking the same things as me and just being such a cool cucumber. You really are just a swell guy. Drift, you ain't even been around that long, but Kaeda is a psycho son of a bitch and I kinda love him so thanks for that. And Bobbery, I have had so much fun planning our damn RP series I just don't want it all to end. You'll always be my friend and I hope you know that you are valued, not just by me, but by all of us losers who hang out together on Skype. You the man, man.

Alright, now go and read some of the stuff those guys have written because it's gucci gravy, baby baby xoxo

Danganronpa VI: Project Paradise

The second chapter in the Danganronpa VI series! Hopefully you guys like it :)

Danganronpa Z: Survival's Last Stand

It's up and it's happening! A bunch of people trapped in a city and forced to survive. It's fun to write so hopefully it's fun to read!


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