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Author has written 26 stories for Discworld, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pokémon, X-overs, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Sgt. Frog/ケロロ軍曹, Star Wars, Naruto, Rosario + Vampire, Kingdom Hearts, Teen Titans, Batman Begins/Dark Knight, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Looking for Group, Overlord, Ghost Rider, Sly Cooper, Call of Duty, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Brave New World, and Darksiders.

We are The Conquerors, and we are Four.

We are not discriminatory However, so you too can join The Conquerors.

Enlist today and become one of the Many faceless minions of our New World Order (Health Care is included and holidays include Thanksgiving, Christmas, and one whole summer month of your choosing. You also get a free grapefruit).

Capital letters are always important when making a statement. A man or woman who is capable of Speaking in capital letters is a dangerous person, as is one who is capable of Thinking in Italics.

Our speciality is crossovers. Crossovers are our trade, as a matter of fact. We Write, Type, and Print crossovers. If you get this reference, congratulations.

We shall, on occasion, Write normal stories. It is only natural that we broaden our interests.

We wish to Conquer the world. Not just Merely take it over, but Conquer it. We have currently Failed at doing so, as evidenced by the serious Lack of us Conquerors Conquering things.

In the Tongue of the Dragon, we are The Kroniidde. Fear our Voices. FUS ROH DAH ! KRII!

In the meantime, until we Conquer the world (and many other worlds), listen to our randomness.


This is a General Message that We, The Conquerors, have Adopted the UC Crossover Showdown from 082 Martian Scout. We hope to Make you Proud and Take the Series in the direction you Intended.

So Say The Conquerors.

Thank You.

C, Z, J, and A

Chuck Norris FACTS (Ones with stars are ones we made up ourselves)

The reason Hitler committed suicide is because Chuck Norris looked at him.*

Chuck Norris could strangle you with a cordless phone.

How a nuclear bomb works: It ejects Chuck Norris from the black pod.*

The reason why the dinosaurs died was because Chuck Norris wanted more room for humans.

Once, Chuck Norris only filled his name in on the SAT. He got a perfect score.

When you say no one is perfect Chuck Norris takes this as a personal insult.

The Fierce Snake (yes this is it's real name) is not the most poisonous animal, Chuck Norris is.*

Chuck Norris can beat you in connect four in three moves.

Godzilla is a true story he was the escaped pet lizard of Chuck Norris when he was visiting Japan, as was King Kong.*

Also if Godzilla and King Kong met each other and fought Chuck Norris would come and kill them both.*

Chuck Norris's liver is a considered a hidden lethal weapon in 106 countries.

Some one once tried to kill Chuck Norris with a knife but the knife died the minute it touched him.

It took Harry eleven years to kill Voldemort, It would take Chuck Norris one second.

When Chuck Norris crosses the street the cars have to look both ways.

When you drive shotgun with Chuck Norris every restaurant has a drive thru.

Chuck Norris isn't afraid of disease's there afraid of him.

What you feel when Chuck Norris kicks you is not his feet but the air they create.

If your behind Chuck Norris he can kick in front of him and the force will travel around the world and hit you in the face.*

The Knights Who Say Ni have a fourth sacred word but it's so powerful it could destroy the earth. It's Chuck Norris.*

They were going to make a Pokemon based off of Chuck Norris but they decided against is since it couldn't be caught in any ball and it beat every Pokemon in one move.*

Alfred F. Jones (America) is the hero because Chuck Norris taught him how to fight.*

If Gilbert (Prussia) and Chuck Norris met the world and possibly the universe would implode from awesome overload.*

Chuck Norris won the Tour De France with two flat tires and a broken chain.*

Chuck Norris can kill you just by thinking about you dying.*

Chuck Norris can do anything in world because whatever he can't do he destroys.*

Chuck Norris will never die. If anyone in the future says that he did he's really just in hiding hunting down criminals and other villains.*

Chuck Norris is so tough that there’s no chin behind his beard, just another fist.

Chuck Norris figured out cold fusion and the end of pi.*

In Soviet Russia, Chuck Norris still kills you.*

This is how Earth was made: Chuck Norris did his Round House Kick while Captain Falcon did his Falcon Punch and that explosion is what made the Earth.

Chuck doesn't battle; he just allows you to lose.

Chuck Norris is currently suing NBC for copyrighting Law and Order, claiming that "Law" and "Order" are the trademarked names for his left and right legs.

The Death Star is actually a testicle that Chuck Norris had donated to the Empire.


Only about 44% of kids have done drugs (i.e. weed, cocaine, etc.)

71% have tried alcoholic beverages.

No statistics exists on how many kids want to be popular so I don't know where you got those numbers from.

Not trying to be an ass here, just trying to fix some misconceptions with those statistics people tend to copy and paste on their profile. At the very least try to keep it factual. Thanks. - Conqueror C

Ni,Ni,Ni,Ni,Ni,Ni, Peng, Peng, Peng, NIII-WOM! We are also members of the Knights who say NI! We demand a SHRUBBERY (or Bonsais or Rhode Island Bushes or Pansies) or read one of our STORIES!


CONQUEROR C: Hello I'm Conqueror C; fear me for I am Dovahkiin, dragon born FUS ROH DAH. I share this account with my other three friends though I am the one who has post the most stories. The ones that I have written are as follows:

Alfred's Journey

Canada kills Justin Bieber

Sgt. Frog, General America

Pirates of WWII

The Aura is Strong in This One

Do You Know?

The Overlord At Yokai Academy

The Anime Menace


There is also some stories that I wrote together with Conqueror Z, which are:

Fellowship of the Runner

The New League

Brand New Chaos in a Brave New World

Shattered Empire

Random info: Now for the part where I divulge random information that nobody really cares about to whomever may be reading this or care enough to read this. There's not much to say about me I guess, I'm generally a nice person... generally.


Greetings. I am Z of the Conquerors. Our story began with Conqueror C and I talking. I introduced Conqueror C to fanfiction and got him Hooked. One thing led to Another, and we decided to make our own Profile. Thus, the Conquerors were Born. I enjoy reading and listening to Random and unrelated music when I am not thinking of stories, and I enjoy long Walks on the beach. I also enjoy Reading the Evil Overlord List.

I have had an epiphany Recently. I have seen writers, on this great site of Ours, change their stories dramatically because of their reviews. Even if their story is great, it is changed Because of the reviews. I, Conqueror Z, hereby Declare that I write for the Sake of writing, the Pleasure in watching a plot Come Together, and occasionally out of Boredom. I do Not write for the Whims of people I Have never met nor will Ever meet.

Thank You.

I have written the following stories:

The Second Coming of Dick

The Death Lord

The Owl's Vengeance

A Second Chance

The New League

Fellowship of the Runner

The Crucible of Fate (COF)

The N.O Omake Series (You will See! Oh yes, you will See!)

Reign of Terror (Evil Smile)

Upcoming Stories: (After Reign of Terror, my Next new story will be Based on the result of COF.)

The Curse (COF choice)

The Captain

The Practitioner (COF choice)

The Shaman (COF choice)

The Gang (COF choice)

The Rat King (COF choice)

The Masked One

Deepening Darkness

Agent of Chaos

Deathly Chaos

Istari of Konoha (COF choice)

Jakku-ketsu (Look up Translation. You will be Surprised.)

Hats are Awesome (COF choice)

Fellowship of the Runner (Rewrite with Conqueror C)

The Archon of the Leaf

Power of the Blind Swordsman

The Dark Ninja

Master of the Void

The Risen


J has Gone One to become Darthrath.



Our Split personalities have formed The Warlords!

While We conquer, They will do the same On FictionPress!

Enemies of State: It would appear that certain individuals have been mucking up world and its peace with their bullshit. Therefore we of the Conquerors, your benevolent future overlords, have declared these individuals as enemies of the state and a threat to peace and stability. Below is a list of these criminals and their crimes. Remember it is your civic duty as a citizen of Earth/Terra to stop these individuals at all cost and report them to your local authorities. Together we can put a stop to their destructive behavior.

Anita Sarkeesian - Imperial Criminal Number One is Anita Sarkeesian. A self-proclaimed feminist and gamer, she has her own YouTube channel named feminist frequency. Her problem is that she has the nasty habit of stating everything is sexist, what makes it worse it that she actually brings up good topics that need to be discussed then abandons them for her own insanity. She blames men for everything wrong with whatever topic she's going on about and uses the word patriarchy so much you could make a drinking game out of it.

What's worse is that she has her definition of feminism, if you so much as disagree with any one thing she says you're obviously sexist and trying to establish a patriarchy even if you yourself are feminist but have different viewpoint on the issue. She complains about girl characters being too girly and weak but if they're a tomboy or tough they are then too manly and not a true female. She is not above using the Wounded Gazelle Gambit to further her agenda. To help fast forward her own kickstarter program she posted her idea ON 4CHAN! That's right, she posted her feminist ideals on the sexist man-child capital of the world and surprise, surprise she didn't get good feedback.

Well after that little stunt people's reactions were, "oh you poor baby. How dare those sexist meanie trolls hurt you. I'll donate money." and yet another surprise, her kickstarter program skyrocketed exceeding the original amount of money wanted from the original 6,000$ to a whopping 159,000$. Now she's doing this on Youtube, where its free to post videos so what does she need this money for? Why it's for her "research materials" A.K.A movies and video games. What's even worse is that she doesn't even use the money for the intended purpose ripping of the let's play footage of other youtubers. By the way the fact that she put her kickstarter on 4chan has all but vanished from the internet (wouldn't make her look as good is people knew the truth now would it?). More will come but for now I'm tired.


The Cross-Dimensional Misadventures of Rincewind: Rincewind's adventures in various plot-lines. He always manages to save them all (After a lot of screaming and running)

The Forever-Lost Crew of (Captain) Jack Sparrow: Jack's search for a permanent crew throughout the Multiverse.

You Better Get Ready to Die: Too many fandoms are too stupid to live yet they do, we want to change that. It's gonna be a fuckin' blood bath.

Naruto Has A Kick-Ass Bloodline (NHAKAB) Series: Our favorite blond ninja with epic abilities

Crucible of Fate: A single decision affects Naruto's life in amazing ways

N.O Omake Series: After a horrible accident, Orochimaru is responsible for unleashing a monster on all life. NARUTO OCTOGONAPUS!!!!! BLAAAAGGGH!

Chaos Series: A little Anarchy, a tad of Chaos, and many worlds will fall under a true Agent of Chaos

The Untold Tales of Sly Cooper (UT): Not originally Ours, and Originally the Untold Chronicles (UC), but with the Permission of 082 Martian Scout, This series Will live Anew.

The Conquerors present:


Once in a great while, there shall appear to us, a character that we consider to be a Badass. In honor of all of them, we hereby present, In no particular Order, our big bad list of Badass-ery:


Emperor Palpatine--Star Wars

Sauron--Lord of the Rings

Lord Voldemort--Harry Potter

The Overlord--Overlord (game)

Starkiller--Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


Pai Mei--Kill Bill

Clockwerk--The Sly Cooper series

Panda King--The Sly Cooper series

Altair Ibn La-Ahad--Assassin's Creed

The Joker--Batman

John McClane--Die Hard

Davy Jones--Pirates of the Caribbean

Blackbeard--Pirates of the Caribbean

Snake Plissken--Escape From New York/Escape From L.A

Agent Smith--The Matrix series

Cohen the Barbarian--Discworld

Richard--Looking for Group

Witch-King of Angmar--Lord of the Rings

Viktor Reznov--Call of Duty

Kratos--God of War


Death--Darksiders 2

Alfred F. Jones--Hetalia

Mickey Mouse--Disney

Anonymous Dragonborn--Skyrim

Doctor Octogonapus (BLAGGGHHH!)--The Lazer Collection


Hollow Ichigo-- Bleach

Ulquiorra Cifer--Bleach

Ghost Rider--Ghost Rider

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman--Full Metal Jacket

Gilad Pellaeon (Will Smith of Star Wars)--Star Wars

Daenerys "Stormborn" Targaryen--Game of Thrones/ A Song of Ice and Fire


Nico Di Angelo--Percy Jackson

Grand Admiral Thrawn--Star Wars

Earl Harbinger--Monster Hunter series by Larry Correia (It's an Awesome series.)

Edward Kenway--Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

Madara Uchiha--Naruto


Ysanne Issard--Star Wars

Ezio Auditore da Firenze--Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood, and Revelations

Naruto Uzumaki--Naruto

Severus Snape--Harry Potter

Edward Richtofen--Call of Duty

Hector Barbossa--Pirates of the Caribbean


Morpheus--The Matrix series

Connor--Assassin's Creed 3

Still under Construction

Timeline of Star Wars events compared to Earth events

When Spielberg created the film E.T, he put Yoda, a Star Wars reference in there for George Lucas. Lucas promised to return the favor in the next Star Wars movie which was the Phantom Menace. In the Senate chamber when Padme decides a Vote of No Confidence, a delegation of E.T's species is seen in their repulsorlift pod in the Senate.

While originally an Easter Egg both Lucas and Spielberg later said that both movies where canon to each other, with others of his species sometimes appearing in other in-universe Star Wars works. This also means that Earth is somewhat canon to Star Wars, as the ship that brings E.T home is a Core Ship used by the Trade Federation seen in Attack of the Clones during the Battle of Geonosis scene. From this knowledge, and little bit of research, we have made a timeline of major Star Wars events in relation to our own world.

Please note that this is our own conjecture based off of the time period in the film E.T and what was happening in the Star Wars universe at this time according to Lucas.

This shall be used in most of our Star Wars Stories, including the in-production Risen.

Please enjoy, and be sure to mention us if you show this to your friends.

-Conqueror C


25,053 BBY- Formation of the Old Republic

104-BBY World War One

82-BBY Palpatine is born

79-BBY World War Two

71-BBY- Roswell, New Mexico incident

34 BBY- The Trade Federation launches an expedition, funded by Senator Grebleips of Borgo Asogi, to explore the unknown regions of the galaxy

32 BBY- The Trade Federation allies with Darth Sideous and blockades Naboo. Episode I starts

22 BBY- Episode II: Battle of Geonosis and the beginning of the Clone Wars

19 BBY- Episode III: Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader and eradicates most of the Jedi Order. Galactic Empire is formed out of the Republic, Luke and Leia Skywalker are born

3 BBY- The Force Unleashed: Darth Vader's apprentice, codenamed 'Starkiller,' sacrifices himself to form the Alliance to Restore the Republic, or the Rebel Alliance

0-Epsiode IV: The Battle of Yavin, the Death Star is destroyed, Obi-Wan Kenobi is killed by Darth Vader, the Galactic Civil War officially begins

3 ABY- Episode V: The Battle of Hoth, Luke Skywalker receives training from Jedi Master Yoda on Dagobah

5 ABY- Episode VI: The Battle of Endor and the end of the Galactic Civil War, Death Star II is destroyed, Anakin Skywalker sacrifices himself to kill Darth Sideous

25 ABY- 29 ABY- The Yuuzhan Vong War rages. Anakin Solo is killed in action

40 ABY- Second Galactic Civil War: Rise of Jacen Solo as Darth Caedus

137 ABY- Darth Krayt and the Galactic Empire retake the galaxy. The Sith and Empire once more rule


?- Earth was still in the stone age, the first civilizations were just starting to form.

1914- The "Great War" begins

1936-Birth of Emperor Palpatine

1939- Britain and France declare war on Nazi Germany, World War Two begins

1947- Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) crashes in Roswell, New Mexico. Remains taken to secret air force base, codenamed: Area 51. First recorded Alien encounter

1984- E.T is stranded on earth from the Brog Asogian-Trade Federation expedition but is later rescued and returned to GFFA. Second biggest Alien encounter since Roswell, New Mexico

1986- Episode I

1996- Episode II: The Gulf War is ended early due to the Independence Day Invasion by a race of aliens known as The Horde. Major cities are destroyed, but The Horde is ultimately defeated

1999- Episode III

2015- The Force Unleashed

2018- Episode IV

2021- Episode V

2023- Episode VI

2043-2047- Yuuzhan Vong War

2058- Second Galactic Civil War

2155- Darth Krayt and the Empire retake the Galaxy


We, The Conquerors, being I, Z, along With J and C, are on PlayStation! Message us if Interested in a Good Time on Black Ops 3, GTA, or Warframe!

So Say the Conquerors.

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A seal had managed to defeat and imprison the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the strongest demon to ever exist. It was just ink on paper-or a stomach, as the case may be-and it held so much power… 'Yeah,' Naruto decided 'I gotta get me some of that.'
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"To show the world what true genius is...that is my mission. It is 100 percent likely that I will become Hokage with this mind of mine!" GeniusNaruto NaruHarem
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Everyone hides their true selves from the rest of the world. Miku Hatsune hides her true feelings from her fans, for example. Rated for some topics that get mentioned.
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"You are cordially offered a position in the Department of Mysteries." Harry receives a most unexpected offer from the Ministry of Magic - but why? Nothing is as it seems on the Ninth Level... Unspeakable!Harry
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AU, X-over/Fusion, EVIL/INSANE/NARUTO. "I believe, whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... Stranger..."
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NarutoBionicle xover. On the second attempt of retrieving Sasuke, Naruto gets transported to the world of Bionicle. After training with the Toa and Turaga, Naruto manages to return home, but can he adjust to the drastic changes, and fight a new evil? NXS
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Hidan is forced to sell cookies and comes upon the customer from hell. This is pure crack. If you don't enjoy ridiculousness and somewhat retarded stories then shoo, shoo. Not for the faint of heart. Cookie Monster vs. Hidan. Foul language. R&R
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DISCONTINUED. Harry Potter died as a child that Halloween night but a demon god decided to give him a second chance at life, with a few improvements of course. Dark!Godlike Harry. No pairings decided yet but will HarryxMany at first.
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The Academy's teachers thought they were getting one over on the Hokage, graduating an ill-prepared Naruto while Iruka was sick. The Hokage knew he was getting one over on the entire village when he assigned Morino Ibiki as Naruto's Jounin sensei.
Naruto - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,419 - Reviews: 1146 - Favs: 7,372 - Follows: 2,683 - Published: 2/27/2011 - Naruto U., Ibiki M. - Complete
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After Naruto loses his left eye he vanishes from the village. The nosey council find out his parentage and demand that he be returned. But years of resentment can change a person, smoker, womanizer, killer, slightly insane, that's a few names for him.
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Star Wars - Rated: K - English - Parody/Poetry - Chapters: 1 - Words: 149 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 2 - Published: 12/23/2001
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Shattered Empire reviews
The Alliance thought the Empire was finished after the battle of Endor, weakned into remnants. It has simply just been lying in wait, building up its forces on other worlds preparing to strike against the Jedi and New Republic. Once more the Sith shall rule the galaxy. Takes place after the originals. Star Wars X-over with mutiple seires.
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Every story has a beginning. This beginning is small, but meaningful of things to come.
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When the nations discover some islands they send the only person for the job or the only one who voluntered. Once the pokemon world get's a taste of America and his "Pokemon" it will never be the same again. EMBRACE THE INSANITY!
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Death discover a boy who has survived most of his appointments with him and gains his interest. Soon an accident breaks the wall seperating the Discworld and Yokai world. Now the academy's in for some unique visitors and teachers. Maybe TsuXHarem
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It was a normal day until Yoda-like creatures burst into the classroom and proclaimed Tsukune to be their "Master." Rated T...For now... TsuXHarem
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Sergeant Keroro meets someone whose just like him in many ways. What happens when the two meet. Well he tries to get him to join his platoon and insanity insures.
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Exactly as the title says. Need I say more.
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