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Hey, I barely knew I still had an account. Maybe I should actually write something. I probably won't. Suppose you could follow me at my tumblr if anyone who stumbles upon this would like to. At the moment I'm constellationquestions. It could change. But...I think a fictionpress account would work better for me. Shame I don't write much anymore. Remember the 2000s when everyone would try to be as 'random' as possible? And used words like awesomesauce? Also stuff like talking to yourself before or after stories but pretending it was different people/characters (wait does that still happen?). And "RAWR means I love you in dinosaur!" Wow does where certainly not days that I miss. The part that makes me shudder the most is how everyone thought we were all unique and different but in reality we were all 'random' carbon copies of each other and then we disliked others for being 'popular' and 'normal'? Wow talk about hypocrisy. Yay for pretentious preteen years to be way behind in the past!

I really like to argue so if anyone sees this (I doubt anyone will this is a more of a fond reminder for myself) send me an essay-like prompt on any of the following topics and I will write an essay of sorts.

-Harry Potter (I am trying to get back into that, wow the books are so long)

-Luna Lovegood (Wow yes. But I need to read those books.)

-Anything from Warrior Cats as long as it doesn't go past Power of the Three (haven't gone past that yet. Also I've read only two supereditions. Wow I want to catch up again. But whoa thats longer than Harry Potter)

And yes that is all. I really want to reread HP and catch up in those old cat books. But where is the time? I wrote this whole thing for myself in hopes that I will stumble across it and be reminded of it.

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iToe Fat Cakes: Missing Moment by Arianna4President reviews
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Mrs Benson is taking Freddie, Sam and Carly on a trip. She discovers a lot about her son. Seddie.
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The ‘Wake Up Spencer’ segments were always their thing, until one night when Freddie invites Carly to join in. Seddie.
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