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Author has written 13 stories for Dark Angel, Supernatural, Avengers, and Ocean's 11.

Hmm, 30-something weird person from Argentina. Love to read, have attempted writing in the past, am easily distracted and forgetful, tend to be annoyingly positive and have been described as "exotic" and a "super-hero" by members of this community who shall remain nameless (it's to protect them from frowns as people realize both these affirmations are due to love and friendship colouring their views and not actual facts).

I got into fanfiction thanks to a little show called Dark Angel many years ago. Specifically the character of Alec, who fascinated me. It even got me into attempting to write in a language not my own. You can see those attempts here. Some of the very first chapters of my longest fic, Tough Call, make me cringe to this day, but I do not regret them. They were a learning experience and they got me in touch with fantastic people who are, to this day, my friends. People from continents away. Some of them I've met. They've been to visit me, I've met them and their families. I'll always be grateful to fan fiction, not only for giving me an out to release these stories I'd never realized were within me, but for the wonderful people I've met through it.

In recent years, I haven't really written, but I have been reading like crazy. There are so many wonderful stories and authors here, I can't seem to stop. I'll always try to leave feedback on anything I read, unless I cannot find anything either positive or helpful to say. I will not "flame", I don't believe it's constructive in any way. I will simply stop reading if something is not at all to my liking. Unfortunately, I find it really hard to read something when grammar or tenses are off, so I know I have missed out on some interesting stories because I just couldn't continue reading, but... I just can't. That being said, a few typos here and there won't stop me, I'll just probably let you know.

About my stories, they are almost all for Dark Angel.

Tough Call - This was a major thing for me. As I mentioned before, it began as a fluffy thing in answer to a prompt. But of course, I needed a lot of background in my head to be able to get the characters to where I wanted them. That's all it was, a vague idea in my head of all the things going on in the background. Encouragement from really nice people got me to write it out. It turned out into a full fledged story, with a lot more characters, situations, and almost a completely different genre. As I said, the first few chapters are way too fluffy for my tastes now, but hopefully they won't turn you away from the rest of the story.

It's an Alec/Max story, but while it may seem a little harsh with Logan at first (mostly because we see him through Alec's eyes, put in a situation that is totally upsetting), he plays a big part in it.

Back To series - This is a series of one shots that I entertained myself with while I was writing Tough Call. They lean more towards silly humor, and the characters are more like caricatures of themselves, in that I exaggerate some of their traits for the purpose of the story. They're not random characteristics they never had, just exaggerated. So Alec's smartness and suaveness is taken to the limit. Logan's single minded focus is pushed to a hundred, OC's awesome and coolness with everything is off the charts, etc.. you get my meaning.

The basic premise of each installment is Max or Alec or both will be sent out on some kind of mission for Eyes Only. Things usually turn out differently than expected.

At one point the titles change to Back On, to reflect a slight change in the premise of the stories which was... inevitable.

It's also M/A, but slowly developed through the stories. I was not nice to Logan in these at all I'm afraid, but it was all meant in good fun. I actually like Logan, believe it or not (he'll never be my favorite character, but I like him).

Order of the stories:

Back to School

Back to Business

Back to Nature

Back to Basics

Back to Work

Back to the Beginning

Back on the Job

Back on Track

The Modern Lazarus - This one is, unfortunately, not finished. I am sorry about that, I just... lost the inspiration for it at some point. It's a Dark Angel/Highlander crossover, and I really, really liked how it started. I even get some inspiration for a scene or two for it years later, but it would require a lot of research on Highlander for me (I was not that much of a fan of it back in the day) and I simply do not have the time or drive to write it. I did really love the relationships between the characters in this one. While Max and Alec are the protagonists, it's not M/A. Max is actually happily married with Logan and she and Alec are friends. I loved the banter and the back and forth that friendship entitled. In my head, it was one of the most satisfying relationships between them. But... oh, well...

WANTED - This one... yeah... I don't know what happened here. Written to answer a prompt in Rising Hell: "Write a story with no physical interaction or dialogue between characters. Eg: Text messages, email etc..." ... enough said.

Story for other fandoms:

Ocean's 11 / Supernatural:

Perspectives - I really like this one. Written years after the others, inspiration struck me one day after reading many wonderful Ocean's 11 stories. I wrote it in one morning and was a bit apprehensive to post it, after so many years without writing. But even though it does not have the depth or length of other stories, it was really satisfying for me to write, so there it is. And yes, it's an unlikely crossover between Ocean's 11 and Supernatural. But that is precisely what the story addresses, I think.

The Avengers:

Just Another Day in the Park - Another weird stroke of inspiration out of the blue. Someone mentioned Thor being... well Thor old and how they'd love to read how the famous de-aging trope would affect him, and... here it is. It was fun to write. Hopefully it'll be fun to read as well.

I've started writing other things. Mostly scenes for a variety of fandoms (From Ocean's 11, to Dresden Files to The Avengers). But I don't really have time to write, and I will not post another story until I am sure I will finish it. I hate unfinished stories. I won't do that again.

That's it for me. If you've made it this far: thank you for your interest!


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