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hi im goldash98 but you can call me ash its nice to meetcha. im also 15 yrs. i cant wait to read your storys so i hope you enjoy what i've wrighten so far. not that its very much, since i prefer to read everyone elses amazing stories.

i love animes and manga. some of the ones i've seen are:

- tokyo mew mew/ mew mew power

- fruits basket

- shugo chara

- yumeiro patiserie (not sure how you spell it)

- inuyasha

- cardcaptor sakura

- plus* anima

- faity tail

- chono crusaide

- rurouni kenshin

- st. tail

- kirarin revolution/(revoultion girl)

- yugioh (yes, i know its odd compared to what i normally watch but i love the storyline)

- one piece (love, love, love)

- 1/2 prince

- the legend of the sun knight

- alyosha!

- fullmetal alchemist

- ao no exercist

- death note

- kuroshitsuji

- shingeki no kyojin

- free!

and much, much more.

i also like some cartoons:

- avatar- the last air bender

- avatar- the legend of kora

- transformers

- tmnt

- the ultimate spiderman

my fav pairings are:

ichigo x kisshu (tokyo mew mew)

touro x kyo (fruits basket)

amu x ikuto (shugo chara)

amano x kashino (yumeiro patisierie)

sakura x syaoran (cardcaptor sakura)

nana x choro (plus* anima)

lucy x natsu (fairy tail)

rosette x chrono (chrono crusade)

kauro x kenshin (rurouni kenshin)

anzu x yami (yugioh)

nami x luffy (one piece)

winry x edward (fullmetal alchemist)

trafalgar law x oc/ reader/ bonney/ kid (one piece) (law is so goddam sexy)

i have also recently gained an obsession with cirque du soleils Kooza, im writing a story for it please read.

for those who are reading my story here's the link for my drawing:

i'm not very good a writing storys but oh well and i dont actually want to become a wrighter as a job, so i guess its just a hobbie. hee he.

i'm from england and live in a town. everyone who comes here takes the mick out of the name and everyone who lives here gets really fed up with it but life goes on.

my first story is called 'escape' and im still in the process of writing it out i've only got the first chapter but i'm starting the 2nd one soon. hi guys sorry for any disappiontments but i've given up on this story i've just kinda got stuck.

please check out the new story i'm righting "the skys the limit" its a retake on the movie "Paul" please read and review. i have an account on deviant art the arts not very good but ive got some pics of sky if your curiose to what i imagine her like.

i dont know how to hyperlink so heres the URL;

sorry if it causes any problems.

i have written a few one-shots i find them easier than long length stories scince i only have to write on chapter and dont get distracted or bored of it.

random stuff - (cause im cool like that !!!)

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this is the link for my picture of trafalgar law in his ball gown ;) enjoy:

this the link for laws mask:

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i dont know how good this is but please read. ayane is a girl who loves to sing but shes not very confident so keeps her singing a secret, that is until her friend chiyo shows her a place where she can practice in peace. here will she find the confidence to sing? and is she really on her own? kooza-verse
Cirque du Soleil - Rated: T - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 22 - Words: 43,020 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 3/23/2013 - Published: 1/20/2013
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this is a story about a rescue which went wrong and the rescuer has to be is set 10 years before paul escapes,and when he is escaping in the present time please read and review. p.s.not finished,and i have no idea where this is going. im sad to say that i have decided to discontinue this story but please still read.
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