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Author has written 5 stories for Phantom of the Opera, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Batman Begins/Dark Knight, and Batman.

Hello there!

So, As you can tell, I love to write! It's one of the things I love to do, and I'm working on becoming a better writer so if you have any tips at all, please feel free to share them with me! Usually I spell stuff wrong and miss it on occasion.

Or maybe I'm just a terrible writer.

Anyways, how should I start this profile?

I love Horror. It changed me from a scared-wimpy-pathetic kid to a wise-cracking-smart-ass teenager. The first scary movie I ever saw was probably Child's Play. But my favorite is A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and my other is Friday the 13th franchise.

Freddy VS Jason is actually the second movie I ever saw and was the first I liked as well.

Fantasy, Comedy, and Adventure are also my favorites. Reading them just makes me feel smarter, and helps me escape reality. Because let's face it, reality is terribly boring.

I've loved Batman since I was little. So yeah..I am a BatNerd.

So, I guess I can spare some personal detail with you...

I have two cats. Melvin and Felix. They are both stupid as can be. I kid you not.

I've been dancing for 16 years. I am 17 years old.

I love Evanescence, Christina Perri, Adele, Paramore, Katy Perry, Seether, Florence The Machine, and MayDay Parade.

Yepp. That's about it. If ya' wanna know anything else just message me.

Author's I Write Like:

Dan Brown, J.D. Saligner, Cory Doctorow, and Stephenie Meyer...I understand Doctorow but Meyer?

Get your writing analyzed:

A Peek Inside My Subconcious:

Me: *Trying to do important physics homework, but too focused on my profile* Wow...this is such a boring profile

Erik: *Manifests from my imagination* Well you're a very boring person, not exactly my fault

Me: *Cough* At least I have a nose *cough*

Erik: WHAT? *Glares and reaches for his punjab*

Me: What?

Joker: *Walks in and stabs my table with his knife, smiling at me and OG*

Erik and I: *Jump and face him*

Me: What? I thought I finally rid all my thoughts of you...

Joker: Well ah... remember how you err... liked me? Then kiiinda ah... forgot about me? Then watched the ah... Dark knight again?

Me: Yess'm

Joker: Bingo.

Me: Ah...Shit.

Joker: I ah, I hope chaos and anarchy are on your err...schedule.

Me: No. They aren't. *Gritting my teeth* I need to stop letting them join my subconscious...Wait if you're here then where's the other Joker? *A loud explosion is heard outside, followed by maniacal laughter, and Animated Joker (Mistah J) walks in* Impeccable timing, J.

Mistah J: *Laughs and throws his arms up in the air* Uncle Joker's here! What did I miss?

Me: *Groan and eyeroll* I can't tell which of you is worse; The derange psychopath or the maniacal creep

Both Jokers: Who is who?

Erik: It doesn't matter, you're both insane anyhow.

Me: Although I have to say I prefer Mistah J over offense.

Joker: *Angrily grunts, playing with his knife* And uh...what's so special about him?

Me: Aside from the nostalgic memories of cartoons? I dunno, that voice, the witty personality, the fact that underneath all of the insane laughter and horribley evil plots there's a mad genius hidden beneath the colorful exterior. He's more of the comic book Joker we see today, and actually scares me more, which I appreciate. Plus I know his back-story...well...sort of.

Mistah J: *Hops up on the table, taking a bow* The ladies love a man who can make em' laugh. No hard feelings, pal? *Offers a hand*

Joker: I ah...spread plenty of smiles.

Me: I find you to be more of a brute...sorry pal. *Notices the two eyeballing each other* I think I need to limit who joins my subconscious.

Erik: Speaking of which, when did he join? *Points to the Charles Dance 1990 version of the Phantom, who is adorable, charming, sweet, and kind*

Eric: When she watched my movie. *Wipes his feet on the welcome mat, before stepping inside* Oh dear, should I take off my shoes?

Me: He was so adorable I couldn't stop myself from loving him! I cried. CRIED MY EYES OUT. And I never cry.

Erik: Because you're a heartless human being.

Joker: Hahah! Says the ah..psych-oh-pathetic-ah man in a mask!

Erik: *Lunges for the Joker, Punjab in hand*

Joker: *Grabs Erik's wrist, applying pressure to his neck with the switchblade as he twists his arm behind his head*

Erik: *Grunting in pain* It would kind...if you..would release me

Joker: *Staring at Erik with wild eyes*

Mistah J: *To me* You are right, he is a brute. *To Joker* You know, if you're going to copy me, you could at least try to be a bit classier, hm?

Joker: *Growls* Shut up!

Eric: Gentlemen, we're guests here. Don't act frivolous.

Me: *Doing out some math work* Put him down, J.

Joker: *Shrugs and sighs, dropping Erik to the ground* You're fun. Anymore.

Me: *Trying to focus* Mhm.

Freddy Krueger: *Happens to enter the room at the time to get a sandwich* Hello assholes.

Me: Frederick. *Staring at me math paper*

Freddy: *Without bothering to look at me* Still planning your death, FYI.

Me: Still hating your guts, FYI. *Clutching my pencil*

Freddy: *Pulls out the only good food left in the fridge and starts eating it*

Me: Guess I'm ordering takeout...again...Can my day get any worse?

Jason: *Slams open the front door, covered in blood and clutching his machete*

Me: *Throws my pencil at the wall* It was a rhetorical question!

Jason: *Looks at all of us in awe, until he spots Freddy. His shoulders heave up and down, rage building inside him*

Freddy: *Snickers and takes a huge bite of meat* Hockey puck...long time no see

Me: Don't antagonize him Freddy, I don't want blood on my carpet.

Freddy: But he's covered in it.

Me: ...You're right. Jason Honey, I need you to go wash off before you come inside.

Jason: *Shakes his head*

Me: Jay, I promise I won't let Freddy flood the bathroom to try and drown you again, I swear.

Freddy: I can't make that same promise.

Me: Freddy!

Freddy: Bitch!

Me: *Losing my temper easily* I swear to fucking GOD I will lose it in about three seconds

Erik: Oh please, you're being dramatic.

Me: Say's the man...who dropped a fucking chandelier on a whole audience, and lit an opera house on fire because he was dumped by a girl.


Me: So I've seen!

Eric: *Rubbing my shoulders* Shh...relax. You don't want to get a headache or strain your throat, do you?

Me: *Mumbled* No...

Eric: *Hums Ave Maria*

Me: Maybe now I can finish my homework-

Prince Nuada: *Kicks my door open, pointing his spear at me*

Me: I spoke too soon...

Nuada: You! Human child! *Walks up and places the spear on my chest* Where is my sister? With Abraham?

Me: ...*Staring at him blankly* How the fuck...would I know? You only come here to threaten me, try to kill me, and mock me for being human. *Staring at his shirtless physique* Yet you're so...anatomically and beautifully crafted...

Nuada: You may not stare at me in such fashion!

Me: My house, my rules. Speaking of which, I want you all out of my house now. I need to finish my homework. And having you guys here isn't helping.

Joker: Hey, I ah.. I speak for all of us when I errr...say, we make your life quite interesting

Mistah J: The dear girl needs a few laughs here and th-*Is interuptted by Bale Batman and Conroy Batman breaking through my skylight*

Me: C'mon I just got that replacced!

CBatman: *Grabbing Mistah J by the collar* You're going back to Arkham, Joker

Mistah J: *Giggling hysterically* Oh how I've missed our romps, Batsy *Laughs and immediatly begins fighting CBatman*

BBatman: *In his horribley raspy voice* You're going down, joker!

Joker: C'mon, hit me! Hit me! *They too begin fighting, before he looks at me* Don't look so down, put a smile on your face!

Me: Shut your mouth!

Joker: I can't, it's ah... scarred like this! *Laughs manically*

Me: *Buries my face in my hands* I hate my life

Freddy: *Begins to mock Jason and the two start fighting, creating a bloody mess in my kitchen*

Erik: *Trying to start a fight with Eric to see who is the better Phantom, but Eric is too busy singing to himself*


*In a cloud of glitter dust, they disappear*

Me: *Knows this isn't over yet* Wait for it...

Jareth: *Appears through the window as an owl, then changes* This is the third time you've wished them away this week...

Me: Yeah, well I refuse to run the Labyrinth again for them. Keep your stupid crystal, and keep them. *Starts doing my homework, before sitting upright*

Jareth: *Raises an eyebrow quizzically at me*

Me: *Looks back at him*

Jareth: You hate the silence, don't you?

Me: *nods*

Jareth: But you hate your overactive imagination too?

Me: *Nods before sobbing dramatically* Why can't my life be simple and normal? Why? Oh God, I need them all back! They make me the normal one!

Jareth: *Sighs* I'll prepare the Labyrinth...again...

Stories I'm Working on Currently:


His Winter Solstice:

Genre: Suspense/Romance

Characters: Erik The Phantom/OC

Summary: A Phantom of The Opera story about the Phantom, who's suffering from a curse and a girl who is trying to help him to break it.

Update: Complete



Genre: Horror/Humor

Characters: Freddy Krueger/Jason Voorhees/Michael Myers/ Ashling Turcotte (OC)

Summary: Ashling was your average Art Geek; Until Freddy, Jason, and Michael force her to use her new-found gift to defeat the remakes

Update: I take long hiatuses sometimes

Links to show what's-what in each story, to give you better visuals:

1.) His Winter Solstice;

Gowns/Outfits from His Winter Solstice:

Aleixa's Masquerade Dress:

Halle's Prom Dress:

Erik's Masquerade Outfit:

The Glass Birds (Two on the left) :

2.) His Winter Solsice-rewritten;

Aleixa: You know what, I'll be honest, I don't care. She's based off of me mostly, except with blonder hair, bangs, and probably much more attractive.

Christine Daae (They way she is created by Gaston Leroux, minus blue eyes. Her eyes are brown) :

The Palais Garnier:


Grand Staircase:



More stairs:


3.) Remade;

Ashling (But with freckles) :

Her house:



Now The Fun Stuff:

How to Know if You're Addicted to Fanfiction

11. You check your profile every ten minutes.

10. You no longer refer to comments as "comments." They are now known only as "reviews."

9. Pens are for idiots, and you wouldn't be caught dead with one. How on earth are you supposed to erase when you want to rewrite?

8. You start laughing at the most inopportune times because you remembered something funny from a fanfic.

7. You pretend to take notes, but really you're getting a head start on your latest ficlet.

6. You can't focus in class because you're constantly thinking of ideas.

5. You can't write for English class because you've used up all your ideas for fanfiction.

4. A story idea isn't a story idea. It's a plot bunny.

3. You hear people talking about a ship (the water variety), and you jump, like, five feet in the air and act like you've never heard the word used outside of the fanfiction context.

2. Whenever something inspiring happens, you screech, "Ooh! Fanfic idea!" and then immerse yourself in writing for the next three hours.

1. You repost this onto your profile! :)

The Soundtrack to My Life (Ipod Shuffle game)

Opening Credits: Overture Phantom of the Opera (Haha yesss)

Waking Up: Where The Lines overlap By Paramore

First Day At School: Carolyn By BVB

Falling In Love: Waste by Foster The People

Fight Song: Candle (Sick and Tired) by The White Tie Affair

Breaking Up: Catch Me by Demi Lavato

Prom Night: Sexy and I Know it by LMFAO (We all know it's true)

Life: Hello by Evanescence

Mental Breakdown: The Lonely by Christina Perri

Driving: Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3

Flashback: Speechless by the Veronicas

Getting Back Together: CrushCrushCrush by Paramore

Wedding:All I Ask Of You Phantom of the Opera (I think I just died)

Birth of A Child: Party In Your Bedrom by Cash Cash (...Oh my god)

Final Battle: Oceans by Evanescence

Funeral Song: Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift FT. The Civil Wars

Final Credits: American Pie by The Hit Co.

Favourite characters from Phantom of the Opera in order:

1. Erik

2. Meg

3. Daroga

4. Madame Giry

5. Christine

6. Raoul

7. Firim

8. Armand (Or Andre in the musical)

9. Carlotta

10. Bouqet

1. Have you read a five/ten fic before?


2. Do you think three is hot? How hot?

I ain't gonna lie...Yes. And Out of ten...7

3. What would happen if six got one pregnant?

...*Coughs insanely before passing out*

4. Do you recall any good fics about nine?

Hahaha no!

5. Would seven and two make a good couple?


6. Four/eight or four/nine?

If I had to choose...Four/eight

7. What would happen if seven discovered three and eight in a secret relationship?

He Would probably fire his co-worker and pass out in the corner

8. Make a summary of at least twenty words for a two/six fic.

Meg hates Raoul so much that she and Erik team up and gag him with his own money The End

9. Is there a such thing as a four/ten romantic fluff story?

Oh Jesus, Joseph, and Mary!

10. Suggest a title for a one/five Hurt/Comfort fic.

Return of His Angel (Although I don't ship it..)

11. What kind of plot would you use if four wanted to seduce one?

Um...Madame Giry is a cougar and goes after The Phantom...Me-ow.

12. Does anyone on your friends list read number seven/nine slash?

...*Puts a gun to my head*

13. If you wrote a songfic about number one, what song would you chose?

The Lonely

14. If you wrote a two/three/six fic, what would the warning be?


15. What pick-up line might eight use on five?

"Ya know...I can make you sing so high that you'll bring down the Chandeliere.."


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The Heart of a Jasonette by Wife of Jason Voorhees reviews
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Rise of the Guardians - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 20 - Words: 30,214 - Reviews: 290 - Favs: 160 - Follows: 173 - Updated: 6/20/2013 - Published: 11/25/2012 - Pitch - Complete
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