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Alright so I have been reading Fanfiction on here for forever. And I have had plenty ideas enter my head over the years for fanfiction stories. And once upon a time I had a screen name that I wrote a Inuyasha fanfiction on. It just sort of fell out though, and I haven't been back since. But I have started writing more lately, and I figured fanfiction is a good excercise for my writing.

I will never promise when I will update. Hopefully I won't be like some people on here who drive me crazy by waiting a month to update.

Anyway just so you get an idea about what I like here are some of my favorite movies, books, etc:

Harry Potter

Dragonball Z

Star Trek (2009 and TOS)


Percy Jackson

Superheroes (just in general there are a few of course I am not overly fond of like the movie Spiderman, and comic Black Widow I don't like her, but Scarlett Johanson Black Widow was pretty awesome) --> Superman is my favorite of all times

The Strongbow Saga

Inheritance Cycle (haven't read in a while though need to go back and reread)

Night Angel Trilogy


Special A

White Collar

Prince of Persia

Assassin's Creed

Warehouse 13



this could go on forever quite honestly.

Anyway i like quite a variety of shows and stuff, and a variety of music, so I can't tell you what exactly to expect from me. Hopefully though it will be different from other peoples views.

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