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hey guys am new to fan fiction :D and have been reading a few of the many stories of this site :D they are really imaginative

anyhoo the fics that i have red have really inspired me to rite a story about Hinata and Kakashi so thank you for the many authors for writing these stories you have inspired me to write and be creative with my writing.

i am a first time writer and it is not my first love lol so i do not know whether i will produce more work after the Hinata Kakashi chapters so this may only be a one shot but i would love it if you did read it and told me what you thought

however if i do decide to write a short story may be of other anime then ill be shore to post them on hear for you to read

so to all you fan fic fans out there i hope i bring you a story that is worth reading and one that you will enjoy and hopefully it will be to everyone's taste but if not then i apologies o and by the way sentence structure or spelling aren't my strongest points so please bare with me on that and please tell me if you spot any mistakes, however i try and i do check my work over lol :D

if you would like a shout out of your review then please tell me and i will add it to the bottom of my work (not that am anything important lol)

for all you who have read my story i have created a Facebook page for it there you can comment and post telling you about the updates about the story also any reviews that have questions in them will be answered there so please join just type in on Facebook Kaksashi Hinata chapters and have your say !!!!!! thank you i love you guys :D

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