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Hello there :) I told myself that if i got up to 2 stories, i would actually make a profile.

First off, the name. MissAuthor123.
No i do not want to be an author. plain and simple. I like writing, I truly do, and i love when people tell me that i could become an author, but thats not my dream.

Second, the picture. i have an ongoing obsession with sketching hands. I think that the symbolism behind them is so potent ... gahhhh. its confusing ahaha

So anyways, if you read the following you'll see im the farthest thing from a writer. Im more of a nerd and an artist smacked together, so why am I here? Well, i didnt even know what this was until someone left it signed on at the school library. I was mildly intrigued... and well, here we are. Call it fate, i suppose :)

I saw this and I kinda got carried away ahahaha...
CheekyBrunnette's Challenge:

He's tall, with seasoned salt & pepper hair that combs neatly to the side. Intelligent, to say the least. A college-drop-out-turned-millionaire by the time he was 25. She's beautiful- no doubt about it. Her nails painted perfectly with a tint of baby pink and small specks of crystals. Shes probably never worked a day in her life, but, hey, she can tell a Versace from an Yves Saint Laurent. The two seem perfect- a couple houses around the country, add in a car or two... or eight, and three perfect little children. But therein lied the problem. Kid 2 and Kid 3 were little carbon copies of their parents. Cute little walking, talking look alikes. But Kid 1.. She just didnt fit the mold.

Shes never smoked a cigarrette. Never touched a single drug. She's never taken a swig of alcohol. Shes never even been out on a date. Shes never broken a single one of their pointless, little rules. So wheres the problem?

Shes good at everything. Anything she tries, simply put, she excels.
She gets Straight A's in all of her AP Classes. Valedictorian, here she comes. She's in a dozen or so clubs, and she spends two hours tutoring kids at the local elementary school- daily. Ballet? She was on 'point' by the age of 9. Piano? more awards then she could count on 5 hands. Tennis? Shes captain of her schools varisty team. Gymnastics? Add a couple more trophies to the shelf. And on top of all of that, she still has friends: a Homecoming Queen voted Best Dressed, Most likely to Succeed, and Best Personality.

But that party she was invited to last week: nope she cant go. The date with that boy shes been crushing on this Friday: sorry, maybe next time. Her parents have drawn her boudaries well: she flakes out on every party, every movie hang out, every beach bash, and every school dance. She flirts with boy after boy up until they take a step thats just a little too close.

Wanna know a secret? She'll never say yes to any of them.

She's good at everything they want her to be good at. And anything they want her to be, she is. She's too damn good at lying. She can cry on cue and think on her feet. She can easily give any excuse to any person for any event. She can lie to anyone without batting an eyelash.

Why? Because its so damn easy to be what they all want all at once, she's a people pleaser, and it all just comes naturally to her. Its just so damn easy to slip into any role she wants. Its too damn easy for her to mask any emotion shes having with ones that will make her friends and teachers happy, the ones that her parents would find more “appropriate”. All because she's too damn good at everything.

In front of others, they couldnt be more proud of their little girl. But behind closed doors, they told her all the time: They hated her. She was the reason for their problems. They wanted her out of the house already. She was so disrespectful. Why couldnt she be more like her siblings?!

She honestly doesnt understand. It just doesn't make sense to her. I guess the rules in this pefect little house werent set in stone. No drinking- unless he wants to. Partying was wrong- unless they did it. No dating- well no dating for her anyway.

So why follow the rules? She would get in trouble either way, right?
Theres one thing she's not good at. She cant lie to them; or rather, she wont. She refuses to break their rules and then lie to their faces- no matter how easy it would be. So instead she lies to everyone else. Because its easier to just please everyone, especially her parents. Yes, she stays perfectly in line- never, not once, crossing the little boundary theve drawn.

She's good at everything they want her to be good at, but it will ever be good enough.

Well, eventually, i shall make this profile more interesting.

i pinky swear (you cant lie on a pinky swear otherwise your pinky gets cut off, and i like my pinkies.)

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