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Hi all! I'm the fanfic writer currently known as MiniJen and welcome to my lovely little profile! Just to give you a little background info about me, I adore cats, video games, music, sketching, swimming, FOOD, and most of all WRITING!! Which, in essence, is why I am here in the first place! So, journey with me for a spell, as we venture into the most comprehensive list of all of the many things that I love!

Back in about 2011, I happened about this beautiful website and discovered the joys of reading and writing fanfiction. It started small, with poor, unfounded, badly written stories, but writing fanfiction has truly helped me cultivate my craft into ways I never thought possible and because of it, writing is my passion, my pride and my joy! And so I partake of the beauty that is writing as much as I can, for the ideas in my mind flow forth like a mighty rushing river! Haha!

Anyway, allow me to begin by listing off all of my interests, just so you can get a better grasp on all of my likes and a taste of my writing style perhaps. First off is my biggest love, video games! I love anything Nintendo really, maintaining a founded interest in both the Mario and Metroid series, and I also recently fell in love with the beautiful game that is Child of Light... :D But my biggest love (any perhaps my most favorite fandom) is the Legend of Zelda!!! I find it to be such an incredible series, set in such a rich world with amazing characters that most of my stories are Zelda fics. I adore everything about it, so if you find me obsessing over it like a little nerd girl, don't blame me, for it is where my heart belongs!

My favorite novel series is the Hunger Games Trilogy (even though i haven't written any fics for it, but I have a few ideas in the back of my mind). It was shortly after discovering the Hunger Games that I started writing frequently, so maybe you can attribute something to that. I don't really know. I'm also a big fan of the Divergent Trilogy (which, for the record is NOT just a retread of the Hunger Games), also another extremely well written series (but Allegiant tore my heart to pieces, just saying). And of course, I am also obsessed with the tragic, yet simple love story that is the Fault In Our Stars!!! Oh, so beautiful... ,)

I have several animated shows I really love. Among the chief of these is probably is Avatar: The Last Airbender. I used to watch it as a kid when it first came out, but only now that I'm older do I really appreciate just how awesome it is with all of its action, humor, drama, lore and everything else! I also really enjoy Legend of Korra, and maybe someday I'll write something about one of these two shows when I come up with a good idea. Along those same lines, I'm also really into Stephen Universe (which is honestly my new favorite show since LoK is over), Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Over the Garden Wall, both of which are filled with some of the greatest characters and storylines in a modern cartoon as well!

My favorite musicals include Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, and Into the Woods. I could just sing songs from the three of them all day!XD

My newest movie obsession is Frozen!!! It is the best Disney movie that has come out in years and I love everything about it!!! Its plot was perfect, its characters relatable and its songs so freaking catchy! I know I eventually want to write something related to it, and so, if I ever work up some ambition, perhaps I will! And yet, my new favorite movie period is actually Big Hero 6, mostly because of all of the heart and humor it was filled with (also cause Tadashi is absolute bae)... And of course, i also love any Disney movie from my childhood really (including Pixar flicks) and the extremely well done Hunger Games movies! Catching Fire was like the most perfect adaptation movie ever! It hit every mark!

So now, allow me to entertain you with some top five lists pertaining to all of my many different fandoms, just so you'll see what I think the best of the best is! Let us begin with...

My top five general fandoms: 1. Legend of Zelda 2. Hunger Games 3. Divergent 4. Frozen 5. Avatar/Adventure Time (I can't really pick one!)

Zelda-related lists:

Top five characters: 1. Link (I have a crush on all the older Links!) 2. Tetra (she is such a boss!) 3. Midna 4. Zelda 5. Cia

Top five Zelda games: 1. Skyward Sword (its an amazing game that gets way too much hate!!!) 2. Wind Waker 3. Ocarina of Time 4. Twilight Princess 5. A Link Between Worlds (soooo good!) (Hyrule Warriors is on its own tier cause of its non-canon status but I LOVE it too!)

Top five Zelda songs: 1. Eclipse of the Moon (from HW) 2. Outset Island's theme 3. Zelda's Lullaby 4. Fairy Fountain theme 5. Hyrule Field (TP version)

Top five Zelda villains: 1. Cia (because her motivation is totally relatable lol) 2. Ghirahim (the fabulous!) 3. Dark Link 4. Ganondorf (specifically in WW) 5. Veran

Top five Links: 1. HW (OMG HE IS SO HOT I DIE EVERY TIME I SEE HIM WHAT A CUTE DORK) 2. TP (Soooo sexy) 3.. SS (he has my favorite in-game personality) 4. OoT (also sexy) 5. WW (adorable!)

Top five Zeldas: 1. SS (she is so cute!) 2 . HW (again, actually DOES something!) 3. WW (if you don't include Tetra, who is her own level of awesome) 4. OoT (mostly cause of Sheik) 5. ST (she actually DOES something!)

Top five companions: 1. Midna 2. Fi 3. King of Red Lions 4. Tatl 5. Anyone but Navi! lol ;D

Top five Zelda ships: 1. Link X Zelda (mostly in SS, but other games are fine too. These two are my OTP!!!!) 2. Link X Tetra 3. Link X Cia (cause why the heck not!?) 4. Link X Malon 5. Link X Ilia

Now for Hunger Games lists:

Book rankings: 1. Catching Fire 2. The Hunger Games 3. Mockingjay

Characters: 1. Katniss 2. Finnick 3. Peeta 4. Johanna 5. Haymitch

My main ship for the Hunger games has to be Peeniss XD lol best ship name ever!!!

Divergent lists:

Book Rankings: 1. Insurgent 2. Divergent 3. Allegiant

Characters: 1. Tris/Beatrice 2. Four/Tobias 3. Christina 4. Uriah 5. Jeanine

Fourtris forever!!!!!

Frozen Lists:

Top five Frozen characters: 1. Elsa 2. Anna 3. Kristoff 4. Olaf 5. Sven (But Hans is a douchebag, so no >:(

Top five Frozen songs: 1. Let it go 2. Do you wanna build a snowman? 3. For the first time in forever 4. In Summer 5. Frozen Heart

Top Five Disney Films: 1. Big Hero 6 2. Frozen 3. Lion King 4. Aladdin 5. Tangled

Top Five Pixar Films: 1. Up 2. Wall-E 3. Toy Story 2 4. The Incredibles 5. Finding Nemo

Top Five Dreamworks Films: 1. How To Train Your Dragon 2 2. Prince of Egypt 3. How To Train Your Dragon 4. Kung Fu Panda 2 5. Shrek 2

Big Hero 6 favorite characters: 1. Tadashi (my love) 2. Hiro (my baby 3. Baymax (i want my own) 4. Wasabi 5. Gogo

Avatar Lists:

A:TLA characters: 1. Aang 2. Zuko 3. Sokka 4. Toph 5. Azula

A:TLA episodes: 1. The Crossroads of Destiny 2. The Beach 3. The Ember Island Players 4. Sozin's Comet (all 4 parts) 5. The Desert ("cactus juice! It'll quench ya! XD)

LOK characters: 1. Tenzin 2. Lin 3. Bolin 4. Asami 5. Korra

LOK Villains: 1. Ming Hua 2. Pi'Li 3. Kuvira 4. Zaheer 5. Ghazan

Avatar ships: 1. Aang X Katara 2. Zuko X Mai 3. Sokka X Toph (non canon I know, but I can't resist!) 4. Bolin X Asami (I wish they would push this one harder!) 4. Kai X Jinora (OMG SO CUTE)

Adventure Time Lists:

Top five characters: 1. Finn 2. Marceline 3. Jake 4. Flame Princess 5. Princess Bubblegum.

Steven Universe Lists:

Top five characters: 1. Steven 2. Garnet (aka BOSS) 3. Rose Quartz 4. Pearl 5. Amethyst

Top five episodes: 1. Jail Break (OMG GARNET'S SONG) 2. Lion 3: Direct to Video (Rose is so sweet) 3. Alone Together (Stevonnie!!!!) 4. The Return (so intense!!!!) 5. Story For Steven (Rose/Greg FTW!)

Also I ship the ever loving crap out of Lars and Sadie as well as Steven and Connie like omg so much

Gravity Falls Lists:

Top Five Characters: 1. Dipper 2. Mabel 3. Stan 4. Soos 5. Bill Cipher (because of my obsession with triangles I guess)

Top Five Episodes: 1. Not What He Seems 2. Sock Opera 3. Gideon Rises 4. Northwest Manner Mystery 5. Soos and the Real Girl (omg 5 nights at freddies ref)

Top Five Over the Garden Wall characters: 1. Wirt 2. Beatrice 3. Greg 4. Lorna 5. The Frog (Jason Funderburker)

Les Mis Lists:

Characters: 1. Eponie 2. Fantine 3. Enjolras 4. Valjean 5. Gavroche

Songs: 1. One Day More 2. On My Own 3. I Dreamed a Dream 4. Do You Hear the People Sing? (Finale) 5. Stars

Into the Woods Lists:

Characters: 1. The Witch 2. Cinderella 3. Rapunzel's Prince 4. Baker's Wife 5. Baker

Songs: 1. No One Is Alone 2. Prologue 3. Children Will Listen 4. The Last Midnight 5. Agony (omg this scene in the movie tho)

And that's just about it for the lists, but I'll leave you with two more, mostly fanfic based ones, to show you more about the stuff that I am into writing/reading:

My top five writing genres: 1. Angst 2. Romance 3. Drama 4. Tragedy 5. Adventure

Top five stories that I have read on this site: 1. Finally by Kibasgirltsumi 2. Ancient Roots by RandomButLoved 3. Majora's Mask by FakeJake93 4. What Makes a Hero by Selphie Kinneas 175 5. A Love Story by Allendra

Go read all of those aforementioned stories now. DO IT!!! :D

Now for a little more of my own specific works. At the moment, most of my active projects are Zelda-based due to my slight obsession with it, so those are the ones you'll find me updating the most. Angst is my main fare, so don't be surprised if you find a lot of it in any of my stories. I enjoy writing romance (especially ZeLink shipping, though I'm also fond of MaLink and IlLink) and I'm a big drama writer. Comedy is not my strong suit to write, but its fun to read as is poetry and other categories. And here are my top five favorite zelda ships!!!

As far as what I've written myself, I've done 2 Skyward Sword based stories (one based in the BDT), a Mario/Metroid crossover, 2 Ocarina of Time based stories (one in the BDT), 3 general Zelda stories, 2 Metroid stories, a Mario story, 2 Twilight Princess based stories (with one in the works for the BDT!), and 1 Wind Waker based story. If you want a taste of a few of my future plans, take a look at my projects section below!

So that's just about it for my little profile thingy. Now you know me and my loves a little better! Until next time!!!(that's my trademark sign off, DON"T STEAL IT!!!!) :D

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    Projects (Just to keep myself on track really, but also so my readers will know which stories are on hiatus and which ones I'm currently working on...

    Very Active Stories:

    AKA my highest priorities!

    -Light and Shadow: My baby! But of course Light and Shadow is at the top of my list, right after finishing W&C! I am so freaking excited for it and I already have LOT of it planned up! (all the way to the climax and then some). Hooray for actually having a plan for once!!! :D

    -Hyrule Warriors: My newest project, born out of a desire to write something based on my new favorite game of the same title. Since its a novelization, I think it will be fairly easy to write, but of course I plan on doing it in the style of my trilogy, so it will be a tad darker, and I will be adding some extensive stuff for both length and filling in all of the plot holes (plus giving more back stories and stuff like that!) I hope to work on this one in between L&S and W&C, but we'll see!

    -Twisted Fates-I'm officially proclaiming this as active once more, after more than a year of not working on it! I have plans for it, and I have been writing bits and pieces of it, so here's hoping I can return to it in conjunction with Hyrule Warriors and Light and Shadow!

    Semi-Active Stories: Basically, stories that are at the forefront of my mind, but are being stalled thanks to writer's block or other things :/

    -Bound Destinies Side Stories-Brand new at the moment. This is mostly going to be a laid back, side project sort of thing, that I will work on whenever I want to or when I'm having a hard time working on the actual trilogy. So don't expect me to have a regular schedule on this one. Its mostly going to be pretty loose so... yeah...

    -Between Heaven and Hell: On hiatus so I can return to writing Twisted Fates. I will pick this one back up again, but I feel like I've been away from Twisted Fates for far too long, plus I also have L&S and HW to worry about. Sorry!

    Stories Currently On Hiatus: Projects I plan on returning to eventually, but can't because of other, more important ideas in the way

    -The Chosen Two- On hiatus, possibly forever. I had some good ideas for this, but I can't really remember a lot of them, so I think I might abandon this one, but who knows?

    -I'll see you again-I will finish this sometime! One of the first Zelda stories I ever wrote, this one is a bit rough in some parts, but over all a good story that i want to finish eventually. Thing is i keep getting distracted by other stories. I'm actually pretty close to being done with this one, but that writer's block is like the plague... :(

    -The Princess of Darkness-Hiatus. I don't know how long it will be for, but with my trilogy and writer's block pulling me away from it, I have no idea what to do with it. I will finish it hopefully someday... but I have no idea when...

    -Snow Flower-I have no idea when I ever plan on getting back to this one, so... Yeah, I might, or i might not... I don't really know.

    Dead-Fics: Stories I'll most likely never return to, but keep around just cause

    -Melodies of Hyrule-This is from forever ago, when i first started writing Zelda fanfiction, so I don't even remember where I wanted to go with this... sorry... I guess... :/

    Finished Stories: Self explanatory

    -Blood and Spirit: Perhaps the greatest story I have written so far, it took en entire year for me to finish this one, but now I am happy to say that it is finally complete!!! And now that it is, I have time to finish Wisdom and Courage and begin Light and Shadow!!! :D

    -Wisdom and Courage: At long last the edits for this one are finished, which has me so excited, as it means I can devote more attention to L&S and HW! And so, I implore you to enjoy it for all its worth!

    -Forever: Just a little oneshot I wipped up based on a tearkerking pic drawn by tumblr user sagesins. Took me about an evening to write, and I figured that it would work best as a oneshot. Yay!

    -Metroid: The Legend of Samus-Finished. Not much else to say. Not my strongest written story, but not my worst either.

    -The Legend of Hyrule-Finished. I kinda feel awkward about this one now that Hyrule Historia is out, cause its so identical to it, but I'm glad I got to complete it nonetheless!

    -Zelda's Journey-Finished... kinda. I finished the overall story told through Zelda's point of view, but then i decided to rewrite it through Link's POV as well, but I completely ran out of ideas in the middle of that. So its kinda on hiatus, though i really wouldn't say that since its done in one form. So i don't know if i'll get back to this one. If i do, i do. if i don't, i dont. cry me a river.

    And for the heck of it, here are my top five best stories that i've written (in my own personal opinion): 1. Blood and Spirit 2. Light and Shadow 3. Hyrule Warriors 4. Wisdom and Courage 5. Between Heaven and Hell

    Things I want to do in the future:

    Skyward Sword Novelization: Definitely gonna happen as its in the planning stages now, but of course its not going to happen until after Hyrule Warriors is done, at least.

    The Legend of the Avatar: Out of my love for both the Legend of Zelda and Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, I have decided to write an epic crossover between the two of them (even if I don't really do crossovers, but whatever) What this basically will be is Zelda characters living within the world of Avatar (though I don't think any ATLA/LoK characters will show up), complete with similar lore (though tailored to the Zelda series), bending, cultures, and more! The four nations will still be present, but they will be filled with the various tribes of Hyrule (for example, I plan on having the Fire Nation citizens be made up of partially Gerudo, Twili, some humans and a few other races, the Air Nomads will be mostly Sheikah, Rito, Minish, and Koroks, the Water Tribes will be composed of Hylians (north) and Zoras (south) and the Earth Kingdom will consist of Hylians, Gorons, Kokiri and a few others). Characters from a ton of different games will come together, and so its sorta like Hyrule Warriors in that reguard, except for its all in the same era. Of course, the whole concept of the Avatar will still be in place, and you'll never guess who will fill that role here... (JK, its totally gonna be Link though). I figured that Link would be best suited to be from the Earth Kingdom (cause Farore and her affinity for earth, nature, ect) and his equivalent of the Gaang or Krew will compose of Princess Zelda of the Northern Water Tribe, Midna, the deposed heir to the Fire Nation throne, Tetra, the nonbending pirate captain, Impa, an air nomad from the southern air temple, and a few others maybe... The story will be all of them traveling around the world (like the Gaang) and trying to free the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation from the grip of Ganondorf, who usurped the title of Fire Lord years ago and has ruled as tyrant ever since. This story is going to have pretty much everything in it: drama, humor, angst, tragedy, TONS of action, lore, and everything else you can think of. I'm unsure of when I'll start it, but know that its certainly in its planning stages, so look out for it soon! :D

    Over the Universe Fallstemp. title) Another crossover idea, this one a three way between Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Over the Garden Wall! That's right, something not Zelda related for once! This one is a baby idea at the moment, but its something I really wanna do because I love all three of these shows and these characters! Its gonna end up being HUGE I hope, but as of now its in the planning stages, so who knows when I'll decide to write it!

    Hilda of Lorule: Because Hilda is my favorite new Zelda character, I decided that I want to write something about her, and so I recently got the idea to write the events preceding and during A Link Between Worlds in her point of view. Of course, this will be first person, and it will detail how Hlida came up with her desperate plan and centering on her as she carried it out, along with the true nature of the relationship between her and Ravio (and yes, there will be some light Hilda/Ravio shipping here ;), how her and Yuga started working together in their deceptive plans, how Hlida learned of Hyrule and its Triforce, and her thoughts as she guides Link along on his adventure. So basically, this one will be a big one, and I have to say that I really want to write it, but it will at least have to be put off until Blood and Spirit is done, possibly even Light and Shadow. its hard to say, but I'm doing it!!!! :D

    Blood, Spirit and Memory: Alright, so this one will be a collaboration with my incredibly talented friend, Jarvis R. Yeriel, taking the main plotline of Light and Shadow, and mixing things up with the addition of some of his characters! It won't be an "Official" part of the trilogy, but much like the side stories, it will certainly be connected to it! Its safe to say that this one won't be coming for a while now, at least until after Light and Shadow is completely or almost done, but when it does come, we can both promise that it will be awesome!!!

    Writing Itinerary (for now):

    These are my current and future projects that I have concrete plans of when I think they're going to get started. The ones at the top are stories that I plan on finishing first, and then on as we go down.

    1. Light and Shadow (in progress)

    2. Hyrule Warriors (in progress)

    3. Between Heaven and Hell (in progress, may be put on hiatus for a while)

    4. Twisted Fates (on hiatus, but I WILL return to it)

    5. Skyward Sword novelization (interchangable with BDSS)

    5. Bound Destinies Side Stories (interval thing really, so I dont have a set place for ever really finishing it, though I will work on it when inspiration comes)

    6. W&C Sequel 1 (as I actually have more ideas for it than I do the B&S sequels)

    7. The Hero's Shade (will be short and easy to get out there)

    8. Peacekeeper (again, a lot of ideas for)

    9. Over The Universe Falls (may come earlier)

    10. Legend of the Avatar (maybe)

    11. Strings of Fate

    12. The Gerudo War

    13. Civil Wars

    14. Who knows? ;D

    Information of the Bound Destinies Trilogy:

    So as I mentioned in the preface of Wisdom and Courage, I am writing a Trilogy!!!! I want it to be the most ambitious project I've ever written and I'm really excited about it. Here is where I plan to elaborate on my plans for this trilogy. Lets start with elements that will be common to all three stories before going on about each individual one.

    Twili/ rouge Sheikah antagonists: So because the Sheikah are such an interesting race, I have already decided in advance to have a few of them be the villains for Blood and Spirit. In Blood and Spirit, the villains will be a group of Sheikah who are traitorous to Hylia and want to claim the Triforce as their own, led by the treacherous Veress. B&S will detail the war that took place between these Sheikah and Hylia/SS Zelda and ss Link, along with the still loyal Sheikah and the new surface dwellers. These Sheikah will eventually become the Dark Interlopers, who were banished to the Twilight Realm (as mentioned in Twilight Princess) and became the Twili. The game doesn't actually say that the Dark Interlopers were Sheikah, but that's just a theory of mine that works well in this trilogy. Their leader will be Veress, a former Sheikah about the same age as Link and Zelda, just to mix things up! Come Wisdom and Courage, one member of the Twili, Veran (not the same Veran from OoA), finds a way back to Hyrule and attempts to gain the Triforce once more. She ultimately gains the Triforce and uses it to conquer Hyrule, but can only be stopped by one of the blood of the goddess (Zelda) and one of the spirit of the hero (Link), similar to how their ancestors defeated the Dark Interlopers in Blood and Spirit. In Light and Shadow, a descendant of Veran will rise up and conquer the Twilight Realm, banishing Midna, the Twilight Princess and forcing her into exile. From there, Veran's descendant will try for the Triforce once more, and will try to destroy the only ones who could defeat her, which will again be Link and Zelda.

    Termina and the Fierce Deity's Mask: Because Majora's Mask is such an awesome game, I decided that I want to incorporate elements from it into every one of these stories. The beginning of Blood and Spirit will revolve around Link and Zelda finding Termina in its early stages, just after the demon Majora has been sealed away within Majora's Mask. This was brought about by the hero of Termina's protector goddess (basically, Termina's version of Hylia), Terminus. However, the evil spirit of Majora wounded the hero, corrupting his spirit and giving him god-like powers of destruction. Hence, the creation of the Fierce Deity. Terminus enlists the aid of Hylia's hero, Link, who defeats the Fierce Deity, who is then sealed away inside the Fierce Deity's make using the Song of Healing. This ancient battle will be retold in the latter parts of Wisdom and Courage as the early parts of Termina's history. Later, in Wisdom and Courage, as we know from playing Majora's Mask, the Fierce Deity's Mask was used by Link to defeat Majora. However, its power is so great that its really one of the only things that will be able to destroy Veran and it will play a HUGE roll in the later parts of the story. To avoid major spoilers, I'll be concise and say that it will add a great deal of drama and moral conflict to the story ;). In Light and Shadow, the Fierce Deity will make a reappearance as will Terminus and Termina will be visited again, but I'm not sure how at this point.

    The Master Sword and Fi: Because Fi is the Spirit of the Master Sword, she is technically in every Zelda game that the sword appears in, but she's simply dormant inside of it. Of course in Blood and Spirit, the memory of Fi's existence is still fresh, but I plan on having her awake from her slumber prematurely and be Link's partner for much of the story again! In Wisdom and Courage, Link will kinda have three partners at different points: Tatl whenever Termina is visited, Navi when he finally finds her in the woods again, and Fi, who will awaken from her slumber for a small portion of the story kinda as an easter egg cause Fi is awesome. In Light and Shadow, Midna may serve as Link's partner, but Fi will make an appearance, though I haven't figured out to what extent yet.

    The Ocarina of Time and the Goddess Harp: Ok so this one is not a huge deal, but its still worth mentioning. As we know, the Goddess harp originated in Skyward Sword and was later used again by Sheik (a descendant of Hylia or SS Zelda) in Ocarina of Time. It will also belong to TP Zelda again in Light and Shadow, and will be involved in the story at some point. In Blood and Spirit, the origins of the Ocarina of Time will be detailed, as will why its so significant in keeping the Triforce safe. Of course it will reappear in Wisdom and Courage and again in Light and Shadow and will play a role in the plot somehow.

    Shipping: So when I ship when writing, I tend to ship Zelda and Link because they make such a good couple (in most games). Obviously, I plan on shipping them in Blood and Spirit, quite heavily if i may say so, but I'm not going to give away any spoilers yet!And since I'm a bit of a sap for love triangles, in Blood and Spirit there is also going to be aside from the main romance between Link and Zelda, a sort of unrequited, one-sided romance/friendship between Link and Sheik (an original character in B&S), so yeah! A large part of Wisdom and Courage will be focused around their relationship and the first few chapters will focus on establishing fluff for the two of them. However there will be some light Link and Malon shipping as well! In Light and Shadow I kinda want a love triangle. The main romance will be between Link and Zelda (as usual), but there will also be some Link X Ilia shipping as well, to through a bit of a wrench into the conflict! I won't be shipping Link with Midna (sorry), but the dynamic of a close friendship between them will still be there! so yay!!!

    Original Characters: Ok, so here's the part where I get to ramble on about some of the characters that I developed for these stories on my own! Since Wisdom and Courage doesn't really have any original characters that are of any real note, I'll skip that and start with Blood and Spirit's OCs and there are quite a few.
    -Sheik: So, the Sheik in B&S is not the same one that appears in OoT. This Sheik is her (yes her) own original character, though I think she fits into the lore and the story rather well. Sheik is the leader of the Sheikah tribe that dwells on the surface in the wake of Impa's passing. She is actually a direct descendant of Impa and was trained by the former Sheikah leader in lore, magic and fighting. Sheik shares a scarred past with the story's antagonist, Veress, which is detailed in the story. A swift and sleek fighter, Sheik represents all things Sheikah, and when we first meet her in the story, she comes across as very mysterious, gruff and blunt, her main focus being on helping Link rescue Zelda, since it is her duty to ensure the safety of the goddess. However, as the story goes on, Sheik slowly starts to open up and eventually develops a close friendship with Link, which the Sheikah leader soon wishes could become something more... Sheik's character is based off of several outside sources (along with the original personality of Sheik from OoT as well as young Impa from SS). Her firm, unyielding personality is largely based off of Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games, yet there are some elements of Eponine from Les Miserables in her, as well as a little Megara from Hercules, and a few hints of Tris from Divergent.
    -Veress: If you think her name sounds familiar to a certain other villain in this trilogy, that's cause she is Veran's distant ancestor and the main antagonist of the story. Veress was once part of the Sheikah tribe, until she broke off from them and created a sect known as the Dark Interlopers, vowing to get rid of the goddess and her hero and claim the Triforce as her own. Veress's personality starts out as very calm and calculated. A perfectionist, Veress strives for nothing less than making sure that her goals are met with the utmost efficiency, and she will do anything that it takes to get what she wants. However, as the story goes along, we discover that there's more than meets the eye about the Interloper leader. Her lust for power comes from a dark past of repression and jealousy, and as she accumulates more dark power, the crueler and more vicious and dangerous she becomes... Veress is largely based off of Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender, though she does have a touch of Veran's personality in her as well (as will Verona), and a little Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty (who is the main inspiration for my take on Veran in W&C)
    -Terminus-The goddess of Termina. I figured that if Hyrule has a protector goddess in Hylia, why couldn't Termina have one too? So, Terminus is the ancient goddess of Termina, and is also Hylia's fraternal twin. Before the actual outset of the story, Terminus' land was plagued by the evil demon Majora, and so Terminus chose a hero, much like Hylia did, to defeat the great threat that Majora posed. Before the actual battle, Terminus and her hero became romantically involved, which made it all the harder for the goddess when her beloved hero was corrupted by the demon and became the Fierce Deity. With her former hero hunting her down, Terminus cries out to the goddesses for help and they send Link and Zelda to help the goddess of Termina deal with her pressing problem. As far as personality goes, Terminus is kind and selfless, feeling great pity and remorse for the suffering of others. She cares deeply for her land and its people and only wishes for them to be safe and prosperous. Terminus's character is based upon many inside LoZ sources, especially when it comes to how she is depicted in later chapters: she is of course like Zelda and Hylia in quite a few ways, but I'd also like to think that she is like Hilda in many ways as well. In the more recent chapters, I'm trying to give her a few elements of Elsa from Frozen, to play off of Zelda's Anna-like personality :D
    Now onto the only OC I have developed for Light and Shadow so far (though there will most likely be more):
    -Verona: Verona is going to be the main antagonist for Light and Shadow. A direct descendant of Veran, Verona wishes to avenge her ancestor's defeat at the hands of the Hero of Time and Princess of Destiny by exacting vengeance upon the newest generation of princess and hero. Unlike her predecessors, however, Verona's approach will largely not be a forceful one. Rather, she will work through crafty manipulation and deception, making her a very dangerous villain to go up against. I won't tell you too much about her here, but look out for her in Light and Shadow!

    Ending Sections: When I first started writing the trilogy, I had intended to have little ending blurbs at the end of each chapter in every one of these stories, but the more I thought about it, the more weary it made me. So only Wisdom and Courage will have ending sections, Blood and Spirit and Light and Shadow most likely will not. Sorry if you like them, but... they ware me out and I think that they're too fluffy and have pretty much nothing to do with the stories so... yeah!

    Side Stories: I've just started writing a collection of side stories based upon the Bound Destinies trilogy for those of you who want a little more between my frequent periods of writer's block! These side stories will cover a variety of things, from the lore of the trilogy to backstories to emotions. They'll detail a ton of things, in a ton of different genres and perspectives. Check it out to learn more!

    Ok, so now, let's move on to themes i want to incorporate in each individual story:

    Blood and Spirit: This will be set in the following months after Skyward Sword. At the outset of the story, Link and Zelda will really be the only ones living on the surface, but other Skyloftians will come down as the story goes on. In the first few chapters of the story, they will happen across the land of Termina, which has recently been torn by war against the demon Majora, which had been sealed away by the goddess Terminus, Hylia's twin, after it was defeated by her chosen hero. However, in the great battle, Majora inflicted a dark wound on Terminus' hero that corrupted his spirit and gave him god-like powers of destruction. Unable to defeat or appeal to the newly-created Fierce Deity, Terminus enlists the aid of Link and Zelda to defeat him, which they barely do. Hylia and Terminus create the song of healing and use it to seal the Fierce Deity away in a mask, which is hidden away along with Majora's Mask. With Termina safe, Link and Zelda return to their world but all is not well. Unbeknownst to Zelda, Link was wounded in the fight against the Deity and was also filled with Majora's corruption, slowly corrupting his spirit and transforming him into another Fierce Deity. However, when he and Zelda try to find a cure, they discover that an even greater danger is brewing upon the surface. A group of rouge Sheikah who turned against Hylia because she chose to trust her hero over them seek vengeance on the goddess as well as the Triforce. Under the direction of their cold and calculating leader, Veress, they capture Zelda and nearly kill Link, who is found and aided by Sheik, the leader of the group of Sheikah who are still loyal to Hylia. With her help, the hero must rescue the goddess once again while trying to overcome the impending corruption of his own spirit and dealing with the war within both the sky and the surface. Beyond that, without giving away any spoilers, there's a ton of drama, romance angst and many things that were foreshadowed in Wisdom and Courage, as this story will basically tell the tale of the Dark Interlopers as mentioned in Twilight Princess. It will also detail the establishment of Hyrule and some other things leading up to Ocarina of Time. This one is completely done now and I couldn't be happier!!! So please, go check it out!!!! :D

    Link to cover on DeviantART:

    Link to playlist on YouTube:

    Wisdom and Courage: This is set seven years after the events of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, in the child timeline. Link and Zelda are seventeen in the story, about how old they would have been in the adult portion of Ocarina of Time. The first few chapters in the story are mostly fluff, focusing on Link and Zelda traveling to Termina for a vacation, but there is some main plot foreshadowing here and here. On their way back, they are attacked and captured by Veran, the Twili sorceress of Shadow, a descendant of Veress, who seeks the Triforce pieces that the two of them hold. To this end, she sends Link out across Hyrule to find the Fused Shadows (which can be used to extract the Triforce) in exchange for the princess' safety. Veran uses the Fused Shadows to posses Zelda to extract the Triforce pieces from her, Ganondorf and Link. The sorceress gains the complete Triforce and uses it to conquer Hyrule, leaving Link and Zelda for dead. Since Veran turned the hearts of the people of Hyrule against their princess, they are forced into hiding and discover that only one with the "blood of the goddess" and one of the "spirit of the hero" can defeat Veran. At the same time, Link finds out that the only thing that can truly destroy the sorceress is the Fierce Deity's Mask, though using it could lead to the complete corruption of his soul. Meanwhile, Veran is hunting for the two of them once again in an attempt to kill them, so they flee to Termina to escape her wrath. But she follows them even there, where she recovers even more power in the form of the resurgent power of Majora's Mask, which she uses to launch a large attack on Termina. From there, Link and Zelda follow her back to Hyrule in hopes of stopping her once and for all. And no more spoilers from there! This one is finished and if you wanna see what happens in full detail, go check it out!!!! CURRENTLY UNDER REVISION!

    Link to Cover art on DeviantART:

    Link to Playlist on YouTube:

    Light and Shadow: This will be set in the immediate (following weeks) aftermath of Twilight Princess. The story will begin with Midna fleeing the Palace of Twilight for her life after Verona (Veran's descendant and Midna's cousin) launched a huge attack on the Twilight Realm, easily conquering and forcing its princess into exile. Alone and injured, Midna desperately escapes the Twilight Realm and searches for the one person she knows can help her defeat this evil... Meanwhile, Link, while trying to resume his old life in Ordon Village, is contacted by Princess Zelda, who wishes to thank the hero for all he has done for her kingdom, as well as invite him to her upcoming coronation. The two meet and become fast friends, spending time together as their new found friendship slowly starts to become something more. However, just when it seems like everything is perfect, Midna appears and begs for Link's help in stopping Verona, who plans on coming to Hyrule to claim both the kingdom and the Triforce as her own. And sure enough, the queen of shadows soon arrives, imprisoning the new queen within her own castle and placing a deadly curse upon the hero. However, unlike her ancestor, Verona knows that the key to victory is to tear the one with the blood of the goddess and one with the spirit of the hero apart, and so, as a pall of darkness settles upon the land once more, she sets out to turn Link and Zelda against each other, turning kindness into bitterness, love into hatred and light into shadows... And that's all I can say about it now... I have a TON of ideas built up for this one and let me tell you all right now that the angst, the drama, the action, the romance, the overall FEELS are gonna be so REAL in this one! I am so freaking exited for it!!!! I know its gonna be so much fun to write and I hope you all will really enjoy it!!!

    Link to cover art on DeviantART:

    Link to playlist on YouTube:

    Sequels to the trilogy

    So I have decided that since I love the ideas and concepts of the trilogy so much, I plan on writing at least one (or two!) sequels for each one of them, in order to tie them together better and for the purposes of lore and stuff. And so, while I'm not going to reveal a whole lot here, I will divulge some rough ideas I have, though none of this is getting written until after the trilogy is 100% done, so keep that in mind! Alrighty! So...
    Blood and Spirit sequels: String of Fate (set about two years or so after B&S's ending, though before its epilogue; will feature Ghirahim as the main antagonist, as well as give more limelight to Skyward Sword side characters) and The Gerudo Wars (retconning a statement I put into the epilogue, this will take place about 16 or 17 years after B&S, and will largely detail the origins of the Gerudo race as well as their relation to Hyrule)
    Wisdom and Courage sequels: Unnamed 1st sequel (though I don't have a name for it, I do have a lot of ideas for this one, which will be set immediately after W&C), and The Hero's Shade (takes place like 30 or so years after W&C, details the origin of the Hero's Shade and leads up to Twilight Princess)
    Light and Shadow sequels: Peacekeeper (set several months after L&S, can't say anything at all about it now cause L&S isn't done, but it will detail the backstory of a certain character a LOT more!) and Civil Wars (really only a rough conceptual idea right now, very little details are in my mind for it, but it will most likely be set a few years after L&S)

    Like I said, I'm really excited about the Bound Destinies Trilogy as a whole and I really hope it gets a lot of loyal readers. I can't wait to see it in its full, finished glory!!!

    So that's it with my many stories and this long winded profile for now! until next time! :D

    Love, MiniJen :)

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    Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Angst/Tragedy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 15,558 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 36 - Updated: 5/18 - Published: 1/7 - [Link, Zelda] Fi, Ghirahim
    Twisted Fates reviews
    Five years have passed since Ganondorf's defeat. Five years have also passed since Link mysteriously vanished, leaving Tetra empty and alone. However, the Hero of Winds is not gone forever, for when he finally makes his sudden return, a new evil rises up from the depths of the sea... The Great Sea has changed, and its nothing like it used to be. Post WW AU. Full description inside.
    Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Angst/Suspense - Chapters: 6 - Words: 37,991 - Reviews: 37 - Favs: 39 - Follows: 50 - Updated: 4/15 - Published: 9/13/2013 - [Link, Tetra] Ganondorf, Dark Link
    Wisdom and Courage reviews
    Encroaching darkness, a vengeful sorceress, a stolen power, a terrorized kingdom, a corrupted mask. In the midst of all this, there are but three things the worlds of Hyrule and Termina can depend upon to save them now: a cursed hero, a heartbroken princess, and the tried and tested love that they share. Post OoT/MM. Book 2 of the Bound Destinies Trilogy.
    Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 42 - Words: 296,696 - Reviews: 271 - Favs: 104 - Follows: 96 - Updated: 1/27 - Published: 11/1/2012 - [Link, Zelda] Impa, Veran - Complete
    Forever reviews
    SS Manga AU; based on a post from tumblr user sagesins. Hylia's hero had lost, but instead of putting him out of his misery, the Demon King had other plans. In order to stop the cycle of the Spirit of the Hero from ever starting, the Demon King imprisons the first hero, keeping him trapped in time's unmoving grip and torturing him to his breaking point. Oneshot, Link/Hylia kinda
    Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,579 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 5 - Published: 10/30/2014 - [Link, Hylia/Her Grace] Demise - Complete
    Bound Destinies Side Stories reviews
    A little something for those of you who are readers of my Bound Destinies Trilogy and something for you to enjoy even if you're not! This will basically be a little collection of shorts and one-shots based around my trilogy, taking on a wide variety of topics, themes, genres and perspectives, with the purpose of adding depth to each story in the trilogy. More info inside!
    Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 18,782 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 7/15/2014 - Published: 12/21/2013 - [Link, Zelda]
    Blood and Spirit reviews
    From the darkest shadows of the surface, evil rebels arise, seeking the ultimate power of the Triforce. The goddess's incarnation strives to protect the land that is her charge to watch over. And the goddess's chosen hero fights to save them both while struggling against a corruption that seeks to destroy him from the inside out. Post SS. Book 1 of the Bound Destinies Trilogy.
    Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 42 - Words: 310,701 - Reviews: 388 - Favs: 132 - Follows: 110 - Updated: 7/9/2014 - Published: 7/9/2013 - [Link, Zelda] Sheik, Fi - Complete
    The Chosen Two reviews
    For all her life, the feisty Princess Zelda has been bound to her royal duties and responsibilities. But, when she is captured by a wicked man draped in shadows, she is overwhelmed by questions. Who is this evil man? What does he want with her? And, most importantly, who is the handsome young man clad in green who has been captured along with her? Zelda's POV. Full Summary Inside.
    Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 14,116 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 41 - Updated: 10/31/2013 - Published: 7/26/2013 - [Zelda, Link] Ganondorf
    The Princess of Darkness reviews
    "Those who live in the world of light call it a place of cursed darkness. But this is not true. It is a world bathed in a mystical, otherworldly beauty. When you find yourself in it, it sets your soul at ease and brings you peace. It is called the Twilight Realm and I am its princess... Or at least I had been..." Twilight Princess as told through the eyes of Midna.
    Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Drama/Friendship - Chapters: 23 - Words: 68,583 - Reviews: 72 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 4/22/2013 - Published: 9/13/2012 - Link, Midna
    Snow Flower reviews
    "I grew up in the mountains with my father. I never knew my mother. We lived in a large house where it was always cold. My father taught me how to use a bow and a sword when I was only ten. I grew up hearing tales of the strange world below the mountain, though I never once wanted to go there. My father said there were no men of valor there." Ashei's backstory as told by her.
    Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,012 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 4/6/2013 - Published: 1/9/2013 - Ashei
    The Legend of Hyrule reviews
    Ever wondered what a Hylian history book would be like? Look no further! Inside these dusty tomes is the full, unabridged history of the kingdom of Hyrule, in order. Watch as a kingdom's legend unfolds in deep, accurate, interesting detail! Based on the concept of Hyrule Historia, only more detailed.
    Legend of Zelda - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 30 - Words: 26,089 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 1/2/2013 - Published: 10/1/2012 - Complete
    I'll See You Again reviews
    "A feeling in the heart that becomes stronger over time...Young love will turn to deep affection..." A new take on Link and a female Sheik and the relationship the game never showed us. Inspired by the game and the manga.
    Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 18 - Words: 30,388 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 30 - Updated: 11/21/2012 - Published: 3/6/2012 - Link, Sheik
    Melodies of Hyrule reviews
    Where did the Ocarina songs from Ocarina of Time come from? What is the story behind each of them and why do they hold the special powers that they do? Discover the mysteries behind the Melodies of Hyrule.
    Legend of Zelda - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy/Family - Chapters: 6 - Words: 6,439 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 10/18/2012 - Published: 3/17/2012 - Zelda, Impa
    Zelda's Journey reviews
    He was her chosen hero, and he fulfilled this role well. However, when Link disappears mysteriously, it is up to Zelda to find him on her own, braving the dangers of the surface without her hero. Post Skyward Sword. Told through both Zelda's POV and Link's POV!
    Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 16 - Words: 37,427 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 10/2/2012 - Published: 8/28/2012 - Zelda, Link, Ghirahim, Fi - Complete
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