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Gears of War 4: Rico Squad (This Story is currently on hold)

Gears of War: Private Carmine (MY CURRENT FOCUS AND NEWEST STORY)

Below is my original bio for Lieutenant Matt Dunbar, my main character of the Gears of War 4 Rico Squad story.

Name: Matt Dunbar

Age: 42

Personality: Calm, smart, polite, never gets angry, Strong willed, Honest

Appearance(Scars/tattoos): Bald, blue eyes, muscular, dusty brown goatee,

Weapons (2 Main, one sidearm, or greanades): Lancer, Gnasher shotgun, Snub pistol

Personalites he likes: Honesty, Trust, Confidence, Calmness

Personalites he dislikes: Cocky, Mean, Annoying

What he would do if he knew it was the end: Fight to the last breath.

What he would do if he were surronded: Pick off the strogest enemies first and work his way down.

Rank: Lieutenant

Specific Training: No Specific training

OC's and Creator's for Gears of War 4: Rico Squad and Gears of War Saving Private Carmine:

Private Emily Hefresson (Luizao940)

Private Fixer (AXL999)

Corporal Corey Rollard (Helor145)

Sergeant Leonardo Rhodes (Dorylus)

Corporal Stiletto (My wunderwaffle Iz missin)

Corporal Damon Mielke (DamonMielke)

Corporal Jon Downey (Jd169)

Corporal Dalia Carson (ActiveX2012)

The Walking Dead: Survival of the Fittest (Completed)

This story is officially finished, so don't submit a character now, but maybe for the sequel!!! Currently accepting no more characters for this story because it's completed! The following characters are in:

Jon Downey (Jd169)

Olvia (Livvy) Marie Townsend (xxBlueButterflyHottixx)

Colee Gibson (aviator-nova)

Luke Pittman (Lonleewolf)

Michelle 'Elle' Howard (Skullzandcrossbonez)

Olivia Dawson (Walking primrose)

Elizabeth Siring (Self owned character)

Katrina/ Jake Rosenberg (Luizao940)

Matt Hammond (Self owned character)


Gears of War: Legacy (Currently on hold)

A brand new story and my first crossover fanfic featuring Riddick and Gears of War. Bascially the survivors of the movie Pitch Black (Riddick), crash onto Sera and are thrown into Gears of War! Pretty epic sounding right! Well then, CHECK IT OUT!!! EVEN IF YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT RIDDICK AND YOUR JUST A GEARS OF WAR FAN, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!! HAHA SO CHECK HER OUT!!! XD

The Walking Dead: Frostbite

This story is currently on hold!!!

This is story is currently in progress!!! Prologue to be posted Saturday! SO TWDSOTF FANS, HERE COMES THE SEQUEL WITH ALL YOUR OCS!!! (I ADVISE ANYONE NEW TO THE SERIES TO READ "THE WALKING DEAD: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" before reading this one which is it's sequel! Here's da current cast:

Jon Downey (Jd196)

Elizabeth Siring (Self owned character)

Olivia (Livvy) Marie Townsend (xxBlueButterflyHottixx)

Luke Pittman (Lonleewolf)

Michelle 'Elle' Howard (Skullzandcrossbonez)

Olivia Dawson (Walking primrose)

Katrina/ Jake Rosenberg (Luizao940)

Jermiah Wesker White (ChaseLuciferSparrow)

Matt Hammond (Self owned character)

Keith (Self owned character)

Martha (Self owned character)

Keandra (Keke) Windall (NinjaMadness)

Chase October (ChaseLuciferSparrow)

This cast is not complete and will be added to! Don't want any spoliers on here though! :P

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Gears of War: Saving Private Carmine reviews
Lieutenant Matt Dunbar and Rico Squad have been assigned to retrieve a Henry Carmine from combat, only problem is, the private is MIA beyond the wall. One of the locust's strongest fortresses, can Rico squad even breach it? Will they survive behind enemy lines if they do? Will Henry Carmine even be found? Find out in this exciting story of love, loss, friendship, and duty!
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The Lambent invasion and all Locust forces were beleived to be destroyed two years ago thanks to Adam Fenix. Sgt. Matt Dunbar thought the same, but now with the emergence of Karn, a Locust hybrid, war has plagued Sera once again calling the Cog and newly named Leiutenant Matt Dunbar, back to action. Orginal OC Submission-NO LONGER ACCEPTING JUST GIVE IT A READ! XD
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The Light mass Bombing has failed to kill the Locust and apparently they've returned stronger than ever on Sera. Now Chairman Prescott wants to launch Operation: Hollow Storm to try and end the war. But right before this occurs, a strange trio crashes onto Sera claiming to have just escaped a planet. How will these new three help with the war on Sera? Or won't they? RIDDICK/GOW
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