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So, i know that i said i would finish my stories, but i simply don't want to now. I've been really busy lately, and i basically don't have the intention to write anything now. From now on, i will write whenever i feel like it, and write about whatever i feel like. and i'm not announcing anything for them either; each one, if i even write again, will come without warning.

so basically, i'm gonna write about whatever i feel like writing, and do it when i feel like really doing it. so maybe i'll actually write the Sonic fanfic I've always wanted to write, or finish the Pokémon one. but i don't know when that will be.

stuff about me:

favorite games: Sonic, Mario, pokemon, kirby, call of duty, transformers, megaman starforce, Halo, medal of honor, Star Wars, cave story(GREATEST. GAME. EVER!), tom clancy's splinter cell, uncharted, infamous, prince of persia, batman: arkham series, goldeneye 007, assassin's creed, the walking dead: the game, fallout, bioshock infinite, Super Meat Boy, the elder scrolls, megaman x.

favorite shows: Adventure time, Regular show, amazing world of gumball, full house, gravity falls, legend of korra, the last airbender

favorite bands, singers, rappers, etc.: Linkin Park, The Black Eyed Peas, Bruno Mars, Taio Cruz, Eminem, Pitbull, Crush 40, Weird Al Yankovic, Hot Chelle Rae, Maroon 5, Bridgit Mendler, Katy Perry, PSY, Toby Turner, Imagine Dragons, Victoria Justice, Against the Current, Dave Days, Capital Cities.

favorite books: percy jackson, heroes of olympus, the hunger games, assassin's creed books, the book thief

favorite comics: sonic the hedgehog, sonic universe, megaman, spider man, uncharted

I am a HUGE movie fanatic. I will watch just about any movie and critique it. some of my favorites include the Transformers film series, Harry Potter, Toy Story, How to train your dragon, spider man films, real steel, the hunger games series, percy jackson series, Jurassic Park, I am Legend, and tons more.

my other accounts on other sites:

darkSpyro: a spyro the dragon fansite: pankakesparx456

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