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Hey, peeps! Alright, more about me then… I’m Natasha and I love writing fanfictions about Tekken. All right, you can call me Nat for short. I wouldn’t mind. No difference anyway. I am 18, and five feet and eight inches tall. Taller than Avril, but... She's still my favorite singer no matter what, dudes!

I practically play video games every weekend. OR... I watch TV. I love watching MTV. But when there are power interruptions, I go roller blading or I skate with my guy friends that live in the neighborhood and some from school too.

I also read a lot. I mean, my room’s practically alike by physical appearance to a library. Except that my room is kinda like a messy one. The books that I read are "Artemis Fowl," "Harry Potter," "Merlin," and books written by J.R.R. Tolkien.

During my spare time, particularly when I freak myself out and go nuts around the house, I jump up and down on the bed while singing along to Avril Lavigne, Incubus, or Linkin Park’s punk rock songs.

Sometimes I think about stupid things like, "Do I belong to this planet or what?" or "Do morons go to jail?" or stuff like that. Maybe that’s why I wanna meet Avril so much. I mean, like, it’d be so fun crashin’ the mall around with her and her guy friends on roller skates.

But nothing like all my hobbies stop me from writing or updating my fanfics. I mean, I shouldn’t stop my readers from waiting and all that. I'm planning on doing fics in stuff I'm really involved in. Like, my favorite shows or something. Or more games, too. Anyways, that’s all about me, and Spider-Man will always be my hero. Go, Peter Parker! You'd always rock, even though the outfit's getting a bit old. You'd look better in a pair of loose pants and a shirt from Dickies(my favorite brand!).

If you weren’t satisfied with my bio, then I have a few words to say to you. “If you don’t like me for who I am, then you don’t like me for who I am. And all you’re gonna get, is who I am.”

Oh yeah. My site’s not really that complete and all, but let’s just hope that I keep updating, which I hope, will come true. Just have to get a new computer or snoop my sister's laptop outta the house. Yes, I have an older sister.


Hell, this is getting a bit too long.

A little tip though: When you roller skate, don't fall on your ass. It's embarrassing. Experienced it once. My guy friends had to help me up, and a lotta people were starin'. Damn, was it mortifyin'.


Check out my fics and I hope you like 'em.

Gotta go, peeps. I'll try updatin' sooner.

Oh yeah! I'm currently making a website. It's an advice column, so e-mail me at whenever you like, and I'll be posting them on my site, attached with the answer. Also, please place the category of the question you want answered. I'll be posting the address here within a month or so. Get those e-mails goin'!

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