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name : Kimmy

aliases : Kim, Zephy, Zephyrus, Gokugurl

age : 15 as of the year 2005.

gender: Female, in case you haven't realised that already...

race : Chinese.

location : Malaysia.

likes : Slash, Chemistry, Add Math, History, Gerard Butler (Erik in PoTO), manga, anime, sketching, good art, nice people who make sense.

dislikes : Homophobes, the subject Moral, immature bratty flames by equally immature and bratty people, exams, Mary Sues, annoying brats in class who can NOT shut up and ask silly little things which hold up the class, and lots of other irritating little things that I'd like to squash to death and wipe off the surface of Earth.

current obsession :
Anime : Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Tantei Gakuen Q
Book Series : His Dark Materials, Harry Potter, The Vampire Chronicles
Movie : The Phantom of the Opera!
Pairing : Ichigo/Rukia - Bleach

fav author : Philip Pullman, J.K.Rowling, Anne Rice, Dan Brown

fav charas :
Killua Zaoldyeck (Hunter x Hunter)
Kuchiki Rukia (Bleach)
Abarai Renji (Bleach)
Amakusa Ryuu (Tantei Gakuen Q)
Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto)
Genjou Sanzou (Saiyuki)
Himura Tomoe (Rurouni Kenshin)

fav straight pairings :
Ichigo x Rukia (Bleach)
Kyu x Megu (Tantei Gakuen Q)
Kenshin x Tomoe (Rurouni Kenshin)
Conan x Haibara (Detective Conan)
Inuyasha x Kikyou (Inuyasha)

fav slash/yaoi pairings :
Killua x Gon (Hunter x Hunter)
Ryu x Kyu (Tantei Gakuen Q)
Sasuke x Naruto (Naruto)
Yami x Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Sanzou x Goku (Saiyuki)

fav games :
Suikoden IV (Legend of Mana)
Dance Dance Revolution
Rhapsody : A Musical Adventure
Breath of Fire IV

brief summary of self: Now, what can I say about myself here? I'm Kimmy, a girl with oddly outstanding assets for a 15-year-old who has this weird habit of fantasizing about non-canon yaoi couples and has various plot bunnies in her mind that won't sit stillthereby disabling her ability to write any good stories for now. Umm. Yes.

As aforementioned, I love Chemistry; oh, the atoms, the molecules, the ions, the everything! Yes, even the periodic table of elements. Whee! Add Math is another personal favourite subject of mine; it's so fun to watch everybody staring blankly at the board while you're thinking, "Man! This is easy!" (: English rocks my socks too; it's so damned simple to score and of course, it always helps to have that extra A on your results slip. Heh. Umm. Yeah. I love tampering with HTML too, and making new layouts. (:

I like expressing my opinions. I don't like being supressed, controlled, or being dominated. I don't like supressing, controlling or dominating either. I believe in democracy amongst students. I don't like people who act all bossy or irritating, inconsiderate people who recite their notes loudly when others are trying to study for exams. I mean, fcuk, we're trying to study too, y'know? So, yeah. Oh, I hate bitchy people who talk about people behind other's backs too; don't you?If you don't like me, make it clear. Don't suck up to me only to bitch about me without me knowing, no? ;) 'Cause I can be very oh-so-not-very-nice if I find out about it.

I admire my dad. He's a smartass, BUT he has a life. Cool, huh? Which 45-year-old dad listens to Rock & Roll and Mix FM and knows the tune of Avril's "Happy Ending" by heart AND can still recite all the formulas in Physics AND solve Add Math questions? Yeah, weird I know. And for one thing, my dad ain't no religious geek, no way, no how. (: He's an atheist, and I kinda took after him there. Haha. I really look up to the dude that's my dad, and I hope I'll become as successful or as organized as he is someday. Gotta problem? Too bad.

Umm. I don't really have much to say about what I like, since everything I like has practically been listed up there. Eheh. Umm. Well, as for things I dislike, they're up there too. So, erm, yeah.

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An Angel in Disguise by Yo Xi Wang reviews
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Return To Innocence, Again by enervate reviews
PART 4 UPLOADED! Sanzo tries to deny his own feelings for Goku, but when Goku got lost in a cave, he sets off in search for him. But poor Sanzo himself got drowned, and Goku saved him,... and what becomes of their love? R&R, onegai.
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Of Scandalous Heaven reviews
AU. In the midst of a rivalry between gangs, Goku was violated and had a drug forced down his throat. A drug that brings out feelings and a darker, lustful different side of him he never knew existed... that eventually lusts after Sanzo. [SanzoxGoku]
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