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"Well... Umm... it was... somtin... eeeeerrrrr... another... PLZ dont be mad at me!!!" -Me :3

My name? Well... that I won't say, but you can simply call me Mina.

What am I? Last I checked... Human... and female.

My ideal stories/writing? I prefer some adventure with tid-bits of action and adventure... did I mention adventure? Plus, humor and comedy is almost a MUST for me. But what I think really brings a good story together is romance. (Sorry yaoi/yuri, your not welcome here... unless your Yuri Lowell from tales of Vesperia!!! Hes welcome with open arms here) ;) But a story for me has to have a awsome, interesting, long, plot or is a cute little one-shot. If a story is long with a lame plot that just seems wack, then you've lost my attention... sorry.

My Reviews? I stay positive! Even when I'm correcting or making bad points, I stay positive and encourage.

Favorite JPRG Character & Pairing(s):

-Tales of Vesperia: Flynn (YurixEstelle, FlynnxSodia, RitaxIoder, FlynnxJudith

-Tales of Graces F: Sophie (AsbelxCheria, HubertxPascal, RichardxSophie

-Final Fantasy VII: Zack (CloudxTiffa, ZackxAerith, YuffiexVincent

-Kingdom Hearts: Riku (RoxasxNamine, SoraxKairi

-Tales of Symphonia: Corrine (LloydxCollette, SheenaxZelos, KratosxAnna

-Final Fantasy XIII: Baby Chocobo (SerahxSnow, HopexVanille

-Final Fantasy XIII-2: Noel (CaiusxLightning

-Tales of Xillia 2: Alvin (JudexEllise, JudexLeia, MusexGaius, AlvinxPresa

- Atelier Rorona/Totori/Meruru: Rorona (RoronaxTantris (OTP; 5ever), RoronaxSterk, TotorixGino, MeruruxRufus, MeruruxLias

-Eternal Sonata: Viola (AllegretoxPolka, JazzxViola

-Current Pairing Fuzzy Feels: (Re-updated) I dont know why but after watching Atelier Rorona, I've hit a soft spot for RoronaxTantris... I dont know if I've got the full details on their relationship status but its just kind of... I guess ''tragic''at the end if you get one of his final endings and... TT_TT I dun know y it huuuuuurts. (Probly cause Tantris insn't in ANY of the sequels!!!) Even though he's suppost to be a ladies man, I'm a sucker for these types of parings and well... it seemed like by the end he really cared for Rorona :'D . . . . . I need a life ._.

Storie(s) Updates

- 1/11/2013

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Live and Learn:

Chapter 5: Merp. :P It's currently in this writers-block-lack of motivation-hiatus... sorry... :(

- 1/11/2013

Tales of Vesperia -Short Story- "title still pending":

Haha, its a crack pairing. :D Judith/Flynn everyone! ... oh just me? okay... ._. still debating is I even want to post it too... :\


Atelier Rorona - "title still pending":

Possibly will post this story... however it is a Rorona/Tantris story as the main ship ;D, but I'm still debating on posting this one... Meh :\.

Crystal Chronicles: Live and Learn reviews
Zella Nae, a orphaned Selkie child, is brought up in the house of nobility as a princess with royal Lilty parents. But beause of her ranks, she is not able to carivan or even leave the castle. But will she stand for that? -long summary inside- OCxOC
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 17,514 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 9/11/2011 - Published: 6/23/2011