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Background: WindClan nursery with rainclouds and rain over by the cave entrance

'Ello, and welcome to my profile of, uh, boredomness. :3 Anyway, this is just a little intro of my profile and, well, yeah... Cookies. :D

My favorite games are: Blue Dragon (I like all three games, though I prefer the first one), Halo, Pokemon, and Left 4 Dead (both games)

My favorite animes are: Blue Dragon (obviously *cough, cough*), Soul Eater, Hetalia (don't judge :D)

My favorite books are: Warriors series, The Book Thief, Doctor Sleep, and The Shining (both are horror books and are really good)

My favorite things I do are: Drawing, writing, reading, occasionally playing video games, and sometimes sleeping

My favorite type of music: Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal, and, well, any other songs that can keep my head bobbing

Name: RedFire "Red" Wolfine

Birth date: October 19 (Nope. Not telling the year!)

Signature Clothing: Blue t-shirt with the words "Warning - I'm tuning you out" on it; has black sleeves; dirty blue pants with a few tares (I believe that's the word) on them; black-and-green shoes; cookie monster hat/Charizard hat/RedFire hat; black, hooded jacket

Hair color: Red with orange at the tips and yellow right on top of the orange (human Fursona); Either a brown type of color, or a black kind (normal)

Eye color: Dark Green (human Fursona); a dark brown that seems to look black, depending on how you look at it (normal)

Personality: I'm a bit strange with a knack of being, well, uh, weird. I have a tendency to laugh at dumb questions that are thrown my way, as well as having a strange feel to pain by laughing at it. I'm somewhat anti-social, so my way of speaking and how I react to certain questions/statements/etc. maybe a little...late... I'm also very socially awkward, too, so... *laughs* I tend to be a quiet gal, but, when around those that I feel comfortable with, my energetic and crazy side gets the best of me. I have very low self-esteem and tend to be negative towards myself, but positive to others - I'm also easily confused. (More will be added)

Fursona: A red-orange-and-yellow wolf-fox with ginger ears and yellow inner ears. Has a short-medium snout with a triangular, yellow nose. Has two orange, triangular stripes going down the bottom portion of the right eye; has a small-sized tooth poking out the upper jaw of the right side of the mouth. Has and orange muzzle, which starts at the end of both corners of yellow nose and trails down muzzle, chest, underbelly, and then undertail, disappearing along the tip. Has three yellow, triangular stripes on the back, as well as having two yellow, triangular stripes on each leg and three triangular stripes on the topside of the tail, mixing with the edge of orange undertail. Has yellow paws that look like fingerless gloves on each paw in turn and has dark red paw pads - the right paw pad as a fire symbol on it, matching with the fire symbol on the chest. Has a tongue that's a mix: red on the top, orange in the middle, and yellow on the bottom. Has dark green eyes.

Friends: This girl is a very close friend of mine since the third grade. I know for a fact that this close friend of mine - an awesome best friend, might I add - will forever be a close friend no matter what. Anyway, enough about all that (since it will bore some of you), OrangeClaw is the best and, by far, the most that's been like a sister to me! She's got an awesome taste in anime and knows more about it then me, since I don't really pay that much attention to it... *laughs nervously* Oh, and if you're reading this OrangeClaw... Spaghetti Sandwhich! *flails happily* She's awesome and LOVES the pairing JiroxKluke. She's a got an amazing humor (Which I find funny!!!!!! XD) And is very nice. (Volt: Don't forgot sweet!!!!!! :D) This person I met on DeviantART. She is funny and is super awesome! :D She is really cool!

My Favorite Things from Blue Dragon:

(Quick - be ready for some weirdness coming from me! *flails*)

My favorite couples are: JiroxKluke, ShuxBouquet, MarumaroxZola, ShuxZola, NoixLinda, ShuxPrimula (can't spell *dies*), and ShuxShalia

My favorite Shadows are: Blue Dragon, Phoenix, Minotaur(ous), and Saber Tiger

My favorite characters: Kluke, Zola, Noi, Marumaro, Jiro, Shu, Lota, Bouquet, Andropov, Cynthia, and General Rogi

My favorite lines:

Episode 4:

Kluke: "Is that a cat?" After seeing Marumaro for the first time.

Episode 21:

Lemaire: "You fight like a girl, Cynthia!"

Cynthia: "I am a girl - what's your excuse?!"

Lemaire: "Let's not fight in front of the children." After getting attacked by Minotaur(ous) and Blue Dragon.

Announcements and other Important things that need to be Discussed or something like that!


will update this more frequently, though might break this promise once or twice...or maybe three or four times... ;)

These are characters for some stories (mostly for Blue Dragon) that I've made and that I really need to keep track of. x'D I probably might use some of them, but others may just be side characters or main characters, or, well...not sure, but they're still characters. xD

WARNING: Volt, Dark, Claws, and Fang's character sheets will not be on here anymore! All stories involving these four (and their Shadows) will mostly be deleted or re-written for something else! These four (as well as their Shadows) will be humans and will only be stoic characters for future stories. Meaning, they will be shown as just side characters and will not be important whatsoever, but just as random villagers! This may happen to other characters that will be mentioned on here, but I cannot be too sure yet.

Anyway, enjoy looking through these characters. xD They may or may not be used as main characters, but possible as side characters. (One of them maybe cut out from being a Blue Dragon OC, as well as three others, and just be normal OCs, but I'm still debating.)

My Characters from Blue Dragon:

Name: Kirusho

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Hair Color: A silvery kind of gray.

Hair Style: Kirusho's hair style is close to Noi's, though his is wild and spiky, giving off a "bad boy" persona look to it.

Eye Color: A semi-light to semi-dark silver.

Skin Color: Extremely pale.

Body Type: He's a bit on the scrawny-skinny side and doesn't have that much muscle to him, though that maybe because he's still a kid, from what his appearance gives off.

Clothing: His clothing is that of the same as the Superior Life Forms, though the parts that aren't colored gray - or black - is a shiny silver.

Shadow: His dragon form is a mix between Blue Dragon and the "baby dragon form" that Noi had before episode forty-nine. His wings are the the same build as Noi's wings were, but the wings looks more like Blue Dragons - his legs and muscle tone is similar to that of the Shadow dragon, as well, though his facial structure are similar to Noi's "baby dragon form," while the horns on his head are like Blue Dragon's.

Other Information:

  • Likes cute things and is pretty good at hiding this fact.
  • Easily gets crushes, though, as with the first one mentioned, is pretty good at hiding this fact, although not as good as he thinks, really.
  • Wants to try and be a soldier, though sucks at it since he doesn't take commands all that easily.
  • Shadow Attacks:

  • He's able to fire silver flames from his mouth at his opponents.
  • Is able to fire silver, fiery orbs at his opponents.
  • He fights his opponents in hand-to-hand combat, although he's not very good at it.
  • He bites and claws, as well as uses his tail to smack others around with.

  • Name: Celicia

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Female

    Hair Color: A crystal-like color to it.

    Hair Style: Celicia has long hair that stops at her back, though she always keeps it in a high ponytail, making the tip of her hair stop at her mid back; she changes her hairstyle quiet a bit, though the high ponytail is her signature look.

    Eye Color: A dark blue, though glows brightly when shone under the sunlight.

    Skin Color: Not too pale, but not too tan, either.

    Body Type: She's wiry, though looks like any typical twelve or thirteen-year-old girls.

    Clothing: She wears the normal clothing the Superior Life Forms wear, though the parts that aren't dark gray - or black - are colored a crystal-kind of color.

    Shadow: Her dragon form is basically a long, serpent-like dragon with no legs and a very thick body which goes a long way, before shortening down to a thin tail behind her; she has two arms with five claws on each of the hands and two, not so gigantic, but still big wings on her back. There are dark crystal-colored spikes going from where her neck and back meets, all the way down her back until they disappeared where her tail-tip was. She has a narrow face, with a pointed snout and has two horns that poke out of her head on each side, both are curved slightly towards the other, but don't curve too much to make them touch the tips of the other.

    Other Information:

  • Enjoys the scent of flowers, though mostly roses and lilies.
  • Is attracted to shy boys, though tries to hide this fact from others.
  • Has a crush on Kirusho (though it's difficult to say this is true, as she has mix feelings for the boy).
  • Shadow Attacks:

  • She fires crystal-colored flames at her opponents form her mouth.
  • She fires crystal-colored orbs at her opponents from her mouth.
  • Using her tail, she can hit her opponents with it like a whip.
  • She attacks her opponents with her teeth, biting them, and with her claws, scratching them.

  • Name: Egnar

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Hair Color: A sort of light - pale - orange.

    Hair Style: Egnar has long, spiky hair, which stops at his mid-back, though it is tied into a low ponytail by a black band; the end of it, as well as the rest of it, is still spiky and looks unkept.

    Eye Color: Soft blue, I guess you can say.

    Skin Color: Extremely pale.

    Body Type: He's borderline between scrawny-skinny to, somewhat, muscular

    Clothing: He wears the normal clothing the Superior Life Forms wear, though the parts that aren't dark gray - or black - are colored a dark orange.

    Shadow: Egnar's dragon form is, well, pretty different than others (if that's saying much). He's a pretty thin, but bulky (I guess you could say), dragon and has a long, thick tail with spikes at the end of his tail-tip, with some fur connecting around the spikes. He has spikes going from his back, down it, and along his tail, before halting at the edge of where the fur along his tail-tip stops. He has canine-like ears, horns curving slightly forwards from the tips, and a narrow face, looking almost bird-like or serpent-like. He has wide eyes, though they narrow slightly backwards. He has a black "collar" around his neck, followed by black "bracelets" of the same width and height on his wrists on all four of his legs; he has a long, thick (I believe that's the correct word to call it) legs, with each forepaw having at least three claws. He keeps his normal hair style in this form, as well and he has scales that are overlapped by the black "collar" around his neck, going down his chest, then his stomach, and then on his under tail; he also has small black "bracelets" (three of them) on his tail, overlapping the scales, somewhat. Egnar's dragon form is the normal shade of orange, while his hair, the fur on his tail-tip, and the inner part of his ears are light - pale - orange. His scales and spikes are a dark orange, as well as his claws.

    Other Information:

  • Always has a blush on his face no matter where he goes or what type of emotion he is feeling
  • Rarely gets angry
  • Has a fascination about becoming an artist
  • Tends to spent a lot of time outside and enjoying nature
  • Shadow Attacks:

  • He shots out orange-colored flames from his mouth
  • He shots out orange-colored spheres from his mouth
  • He sometimes uses his tail as a whip to hit his opponents
  • He bites and claws at his enemies

  • Name: Ech

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Hair Color: Brown with red streaks.

    Hair Style: Shoulder-length, spiky hair, the red streaks located at the ends of his hair.

    Eye Color: Shining blue.

    Skin Color: Borderline between pale and tan, though looks a bit more on the tan side.

    Body Type: He's a bit on the scrawny - or skinny - side, but he's also pretty muscular - you just can't see that because he's a skinny little thing.

    Clothing: Wears a red t-shirt; dirty blue pants; brown hoodie jacket (usually unzipped); brown shoes; one silver earring on right ear; gray bandanna on left arm and another on right leg; two ring-like bracelets on right wrist.


  • The Shadow's name is Black.
  • Dark gray-colored dragon with large wings. The inside of the wings are a lighter shade of gray. He has spikes going from the back of his head, down his back, and stopping at where his wings are connected to his back; they are the same shade as the inside color of the wings. He has long claws, which are light gray, as well, and sharp, white teeth. He wears two gold, ring-like bracelets on both of his wrists.
  • This Shadow is really socially awkward. He has no idea how to speak to others correctly, and has a hard time trying to get one word out during a conversation, since he's unsure of how to speak in a large crowd. Though, if he does get a word out, he'll probably stutter through the sentence. He's a lot more comfortable talking with his wielder, since he's known him well enough (and knows that his wielder doesn't mind his social awkwardness). He's also very shy around females, while his wielder drools over them. He has a much harder time trying to talk to them because, to Black, they're beautiful, pretty, and way beyond his level of people to talk to. If a female talks to him, there's a high possible chance for him to stutter, blush a very dark red, and then unsummon himself. This Shadow is very silent and quiet, unlike his wielder. He will only talk unless spoke too, or needs to answer a question, or if he has something important to say. Though, these are his normal traits; the rest of his personality was picked up from his wielder. One of these traits, happens to be the fact that he's strong-willed and will always stand up for what he believes in, which will sometimes lead into heated arguments between him and his wielder. This Shadow is, surprisingly, very smart and observes his surroundings. He's also very loyal to his wielder and his wielder's friends, and would risk his life to save those that need it.
  • Other Information:


    Shadow Attacks:

  • Sound Crash: This attack is caused by Black flapping his wings at a high speed. It blows anything away, as well as cut anything that is trapped inside; Ech and Black have no control over this power.
  • Sharp Claw: This attack allows Black's claws to turn into sharper ones. Much like Blue Dragon's claws when they're glowing with power.
  • Rising Flame: Black attacks with a fiery, black-gray flame shooting from his jaws.
  • Dragon's Spirit: Black attacks with high speed punches. Though, he can't stop until Ech is out of power, exhausted, or unconscious. Ech and Black use this as a last restort against enemies that are much stronger than the two of them.
  • will update with more characters late*

    Here are the stories that are out for the public to read:

    Blue Dragon: Meeting the Four (ON HOLD; maybe re-written or deleted)

    Cats Can't Be Cat's (ON HOLD; maybe re-written or deleted)

    Lion Cubs for Sale (ON HOLD; maybe re-written or deleted)

    PokeDragon (UPDATED; will add next chapters soon)

    Blue Dragon: Halloween Special (ON HOLD; maybe re-written or deleted)

    Blue Dragon and Warriors Crossover (UPDATED; will add next chapters soon)

    Soul Eater and Warriors Crossover (ON HOLD; maybe re-written or deleted, or, might un-hold it)

    Cats! How Did this Happen!? (Dragonball GT and Warriors Crossover; ON HOLD; may come un-hold later on)

    Firestorm's Past (ON HOLD; maybe un-hold later on)

    Random Drabbles (Soul Eater oneshots, short stories, etc.; will update)

    Blue Dragon: Short Storabbles (will update)


    You love hoodies. (I only wear one hoodie jacket.)

    You love jeans. (I wear jeans every single day!!!!!!)

    Dogs are better than cats. (I can't say anything there cause I'm allergic to both. -_-)

    It's hilarious when people get hurt. (I always get hurt!!!!! What are you talking about??????)

    You've played with/against boys on a team.

    Shopping is torture. (I'm forced to go sometimes. -_-)

    Sad movies suck.

    You own/ed an X-Box.

    Played with Hotwheel cars as a kid.

    At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter.

    You own/ed a DS, PS2 or Sega, Wii, PS3.

    You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers.

    Gory movies are cool.

    You go to your dad for advice. (Sometimes... But that's only when I'm trying to write a story.)

    You own like a trillion baseball caps.

    You like going to high school football games.

    You used to/do collect football/baseball cards.

    Baggy pants are cool to wear.

    It's kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people.

    Green, black, red, BLUE,

    or silver are one of your favorite colors.(Red For The Win!!!!! X3)

    You love to go crazy and not care what people think. (Sometimes only when I'm near my friends. =D)

    Sports are fun.

    Talk with food in your mouth.

    Sleep with your socks on at night.

    You love to play fight. (With my brother or with one of my best friends)


    You wear lip gloss/stick.

    You love to shop. (I'm forced to go!!!!!!)

    You wear eyeliner.

    You wear the color pink. (Not always.)

    Go to your mom for advice. (Sometimes.)

    You consider cheerleading a sport.

    You hate wearing the color black.

    You like hanging out at the mall. (I'd rather die!!!!!)

    You like getting manicures and/or pedicures. (I'd rather die!!!!!!)

    You like wearing jewelry. (I'll think about it.)

    Skirts are a big part of your wardrobe. (I'd rather die!!!!!!!!!)

    Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies. (How many times do I have to say this???? I'd rather die!!!!!!!!!!!)

    You don't like the movie Star Wars. (I love the movie Star Wars!!!!!)

    You were in gymnastics/dance?

    It takes you around/ more one hour to shower, get dressed, and make-up.

    You smile a lot more than you should. (All the time!!!!!! =D)

    You have more than 10 pairs of shoes. (Two actually.)

    You care about what you look like. (Nope!)

    You like wearing dresses when you can. (Okay... I know I said this once and I'll say it again. I'd rather die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    You like wearing body spray/perfume/cologne. (I said this like three of seven times already... I'd... Rather... DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    You love the movies. (Sometimes...)

    Used to play with dolls as little kid. (...)

    Like putting make-up on someone else for the joy/joke of it. (...)

    Like being the star of everything.

    Okay!!!!! I got... 13!!!!!!! And most of them came from the guy side... Scratch that... All of them came from the guy side... The last one came from the girl side... Now you know half about me... =D

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