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I'm new here, err... actually I've been visiting this site often and read lots of other FanFics, you know... I just can't help but to be inspired by others' creations. So I decided to create one too, and let them read my own view towards those certain animes. I'm an animeholic, I always forgot I'm a human (haha! :3). If not forgetting meals I skipped them, just to watch animes or read mangas and the likes. I draw too! If you want to see my drawings well, tell me and I can show you. I have a blog but I dint have the time to costumize it properly so right now, it looks tangled and a bit uncatchy (n_n).

I've been working on my own story too, I can't think of any suitable title yet, but I made it a bit in action and friendship, 'cause my characters were childhood bestfriends :Takenogi Yui @ Sakuraino Yuu: I have finished two chapters and now, I'm working on my third.

Anime is like my best friend. I remember my loneliest moment when watching anime cheered me up (some of you might thought it's lame, but for me it's a big thang XD) well, my childhood was all about childhood plays and drawings and fairytales. Dragons, dungeons, prince and princesses etc. I thought that having those kind of things can bring happiness to children well even to teenagers nowadays when many have really appreciated the excistence of animes, even the adults, which drove me to participate in this field. Just like me, OTHER KIDS AND TEENAGERS ARE OUT THERE WAITING FOR AN ANOTHER EXCITING FANFICTION, and we wouldn't want to disappoint them right? Yeap~ I think so too. :))

So, let us be guided and show them what we've got.(=^w=^)b

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