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Hi, I'm relatively new! I really hate it when people update once and then create a new chapter or story about five months later! But enough of that, let me tell you what I like:

Favorite bands:



Black Sabbath

Led Zeppelin

Favorite book series:

Inheritance Cycle

The Lord of the Rings

Favorite movies:

The Dark Knight

The Terminator

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

Marvel's The Avengers

Batman Begins

Terminator 2: Judgement Day



The Dark Knight Rises

Claw's Top 5 Greatest Hard Rock/Metal Albums:

1.Paranoid, by Black Sabbath

2.Highway To Hell, by AC/DC

3.Master Of Puppets, by Metallica

4.Back In Black, by AC/DC

5.Holy Diver, by Dio

Writing preferences:

1.I WILL NOT write slash, never in my life.

2.I WILL NEVER WRITE a lemon(maybe a lime in a part of a story or chapter, but never excessive).

3.I ENJOY writing misc. stories(especially misc. crossovers).

4.I ENJOY writing misc. stories based on never released sequels.

5.I WILL NEVER EVER write stories based upon children's media(kid movies, kiddie novels, etc.).

I also like writing misc.slasher movie crossover stories. If you you know any misc(AKA not very well-known) slasher movies that you want me to write together as a crossover, just PM me.

Okay, I am going to write a hands-on preview for chap.6 for my current story, The Extinct Ally. The chapter takes place only a few milliseconds after the end of chapter 5. Warning:the full version of chapter 6 will be longer than even chapters 4 and 5 combined, so people who are only able to read short stuff in a few minutes WILL get headaches!

The Extinct Ally

Chapter 6

Eragon stood bewildered, his mouth hanging open in shock at the revelation that the gold spirit floating in front of him was Glaeder.

"Glaedr, y-you're a s-s-spirit! But h-how"-, Eragon stuttered, but Glaeder had cut him short.

It is a very long and complicated story, Eragon, and one I do not believe your average human mind would be capable of comprehending. But to make a long story short, when Thorn had been killed at the hands of his father-he moved himself closer to Shruikan at the saying of those words-he had ended up in the realm of the spirits, better known as The Realm With No Name. Daghelef here told my grandson that he could only be brought back to life if he made me a spirit, and so he agreed and secretly made a treaty between the Varden and the spirits, Glaeder stated.

Eragon was somewhat surprised that Glaeder had insulted him when he had said, I do not believe your average human would be capable of comprehending. But that did not matter right now. "But, Glaeder, aren't you angry that you are now a spir-"

No, Eragon, I am not angry that Daghelef had converted me. I am actually quite happy that I am free of my Eldunari, for I no longer live in that cramped gold organ of mine. Also, as a spirit, I can use semi-passive magic whenever I wish, unlike regular dragons or even Eldunari dragons, the latter of whom can use magic attacks only on important occasions. Glaeder then moved closer to Thorn. Thorn! Let go of your poor father's neck! If you bite it any longer, you will break the neck and snap off the head!

I would much rather tear his head off and burn it than let him survive!, Thorn exclaimed.

Thorn, I am your grandfather and Shruikan is your father! I can forgive you now for killing me at Gil'ead after learning that Galbatorix had possessed you and Murtagh, but to kill a family member through your own will brings the greatest, most unimaginable form of shame upon not only the family but also the killer whose family member he or she had betrayed.

Thorn glared at the floating orb that was his grandfather for several seconds, yet to Eragon, it seemed like four centuries. Then, Thorn, albeit very reluctantly, let go of Shruikan's neck.

Almost instantly, Shruikan broke free of Thorn's weakened grasp and lifted his paw to rub his bleeding neck. The area near the throat had bright red puncture wounds everywhere, and the area near the top of the spinal cord had literally been stripped to the bone.

Well, thank you , father. I am glad you had told my son to let go of me or else I would have died! Without you here, there would be no one to teach Thorn any manners! Shame, for if his mother had been here-Shruikan began, but he was interrupted by Thorn.

Oh, keep quiet, you fat, ugly bastard! What are you speaking of my mother for? You never even told me who my mother was, nor had you ever told me you were my father! In fact, you have never told me anyth-

I had not told you, Thorn, because I knew you would attempt to slay Galbatorix early for enslaving me, but that would not be right. I had sensed when Saphira had hatched and Eragon had become a Rider because the Varden's founder and Eragon's father, Brom, had taken all of the people who would help Eragon on his path with a scar that that would send an unimaginably painful streak of energy through their veins that would show that the savior of Alagaesia had finally come. Voriadd, the Ra'zac who has recently joined us, even recieved on!, Shruikan said in a stream of words that suddenly made sense to Eragon. He now understood why the Ra'zac had almost instantly came to Carvahall instead of searching anywhere else first:they had been in the Varden and had also received the scars before they betrayed the Varden and Voriadd.

But, father, you still have not told me who my mother i-Thorn pressed, but Shruikan answered him almost instantly.

Your mother, Thorn, was a female dragon named Diadza. She was a beautiful dragon, possibly the most beautiful creature I have ever laid my eyes upon. She had pure white scales with a violet and blue tint near the tips of her wings. I had met her when Galbatorix had sent me to see if there were any dragon eggs or Eldunari at Du Fells Nangoroth. Every dragon knows that there is a secret city filled with surviving dragons and it is underground. When I had first came there, I was about to be killed by the guards, but once they realized Galbatorix had forced me into servitude, they let me in. Diadza almost instantly fell for me:we had many secret meetings with each other and even had many dragon mating rituals together. However, on my third night there I had made her pregnant. we flew to the very top of the highest mountain in the Hadarac Desert so no one could see us. It took many painful hours but she finally laid an egg. I was actually a father! I would have felt proud, except Diadza had one very glaring flaw to herself:she always brought her Eldunari with her everywhere she went. And Galbatorix was able to use a very complicated spell that could track down any Eldunari outside of the magical boundary in the city at Du Fells Nangoroth, and so Galbatorix came and he slew Diadza and, to make sure I would never be able to be with here ever again, he took out his black Rider sword and stabbed Diadza's Eldunari with it. Both Galbatorix and I saw Diadza's soul float out of her Eldunari, and she departed with a blood curling scream. Galbatorix put the Rider spell on Thorn's egg and with that, we departed.

Shruikan's story took at least one minute to tell, but that did not matter to Eragon. What did matter to him was that he felt even more pity for Shruikan, but Eragon did not want to feel pity. He wanted to have no mercy or compassion whatsoever, but he realized that if he felt those emotions of rage, he would merely become another Galbatorix. The thought made Eragon shiver and his teeth chatter in fear.

Now, can someone heal my neck? You all know I can't fight like this!, Shruikan asked.

"I can do-"

No Eragon, allow me to heal his neck, Glaeder replied. Eragon stood back to allow Glaeder to heal Shruikan's neck. He gasped when he saw Shruikan's neck had been perfectly healed and mended within a timespan that appeared to be only two seconds. There was not a single bruise or scar left!

Can we please go to battle now?, Daghelef asked. I am getting tired of all this boring storytelling and healing! I want to go kill some Imperials!

--POV change--

The air of war was fresh. There were several thousand Varden soldiers marching towards the heart of Belatona. Voriadd was suspicious, though. He did not know why Nasuada had changed their orders for the battle. He knew that going from Feinster to Belatona would take at least two whole days. But he was confident that the Varden would prevail in this fight and strike another blow to the Empire. He relaxed his muscles and nerves and his thoughts were calm as he flew on the back of his Lethrblaka, for he knew that if one entered battle while enraged and angry, they would be slaughtered by the enemy almost instantly. Little did Voriadd know that this battle might just be his last.

Okay, so what did you guys think of my preview? It was a bit too long for a story preview, perhaps, but you've only read about half of chapter 6! Give me you're thoughts before I start writing the full version of chap.6!

Favorite games:

COD:Modern Warfare 1(the last good COD, in my opinion)


Dino Run

BioShock 2

Pandemic 2

Battlefield 3

Favorite Inheritance Cycle characters:




Lethrblaka(also my favorite fictional creature)

Nar Garzhvog

Countdown To Extinction

Hello, everyone! This is the hands-on preview of the first chapter of "Countdown To Extinction", the sequel to "The Extinct Ally"! However, it isn't the first part of the chapter-this is actually the second part, which depicts Eragon's imprisonment under Angvard. I'll make sure to finish and submit chap.1 of CTE sometime in November! For now, read this preview and give me any of your feedback!:)

Eragon writhed in the room, the rusted brown chains

hissing as he moved and they kept pressing onto his torso. His eyes were shut by some sort of otherworldly clampers, his groans and grunts showing just how much of a pitiable state he was in.

Suddenly, he heard a pulsing click.










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