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Poll: Which Tokusatsu series do you see, can work with Sailor Moon? (It has been bugging me more then once over the years so I want to see what people think on what would be the best Toku Series to crossover with Sailor Moon Series) Vote Now!
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Well if you see the name or not I am CanadianRider and yes I am Canadian. When I first found this site thanks to a friend, I liked the stories that I read on this site. I hope to one day write stories that would be good for people to read and the ideas that come with it. I play video games and watch anime and tv shows,movies music and read Book,manga comics.

Be holed full episodes of the Chinaness's Tokusatsu Armor Hero in English Dubbed they finish't Season 1 and are now on XT. don't know If Lava is next.

Random idea Challenges

Overwatch X Kamen Rider Build: The world faces another crisis of war, between man and omnic as unknown monsters named smash terrorise the world, but there is one thing standing in their way a mystery Hero who fights them, and in doing so makes them a person of interest to some partes this Hero gose by the name Build.

Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star X Shin Koihime Musou: The Messenger of Heaven is said to fall from the Heaven's and to bring peace to China that has fell into Chaos, But really they don't need a Messenger but a truth a Savior, and the Seven stars of Hokuto have summoned the Savior to save this land but be warren, were Hokuto shines bright Chaos well soon follow.

Shin Koihime Musou X Halo Reach: SPARTAN-B312, also known as Noble Six, makes his way thought this hellish world that was Reach for 'his' last stand against the Covenant. As Six walk thought the remains of a small town Six Steps on a mirror,But this was not any normal mirror as a bright light covered the SPARTAN. Six then awakes and find that his no longer on Reach, but Earth in China... 2332 years in the past? and to make it more weird people believe of him to be a Messenger of Heaven?

Rules: For this idea the Writers must go by the Novel story telling as well add there own things. also like the Novel you can pick who Six go with so with Go or Gi, Shoku it find as well. As well when joining either the three, Six's Armor color patter must be the same as the factions color. as for parings Up to the Writes. I hope to see three stores about this come true.

Assassin's Creed X Shin Koihime Musou: Assassin and Templar two sides that fight to this day. One that wants control the free minds of humans by one mind, Well the other fights to keep free will. Now the two forces class again but this time for a mirror as the Templar's plan to use it BUT failed the Assassin now founds him self in the era of the three kingdoms of China but finds that history's famous people that were told to be males are now females? can the Assassain change this era of history or well the same mistake be repeated?

Rules: Same as the last one above...almost

Transformers Prime X Shin Koihime Musou: Idea Inspired by SilverXScythe66 story 'The Magic of a Prime' (A Transformers Prime and Fairy Tail crossover story.) What if instead of Optimus being destroyed in the rubble of the Autobots base, the GroundBridge and the Matrix of Leadership's powers send Optimus to an alternate time line of China of the Three Kingdom, with the knowledge of Earths history of this Century of time could Optimus with the power of a Prime change the out come to this Alternate time as well save it from the Darkness that is slowly rising?

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance X Shin Koihime Musou: Kazuto Hongo was one of the many children who were taken by Desperado to be come cyborg killer for Armstrong's plan, But fail do to Raiden stopping and saving the children's brains. Years have past and cyborg Kazuto is trying to be a 'normal teenager' but thing's take a turn as Kazuto is sent an alternate time of ancient China in the era of the Three Kingdoms and is say to be a Messenger of Heaven. Can Kazuto bring peace to this land with the added help from his cybernetics.

Bloody Roar X DemonBane: They say that Good triumphs over Evil,But sometime you can't always stop Evil with Good but instead with another kind of Evil. Samuel Artorias a well known Detective in the city of Arkham, but chase after the Bizarre and Supernatural as if to find the reason for his or 'It's' existences in life. One day Ruri Hadou of Hadou Financial Group, request Samael to search for a magic book called a Grimoire. As Samael looks for a book he encounters an girl named Al Azif who is being chase by a Black Lodge and that is the start of it all.

Dark Souls 2 X Queen's Blade: The Chosen Undead has reach the end of His/Her Journey,But now a new one begins but in a land that they them self do not know and what is this Tournament called the Queen's Blade? and why is there no Cures? and who is this Wondering Warrior that he/she have meet.

DS2, Character: Class: Knight. Gender: Male or Female. Armor: Faraam set, Weapon: Melee base and a bow for range, Boss weapons are allowed, my or may not allow Sorcerer, Miracles, Hexes and Pyromancy.

Dark Souls X Blazblue: Artorias Dawn, was one of the Greatest Solider in the NOL, rival and friend to Jin Kisaragi, But Sadly his Tale was short lived as he traverse the Dark seithr know as the Abyss to stop a mad scientist from spreading it around the world, it was told he was victory's but at the cost of his own life, his story is well know thought out the world, as well the title being call Artorias the Abysswalker.

Setting: Well this Character is Artorias him self (From Dark Souls) but born in the world of Blazblue, but we don't really see his face so we don't know what he looks like, so it well more to the charter. know were it takes place is up to the writer set it in Calamity trigger, or Continuum Shift, elements form Remix Heart is allowed.

Tales of Xillia 2 X Fate/stay/night: Kiritsugu Emiya found young Ludger the soul survivor of the great Fuyuki flame, Kiritsugu later found out the boy is from the Kresnik clan of magas thought to be dead. Kiritsugu decides to adopt the boy to look after him and keep him safe from Maga's that what the Kresnik's family power for there own. years later Ludger Emiya finds him self in a battle called the Holy Grail War as well Summoned a Servant that calls him Master.

Pokemon X Highschool DXD: Idea inspired by drawings made by RatedShadowHaruhi that is Dragon armor scale mail that is base on the legendary Pokemon dragons (Giratina, Zekrom etc.). So chose from 8 or pick them all. all but one of them has to play an important roll. either replacing, be along side Issei or branch out you all decide.

Destiny X Shin Koihime Musou: Three Guardians, Hunter, Warlock and Titan were on a Mission that went to Hell and the three Guardians were separated and are sent to a ancient past of a place once know a China, now the Guardians most find one an other well help this Factions and fight against the Darkness that has found them all.




Asura's Wrath X Gundam Seed Destiny: [An over the Top idea] A ZAFT scientist designs an experimental reactor an installed it into a new prototype system for a new Mobile Suit Gundam called Asura, piloted by a new ZAFT solider with a really BIG anger problem, could this new mobile suit and piloted change the Cosmic era, and the out come of a second war around the corner? [To anyone who plays the game Asura's Wrath the Gundam is themed/styled after Asura as well the Oc has a personality almost like Asura, as well for the Gundam's power well it starts out like a normal mobile suit but when we get to an event like Junius Seven collision course with Earth, well that would no longer rock but dust now]

Fate Zero X The Darkness

Fate:The Darkness

Jackie Estacado, the current host to The Darkness, is choosing by the Corrupt Grail to part taken in the fourth Heaven Feel (Holy Grail War) against seven other people with Servant. with his Servant Avenger by his side His enemies will soon fear the night and the power of a primal forces know as The Darkness.

Fate Stay Night X The Darkness

Fate: Endless Darkness

It wasn't fate that Kiritsugu Emiya save and found Shirou but 'it' was something else that would not allow the boy to be killed in that fire something really old...Something DARKNow years have past and Shirou Emiya, find him self in a secret War for a wish granting item, with two thing happening, one is his part of this war as well the other is he finds out his the host of a primal forces of The Universe know as, The Darkness. (Shirou still would summon's 'Saber' but it would be Saber Alter or Saber slowly turning into her dark version of Saber Alter.)

Darksiders X Fate/Grand Order: The Balance is threatened as the Third Kingdom of Mankind faces extinction before the appointed hour for the end war. Sensing a group of human are trying to stop the extinction The Charred Council send the Four Horsemen to aid them as this 'Servants' and find those that threaten the Balance.

Armor Hero (XT and Lava) X Precure (Yes! 5/GoGo, Fresh ,Heartcatch and Suite.): So basically the four seasons/series of the Chinaness's Tokusatsu Armor Hero mixes with the five-sh seasons/series of the Japanese magical girl Precure (Pretty Cure) like so just to understand where I am getting at.

Armor Hero (the first one.) x Yes! Precure 5/GoGo (there two in one series)

Armor Hero XT x Freesh Precure

Armor Hero Lava x Heartcatch Precure

Armor Hero Captor X Suite Precure

Rules/Settings: Alright I well allow People universe hoping if it helps or makes it easy, But I do hope for the Oc's males to be in the same world as the the Precurs. As well don't let the Armor Hero be TOO powerful, let them at les have an equal ground with the precure.

As for Pairings that would be up to the writer. enemies can be from both shows if you chose to or stick to just the one mostly from the Precure side of thing's.

As for were each one takes place? well how about the first episode of the Precure so that way each Hero (will the main ones) and Heroine can debut each chapters'

Armor Hero X Sailor Moon S: Just like the Precure idea but with just the one set of Armor Hero, you can have it set in any arc anime. manga or original (like in the crystal Tokyo future.) that the writer feels fit to Sailor Moon, but at the begin of the arc have four heroes with the last one appearing later.

Ryukendo X Futari Wa Pretty Cure/Max Heart: Really I hate that I did not think of this idea sooner, I mean look at it this has to be the perfect idea two magic base hero and heroine fighting evil, I mean it has to work right hell it can fit with the two season of precure. but well Ryukendo is one of those under the radar like tokus and the fan base is kind of small. Anyway set in the first season and episode of precure as well continue on into Max Heart with both heroes getting upgrades and a new member later on both foes can be use or have some if not all work together. (as long as the rivalry between Ryukendo and Jack Moon is still there it's all good.)

GARO & ZERO X Fire Emblem (if)Fates Conquest & Birthright: Where there is light shadows lurk and fear reigns, yet but the Blades of Knight Mankind was giving hope, the Legend of the Golden and Silver Knights that fight the monsters in the darkness, Now a new threat comes an and is the reason that two Kingdoms are soon to be at War, can the two Legendary knights of light cut this darkness or will they be part of the two kingdoms war? ZERO and Nohr, GARO and Hoshido,

GARO X Dead or Alive: Where there is light shadows lurk and fear reigns, yet but the Blades of Knight Mankind was giving hope, Kasumi, the runaway Shinobi, had an encounter with a true monster of darkness, and was almost kill if not save by one who has inhered the title of the Golden Knight GARO, but not before the monsters blood touch't her skin, now with only 99 days to live as well as other monsters of darkness wishing to eat her, can the inhered of GARO save her from a fate worse then death? [a re-telling of the first GARO series but with the charters from Dead or Alive in the mix, KasumixKouga.]

Kikaider REBOOT X Overwatch: Talon, is searching for a high class target code-named:'Pinocchio' for capture. That was all the intel that the re-formed Overwatch members could find with only a photo showing a young man in a red jacket playing a guitar. Now Overwatch most find this person to know why he is so important to Talon?

Ultraman Orb X Overwatch: Oliver Benjamin, was a proud member of the globe organization know as Overwatch, in a mission Oliver give up his life to save many other life's, in doing so Oliver's act and near death was save by a being of light that went by Orb. Orb was move by Oliver act and ask for his help as the earth would soon be in danger from a foe no one could face. years went by and the world face another crisis, as giant monsters are showing up all over the world and are attacking, lucky a hero of light has come and his name is Ultraman Orb "I am Orb I light the darkness and strike at evil!"

Ultraman Dyna X Justice League Unlimited: Well Spoiler to anyone who had not seen the end of Dyna, or other two movies that follow to what happen, But what if instead of the wormhole sending Shin Asuka/Ultraman Dyna to the Showa-Verse of Ultraman planet M78, it send him to the DC-JLU-Vers. can Asuka adapt to this new world of heroes as well save this Universe from a new darkness?

Note: Do to the time limit in the show/ movies (thought I think it's longer in some form) is Three minuets. but for this story that rule can only work if Dyna 'Giant size' if in the size of a human I think he dose not need the timer but just needs to not use a lot of his powers.

Ultraman Dyna X Mass Effect: Idea same as the last, but Shin Asuka/Ultraman Dyna finds him self in the Mass Effect Word, Can the power of Dyna help fight against the Reapers? Set in Mass effect 2 game just after the first fight with the Collectors,

Ultraman Ginga X Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse: Someone is changing the the DBZ Timeline and it's up to Trunks of the Time Patrol to stop it, So he gathers the Dragon Balls to summon the eternal Dragon Shenron and wish/ask Shenron to summon a strong ally to help protect time it's self from this threat. So the eternal Dragon grants this wish and summons a Warrior from a distance future. and he go by the Name Ginga, Ultraman Ginga.

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger X Familiar of Zero/Zero no Tsukaima: So ya this idea were to start? well I want to say that this is an Oc cosplaying as 'Yamato Tribe Knight Burai AKA Dragon Ranger' or Burai him self in sprite was summed and was giving a new physical body, but they were not Summed by Louise, But it was Tiffania that summed the Yamato Tribe Knight Burai because come on there is a lot of Louise being the summoner

Kamen rider Blade X Dead or Alive X Ninja Gaiden: Set some time after DoA4, monsters Called the Undead have been unleashed on to the world and the only way to stop them are Armored Warriors called Kamen Riders, watch as they stop the monsters as well deal with demon know a fiends as well stop a fiendish plan.

I was thinking of having some Undeads on other parts of the world then just Japan, that way I could have some of the 'Riders' meet the DoA fighters/Charaters, as well a bit of the pilot from Blade mix in. thought the start of some chapters would mainly focus on Kasumi and the her run in with the Undead as well meeting Blade(Oc) and maybe then work from they.

Kamen Rider Drive X Dead or Alive: (Idea inspired by Damon Black's story 'Kunoichis Like Us') Kasumi who was injured by her clan is taken in by a young man around her age. After some events with the two she pledges to aid and protect him in return for his help, unaware that this person is the Warrior of Speed, Kamen Rider Drive. Can the Runaway Kunoichi help the Kamen Rider fight the Roidmude? Can the Kamen Rider protect the Kunoichi from other Ninjas who hunt her? ...START YOUR ENGINE!

Kamen Rider OOO x Queen's Blade: OK this idea was suppose to be in my one-shot story (SO LONG AGO), but I had no time to write the full chapter the setting again is the over word idea person who's like us is sent to another world, but he has no idea were he is and his OOO toy props are real making him the new OOO of this world, but his some what per-paired for the trip as he came with camping well help on the journey. ya he my seem over prepared.

Kamen Rider Gaim X Inuyasha: Alright for this story it's just,'one' Rider and that is Gaim. now his allowed all the Arms but this Gaim either has to find them or earn them in some way later on in the story. Now the hole toy prop turn real deal is not in this one. But instead the Sengoku Driver is or was a one of a kind in the Feudal era of Japen and one Human used it to fight against demons who bring harm to innocent people. Now go foreword in time we meet are protagonist as he finds his family heirloom which looks like a stone belt with a knife on the right side and a stone lock with what looks like an orange. Now this is were I leave it to the Writer to chose if the protagonist is friends with Kagome or a family relative to Higurashi? Pairing OCxSango

Kamen Rider Gaim X Dragon Age Inquisition: With no memory of who he is, with only four objectives, two belts both different from one another and two weird locks with fruits on them, add he finds himself in a medieval style time and being told he opened portal to a demon world. with the only clue on his hand. Now to fix's the wrongs 'he' done he most fight the coming darkness. "Kamen Rider Inquirer Into the Darkness I fight!"

Kamen Rider Amazons X Overwatch: This idea is hard to explain for me but here goes. In the years of the Omnic Crisis Nozama Pharmacy had made an experimental artificial lifeform the code name Amazons to fight the Omnic war, but one problem, the Amazons need to eat human based proteins...A LOT of proteins. Years past the Crisis had ended and there was peace for a time but it seems another Crisis is on it way made much worse with the populace knowing about Amazons.

What I was thinking was the protagonist be the Neo Amazon Rider and new member on the renew Overwatch with Alpha and Omega have been formal members to Overwatch.

Tokusou Robo Janperson X Sailor Moon S: The Sailor Senshi face a new enemy know as the Death Busters but the Senshi are not alone in there fight as a new Warrior of Justice has appear and his name is Janperson!, will the Senshi and Janperson be victories? who are this mysterious other Senshi as well what are this tailsmans that lay with in peoples hearts?

Kamen Rider Ex-aid X Sailor Moon: The famous gaming corporation Genm Corp. have develop, a very special 'Syestem' and have given it to special 'individuals' as 'Test players' this players thought it was a harmless game, but they will soon find out this is not some harmless game as people are being infected by a 'computer virus' called game illness that is turning them in to monsters called Bugsters. Now add that these 'Gamers' are working with the Sailor Senshi to battle this Death Busters What are stealing 'pure heart' from people as well facing two new Senshi that are as well after what ever this pure heats? Game Start!

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger X Sailor Moon: Earth is being invaded by and evil Space Shogunate Jark Matter, The Sailor Senshi are slowly losing ground in protecting there home, But luckily help soon arrive as 9 savers from the stars have arrived to battle Jark Matter they are the Uchu Sentai Kyurangers 'Time to take back the universe!'

Ultraman Zero X Fairy Tail: Ultraman Zero gose to a different universe to check up on a Planet his Father Ultraseven visited many years, On this planet in a certain Kingdom Zero meets certain Wizards of the strongest Guild in the Kingdom know as Fairy Tail. What kind of adventures await the Ultra Warrior now turned into a human Wizard? can the members of Fairy Tail help Zero Save there Kingdom and galaxy? Zero X Mirajane (Light & Dark)

[PM me for more or better details as well what ideas you would like to put into it.]

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Challenges [Mostly with Fate/Stay/Night at the moment]

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure X Yu-Gi-Oh: When Ishizu use the Millennium necklace to try to see into the future of the battle city games. One vision is away shown .The Wing Dragon of Ra being played and facing off against a duelist that is not the Pharaoh or Kaiba,. The only clue Ishizu knows about this duelist is the star shape birthmark on the back of his shoulder as the Battle City games begins she looks to find this Duelist, wanting to know what roll this Duelist has to lead to his fated duel with Ra.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure X Fate/stay/night: My idea here for the challenger is to have some of the events and characters from Part 1: Phantom Blood and Part 7:Steel Ball Run mix, were Jonathan Jostar and Dio Brando's feud happens around the time of Camelot, and were Jonathan and Dio were Knights to King Arthur, but with Jonathan finding out that his King is a Female Altria, both having secret feels about one another. with events from Phantom blood happening. Now foreword in time of the forth of fifth or a different Holy Grail war hell you could turn the Steel Ball Run race into it own secret Holy Grail war, but in this War Jonathan is reincarnated into Jonathan 'Johnny' Jostar (Even knowing they are the same people but from different Universe and upbringing ) and chosen by the Grail to compete in the War with his Servant Saber by his side. Which you guess it is the King of Knights herself.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders X Fate/stay/night: What if instead of Shirou it was Jotaro Kujo who was saved by Kiritsugu Emiya when the great Fuyuki Fire, happened which Jotaro was with his Father Sadao Kujo who die in the fire. After saving Jotaro life Kiritsugu spends the remainder of his life looking after Jotaro as well as Holy.

Set a mouth after the events of Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro becomes a Master and it the same Saber, Archer who was Emiya, need to be replace with a different Archer don't know who up to the writer. which path again up too the writer, so either Stay night or Heaven's feel or mix of both could work. More STANDS can be added to some if not all the Master.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond Is Unbrakeable X Inuyasha: Secret Of The Cursed Mask: Ask to help his Uncle prepare for a festival Josuke Higashikata now finds him self in another Bizarre Adventure, As he gets sent to feudal Japan there he meets a half Demon named Inuyasha a girl from his time Kagome, and a demon Fox boy Shippo, together they look for clues or hints to how Joskue go here and how he could return back to the present. [Events for the game]

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Vento Aureo X Fate/stay/night (Extra): Ya another Jojo's and Fate idea but this time it's just the one part and not two parts mix. Set after the events of Unlimited Blade Works. Rin is ask't to investigate the unknown mana that has appeared in Naples Italian, a pone her arrival. She has a Fate't encounter with Giorno Giovanna. later on the Start of a new Holy Grail War begins, and GioGio is choosing as a master.Giving the Servant Saber. Can the two win this war, or will Fate play another Bizarre twist? [This Saber is the one form the Fate/Extra game if you are wonder.]

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure X Yu-Gi-Oh GX: As Students try to enter Duel Academy to be the best they can be one new Student enter the school with a deck that no one knows, that he calls 'STAND' his name is Jotaro Kujo, and this just the start of his Bizarre Adventure at Duel Academy.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8: Jojolion X Higurash: (Note: I'm only 7 chapters in Jojolion and I remember parts of Higurash, so this idea is a working thing in it's self so someone who is well informed in Higurash and is up to date with Jojolion is need.)

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure X Shin Koihime Musou: Kazuto Hongo, was born with a power called a 'STAND' and named his 'STAND' Star Heaven, after years of trying to keep his supernatural powers in check, Kazuto has an in fated in counter with a thief who was trying to stealing an Ancient Chinese Mirror, and in pursuit of the thief Kazuto ended up breaking the mirror which then a bright light blinds him, he then wakes up to finds him self in Ancient China that also seems to be an alternate time of China as he meets hero's that he read about are female...just what kind of Bizarre Adventure has Kazuto found him self in? (Story plays out to which path the Writer chose either Shoku, Gi or Go.)

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency X Digimon 02: The Digidestined have save the Digital world and peace was made to the land but now the Digital world is threaten and the Digidestined are needed once again but this time new Digidestined are need and one of them so happens to be, Joseph Joestar partnered with his Digimon Veemon and the other Digidestinds and digimon can they save the digital world? "Your next line is..."

[PM me if you like the ideas and would little to take a swing at writing them.]

Gundam stores Challenges

Ideas for the challenges for the stores are all base/inspired by stores by writes, Gundam-Knight-Chris, Nexus Gundam and KH-Hardcorefan4483...please go read there stores for Gundam and what they are crossover with they are really good reads.

Gundam Build Fighters X Sailor Moon: Ten people who each have a gunpla customized base on there favorite Mobile Suite/fighter Gundam Series find them self's transported from there world and to another called the Silver Millennium, that seems to be a fantasy version of there solar system. Each of them land on a Kingdom name after just like the the Planets in there same Solar System. As well each of them has a power to turn into a human size version of there gunpla. Can this ten Gundam fighters find there way back to they own world?

Setting: So yes another people world hopping but really I can't see no other way seeing Gundam's are robotic looking. As for some who do not know gunpla is a mashing of Gundam and plastic module mix together. Just see the anime Gundam Build Fighters it's like a love letter to those who build Gundam form the kit as well customized them.

Any way Ten people transported to each planet ,Moon, Earth, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto.(..* you it's a planet or is it?,)and each turning into a armored human size version of there Gunpla because just why not. As well Why set it in the Silver Millennium of Sailor Moon? well a write pointed out that there was a lack of stores base on the Silver Millennium of Sailor Moon so I thought why not have it set in that time maybe change the out come to how the Silver Millennium falls? as well setting there could add Space and Under water battle.

As well Each Gundam has to be customized to to fit as well look well to fit with the Plant they are on.

Example, Gundam Unicorn Knight (SD Knight Unicorn but now turn in to the full size Gundam) would be a good fit with Moon if not being called the night of the Moon. do to how the Moon is (Mind you the X Gundam could work as well)

Gundam X Familiar of Zero/Zero no Tsukaima: Louise wanted was a powerful and beautiful familiar to show people that she was not a Zero, and the Gundam Knight heard her call. How well this sentient Mobile Suit help change the world?

Gundam U.C X Mass Effect: So ya I pick the Universal Century Gundam-ver because I think it fix more with the Mass Effect. this more on trying to get a for Story out of it as there are Five stores but there just retelling of Earths history of Gundam mix with the Mass effect then stops when it the first Mission on Eden prime. So hopfully someone can write this story all the way thought ME, ME2 and finally ME3.

Gundam Build Fighters X Shin Koihime Musou So this just like the Sailor Moon, But I'm not sheer on the Number ether 1, 3 people/person get sent to an alternate version of Chine near the start of the Three Kingdom, and is rumored to be a messenger(s) from heaven, and with an unknown force have the power to turn into there Gundam module the had with them.

Lists of Gundams (Is just my thought on which Gundams to use for the story.)

XXXG-00W0: Wing Gundam Zero Custom

OZ-13MS: Gundam Epyon

XXXG-01D2: Gundam Deathscythe Hell

GAT-X105EAQME-X09S: Strike Noir Gundam

ZGMF-X42S: Destiny Gundam

MBF-P02: Gundam Astray Red Frame

MBF-P03secondL: Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second L

RX-93: ν Gundam (aka Nu Gundam)

RX-0: Unicorn Gundam

GX-9900: Gundam X

GF13-017NJII: God Gundam (Burning Gundam)

Gundam Wing X Shin Koihime Musou: The Perfect Solider Heero Yuy and his Gundam Wing Zero, were investigating strange reading in space when Both pilot on Gundam were pulled into a black hole, Then the Gundam Pilot wakes to find that he is falling down to the Earth only it was not HE'S Earth.

Gundam Build Fighters Try X Highschool DxD: Sekai Kamiki is the human Host for Ddraig and holder of a sacred gear and with it he is the target of many Supernatural forces. Can the School of Jigen Haoh Help Sekai out and who is this Red head lady that seems to have taking an interest in him.

Gundam X Overwatch: The idea is not Overwaatch character in a Gundam world or vice versa but that sounds unclear I mean just the 'Human' characters from the Gundam series.

The idea is what if there is/are Omnic/Omnics that are called Gundam.

Just so you know I was thinking their size can range from Human to Titan size but mostly human maybe..?

I want to make it so that the Gundam can fit in the Overwatch world so my first though would have them know in the first Omnic crisis. that way in present time Gundam's would have the fear name of the White Devils to Humans and Omnics, thanks to the Gundam RX-78-2 (The first Gundam) as well as others

The other idea is a scientist in robotics and artificial intelligence was creating a new weapon for the up incoming second Omnics crisis, Talon got Intel on the weapon and planed on taking it. Knowing of Talon's plan the scientist deletes and destroys his data and years of work. Which sadly he meet his end thanks to a certain high-functioning psychopath, But not before fully making one of his weapon labeled RX-78-2, with the scientist placing orders to look after his Grandson and/or Granddaughter.

[PM me if you like the ideas and would little to take a swing at writing them.]

Top5 Main Rider






Top5 Seconder Rider






Top5 Super Sentai Main Team






Top5 6th/ExtraSentai ranger






MY First OC Rider

Kamen rider Rescue. Ver.2 (A fusion of the Titanium Ranger with both Rescue Force/Fire,)

A gray/titanium with gold line on it body suit. on it's legs are a silver and white mix armored boots that have black lining to them. On the knees were armored pads ,that were steel black and with a dark gold lines to them.

The Belt around the waist was black, with the buckle a shining Silver with a light blue line finish to it, in the center of buckle which look to have sides to opened to show the Red stone with the letter R in it. On the the right side of the buckle look to be a little black switch.

It chest armor is was a steel black that had gold lining that look like a 'Y' that reach to the center of his belt as well to his shoulders. behind his back which was still colored steel black on the top part of his back look to be a pack with both side with what could be called plugs.

His shoulders shaded the same color as the chest armor with a gold line a cross on each side.

His hands and wrist were the same silver and white mix but armor plated added on the back part of the arms and hands.

The helmet as well had the same, Steel black with gold line color, the top part of the had design look to to have a mix of almost every Rescue workers head were to it. with what look like four sets of head lights. on the right side of the helmet look to be and ear wear with a mic in front of the Moth guarded. speaking of that it, the moth part it's self like to be something close to a vent. the eye wear look to be a a crystal blue visor in the the shape of a 'V'.

Rider System: R-Rescue System is design for handling all forms of deadly weather or natural disasters, but later on, built to battle against living forms of natural 'Disasters'. Do to a surprise attack costed by one Disaster, Code name: Khamsin, the desert storm. Only one System survived and was upgraded to battle the Disaster.

Do to there being a singly Rescue System left and having to handy the Disaster it self lucky if outside helped. The Rescue System, has now bin upgraded to be one man Rescue team/army.

One effect is the ability to summon the need equipment/weapons. Another is the Rescue System has is to summoned the need elements that can give best aid. like giving the caning the need water to put out fires, or to summon fire or ice to deal a Rider kick or punch to it's foe.

Freely weapons

Rescue blaster

Rescue Ax

Rescue Drill

Rescue Saw/Chain Saw

Rescue Hammer

Rescue Shove

Rescue Hook Shout

Rescue First aid.

Equipped Weapons

R-Jack Hammer

R-Jaw of life (Forgot it real name.)

R-Caning: Shooting out water and others.

R- Fan.


Rescue bike? (Have not thought of one.)

Oc for Rescue, still working on thing on it.

Name: Trevor Blazes ( the Oc is base't on Rescue Heroes Billy Blazes if he had a son,)


Appearance: Trevor is well built teen like and athlete,He has dark brown hair which seemed to waving in someplace like he did not comed it. his eye color are a set of dark green. when first seen he had on a gray shirt under a worn-out black jacket. blue jeans with black shoes. On just the right hand he wears a finger-less, glove later on the black warn-out jacket gets replace with a new on with the Rescue symbol on it.

Personality:His brave and fearless giving situation he is carefree at time when it is peaceful around him. being the Son of a great Rescue hero Trevor feels nothing but pride in his dad and wishes to be almost like him when he get's older an idea that has not change. when by him self Trevor would look at his right hand with pride as if remembering something that happened. When talking to others Trevor like to hear what's on there mind or for them to vaunt out there day and if theirs anything he could add, ask,or help with. of course it seem that his weak point is when a girl of his age or older, who sounds nice and beautiful to him he would have a really hard time talking to or make eye contact with, and be really nerves around them.

Fav,saying: "Nobody get's left behind."

Bio:Son to the Famous Rescue Hero Billy Blazes, Trevor wishes to one day be just like his father and works to be a Rescue work and some day a Hero himself just like his Father. One day an event happened in a town that Trevor was just passing by. it was there he meet a man holding a case for dear life who was runny from the Disaster Khamsin who was there to finish the job. Trevor interment to help the man and fight Khamsin, the fight was one sided and Trevor find that he would have dead if the man did not throw him the case that held the last and upgraded Rescue System. After following what the man told him Trevor use the Rescue belt and transform into Kamen Rider Rescue and won against Khamsin, and the start of more battles to come.

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Crossover - Transformers/Beast Wars & My Little Pony - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 16 - Words: 46,407 - Reviews: 71 - Favs: 43 - Follows: 35 - Updated: 8/22/2016 - Published: 2/25/2015
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Just something that came out of my head. It's an OC story so, don't like...don't read
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Crossover - Fairy Tail & Assassin's Creed - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 12,620 - Reviews: 43 - Favs: 113 - Follows: 104 - Updated: 11/10/2013 - Published: 9/27/2012 - Altaïr
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