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Hi to clear up any confushion my name is Nancy. I am now an offical dueist, Yeah. I have been excepted as the first female member into the dueist elite in my town. I wish i was better but, hey I'm not complaining. So wait for eather the fith or fourth story in the LS series for my trip to that world.

I was asked at shool once why I love to write strange things so much. I countered with a question, "Do you enjoy the reality that you live in?"
"No, but still answer the question"
"I am unhappy with the reality that I am presently being forsced to live in. So this is my excape. I try to keep my storyd in my reality powers, I feel bad for the tree on the hill by my house."

Okay so mabey theres a bit of exageration in that but I do whish that what I write would happen to me. :sighs: I hate reality right now it's prety bad for me. Also alot of what i'm saying is in the second part of the series. But we all know that I wouldn't dare to start the second when I'm not done with the first :smiles inocently:. Well I guess I might as well go back to a happy world of scarryness. :Girly scream: My loud music truned off.

Okay better. I should have the second half up this weekend and then try to work equyaly on boith storys, (or more on the first:. Plus you all are going to be blessed with my poetry :D I know it's really good :laughs evily: But in school happy teachers love to mke me right happy lines. So in return I must counter them with my sad lines ;) So till the up loading frenzy comes, I shall say hello to the readers of the changlings insanity :D

Always lost,
Lost Sorceress Nancy

also: If you are a Furcadia fan then look me up I love to talk in strange random places.

Yeast: A Illigal substance reviews
r/r My cooking teacher talks about yeast being alive it's scary.
Parodies and Spoofs - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 400 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Published: 12/2/2002