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Hello everybody. Jeez, im being so formal. I guess I'm just kinda at a loss for words right now. I really need to learn to update sooner but i always end up putting it off. Man do I gotta stop doing that...

Well because I'm so terrible at these sorts of things and having to write about myself, I will just put some random stuff. Some anime's that i have watched are:

1.) Naruto

2.) Ouran Highschool Host Club.

3.) CardCapture Sakura

4.) DeathNote

5.) Black butler

6.) Inuyasha

7.) Tokyo mew mew

8.) Shugo Chara (Shugo chara dokki and shugo chara party)

9.) Aishiteruze baby

10.) Special a

11.) Maid sama

12.) Pokemon (No duh)

13.) Skip beat

14.) Soul Eater

15.) Fairy Tale

16) Ranma 1/2

17) Elfen Lied

18) Sword Art Online

19) Vampire Knight

And a few other that I cant really remember at the moment. By the way, i listed them randomly and not in any perticular order. The manga's that I've read so far are:

1.) Dengeki Daisy

2.) Full Moon (O segashite)

3.) Chobits-

4.) Beast Master

5.) Chibi vampire

6.) Amazing agent Luna

7.) Destiny's Hand

8.) Uzumaki

9.) Otomen

10.) Black bird

11.) Pandora hearts

A few more but i dont want to list them all. Again, there in no perticulare order. So ya, thats me...Well, i actually also love to play video games. I don't really like to say that because then people think "Gamer Girl" and i hate that term. I just love video games; no need to ruin that with labels. If you have any good game suggestions i would love to hear them.


(Oh wow, the stuff below was written forever ago. I don't really want to delete it even though I probably should. So many things happened to freshmen me; glad I'm a sophmore now, heh heh.)

5 wierd moments in my life.

1) When i was run over by a motercycle, instead of calling 911, the bystanders got out of their cars and handed me tissues. It's okay though because i lived. But now i have a scar on my knee that look like stitches.

2) After my friend and i came back from the anime convention all dressed up wierdly, we went to brusters. After i finally convenced her that we wouldnt see anyone we knew there, and not to worry, we saw my spanish teacher there with her family. they reconized me.

3) My first and last wedgy was given to me by my dad.

4)My dad used my bra as a sling shot...It hit me in my face.

5) Me and my friend were walking to barnes and nobles. My dad dropped us off on the road and told us he'd meet us there before driving off ahead of us. When we finally got there my dad was behind us...he was actually following us the enire time. (I have a wierd dad.)

6) When leaving my neighborhood to go to school, I looked out my window only to see two of my male neighbors standing outside in dressess and make up. They waved at me. All I'm going to say is that it's a good thing that they were born boys because they make ugly girls.

My freshman year:

1) On the first day of school my friend ran down the stares dull speed and tackled me to the ground. People gathered around and laughed.

2) My stalker rode the same bus as me TT Thats not weird but its sad. (He now knows where i live! O.o)

3) This friday was 'freshman friday' and im a freshman. Its when all the seniors go after the freshman and write 'F' all over you in sharpie. Its called being F'd and i got F'd two times.

4) Theres also freshman fishing. Its when seniors stand on the top of the stares and throw a diffrent type of fishing rod down the stares and it laches on to your backpack. They then real you in so you fall and painfully get dragged up the stairs, or ditch your backpack. Thankfully it didnt happen to my but it really does happen.

5) After a bunch of other random things happen that i dont want to get into, it was finally the end of the first week...So someone decided to throw a stink bomb in the school...Happy freshman friday -.-

6) Santa Clause is the janitor at my school, or is it...his evil twin!!! (Don don don) (Freshman me is a loser...well i guess some things never change =.=)

7) My biology teacher like to stick her class lizard in my face...we had a staring contest.

8) My friends stalks Santa or Santa's twin (I still havent decided) by writing down the color of the shirt he's wearing on their cellphones...he wore gray today.

9)My health teacher color cordanates his cloths by matching the color of his shirts, watches and shoes he wears.

It took me forever to get those F's off. Thats okay though because on of my friends got attacked by F's. She had many on her arms and face. This was my first week of high school in freshmen year. Fun times.

Sophmore year:

Well...It's been pretty boring to be quite honest. I'm sure that some things have happen but i just cant seem to remember. Some of my classmates got drunk behind me in class by mixing alcohol in their drinks but thats more annoying and stupid then it is anything else. These people bother me -_-

I haven't updated my profile in a while so thats what im doing now. My life is still weird...sigh. Im a sophmore now. Is that how who spell it? Sophmore? Ah whatever.

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