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Age 43, pushing 14

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Interests in Anime, Manga, PS3 and 4 and 3D art (I work in DAZ Studio). Been writing stories and making bad doujin since 91, rarely published and hate to do so without a finished product. Also like high adrenaline metal or evocative classical, been told it shows in my writing (you decide).

Just another otaku getting tired of having several stories sitting on my hardrive that I haven't finished, much less touched, in years. Now that I'm finally publishing, that might change.

3/24/13 Still not back to writing, but UT chapter 7 & 8 coming soon, Director's Cut of 1-6 in the bag and ready to post by April. Hope you like the extended version.

1/1/17 Finally back to writing, and still letting the characters tell the story their way. Don't fix what ain't broken! Chapter 8 is up and chapter 9 is progressing well (about 1/4 done). Enjoy!

A/N on Useless Trivia: Chapters 1-3 have been reformatted (my original formatting didn't work for FF.net and looked like a long run-on sentence, oops). Hopefully the new look will improve everyone's ability to read my stuff and enjoy it better.

Chapter 4 of Useless Trivia should land by end of June (yup, it did!), hope you guys like the Angel battle, and the other bits. Rei meets Toji, and sparks fly, that was fun to write.

Chapter 5 is now up (7-28-11) despite having to can the whole thing when it didn't gel like I'd hoped. A frantic 3 day rewrite ensued after a brilliant idea turned the silly thing into a Crossover (Hey, it worked). Its official. The lunatics (Rei and friends) are now running the asylum. Unfortunately this has derailed the original plot, not fatally I hope, but it might take me a while to regroup. Of course it might take me a few weeks to stop laughing.

Chapter 6 is up as of 9/18/11, just a bit late, but the lunatics continue to riot and tell their own story. Asuka and Mari? That was a pair up I never imagined, until I realized I needed something to happen in London, and then realized all the troble those two could cause. I hope the coming of Asuka was worth the wait.

Chapter 8 is up as of 1/1/17 and I am sorry it took so long. Much like chapter 5, this one just kind of wrote itself. And I didn't even have to cut and paste anything.

Like any writer, I appreciate your comments and reviews, even the less than flatering ones. Thanx for reading!

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