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Well, not much to say about me. I am an up and coming fanfiction writer, and I hope my story(s) will entertain you all ^^

I have many inspirations for my writing that are writers on this very site. Two of them that come to mind instantly are "pudgypudge" and "Kyuubi16". I have read the stories of these 2 many times.

I am a fan of femItachi and femSasuke(To a lesser extent). In my story(s) I will almost always have Itachi as a female and Sasuke as either good or female.

I despise the pairing NaruSaku, and I am impartial to NaruHina. Everything else I can deal with, except for Yaoi.(No offense to anyone)

I prefer a Naruto who has a semi-Harem. By this I do not mean that Naruto marries every female in the Naruto-verse.

I DESPISE BASHING!(with one exception) It ruins a character's image to me, except for Sakura...I hate her. She will be bashed in any story of mine or will be neutral and not much of a part of the story.

I tend to make Naruto a little overpowered(Sorry?) but he will never be too powerful at a young age (like 12) but at more of a suitable age such as the age he is when he gets back from his trip with Jiraiya (Beginning of Shippuden)

I will try to update several times a week.

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