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Author has written 12 stories for Harry Potter, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Naruto, Book of Amber, and Vampire: The Masquerade.

Hey, I'm Nauro from 2021:

Most of my stories begin when I find a lack of a specific topic or approach, and are written in some way for myself, to fill in the gaps of missing fiction. This brings life to the weird ideas in my head to the whatever readers I collected (and lost) throughout the years.

I have a few non-fanfiction short stories published in indy anthologies too, see the section of the profile dedicated to that if you're interested in old fantasy/sci-fi anthologies that support an old forum for Harry Potter fiction.

This account was created and most regularly updated when I was a student, but with the regular work the time spent writing has declined significantly.

Some of the stories I've began are still leaving me restless with their unfinished status, and I still plan on finishing them in some form or other (be it writing a proper ending, or hammering a rushed one in a few chapters, or, in a worst case scenario, writing out a rough outline of what was supposed to happen).

This might, sadly, take months and even years, as fanfiction is just not a first priority in my life.

I particularly enjoy time travel, twists and turns that change canon in subtle or non-subtle ways, and the type of worldbuilding that tries to explain or run along with the oddities of canon worlds.

At the time of account creation, I basically chose two of the most popular fanfiction fandoms to write stories in, Harry Potter and Naruto, even as neither property was my top favorite.

With the recent can of worms that is Rowling's bigotry, I don't think that I'll begin new stories set in HP universe. (I do not particularly wish to discuss this topic too much.)

Below, you'll find a couple of sections - currently updating (if glacially slow) stories, links to original stories I wrote, current schedule and progress in the stories listed; notes on stories that I have completed, added after the fact and even more extra comments. Feel free to skip any of those and head straight for the stories - for that reason, the sections are marked appropriately.

I hope you'll find something you like, either among those mentioned or other stories.

Thank you for reading, and remember, nothing I have is abandoned, until my profile says it is. It might be on an unplanned hiatus, but they still live in my mind.



Feathers, Fangs and Flames

(Harry Potter)

The largest old story I have, is a HP Werewolf story Feathers, Fangs and Flames (notably 45 out of 50 chapters were delivered in a bi-weekly schedule, which I was very proud off), as a consequence it was less edited and not as polished. I have no plans to rewrite a modern take on it, but I have a rough plan for a faster ending (one that wouldn't take me 50 chapters, at least).

We'll see when it happens.

Steal My Thunder God


The story that had struck proverbial fanfiction gold was Steal My Thunder God. At the time of writing it was reasonably polished, specifically because most of the chapters were heavily edited with the help of Morta's Priest (Roarian). Originally, I envisioned it as a mostly-comedic story, but it got heavier themes and more serious outlines together with the jokes. One thing that remained constant were the situations where I use every excuse and blunder on part of Naruto to further his semi-accidental deception to be recognized as Minato in the past.

Updating and finishing SMTG is going to be hard. It's level of polish is intimidating at times, specifically with the time a well-polished story demands. I still have contacts of Roarian, but I have no idea how willing he'd be to lend a hand, if at all. In addition, unlike most of my stories, SMTG didn't have an exact overarching plotline when I started writing it, even if I had an idea of an ending.

If you're going to read it now, remember that I started writing it before the Naruto manga chapter where Orochimaru revived all past Hokages for the final war, and I think even before the Kyubi chakra mode was shown off, before Kaguya was introduced. As far as SMTG is concerned, the end-big-bad is Madara and his plan to use the Moon for genjutsu. SMTG also doesn't confirm any Naruto pairing before time travel.

Hiring the Right Ones

(Mass Effect)

A time travel Mass Effect story, where two different versions of Shepard exist. One a Sentinel Renegade fem!Shep, and another a Solder Paragon male!Shep. Both follow aspects of the other's philosophy, and their "playthroughs" are non-standard in some ways, having made choices that they would not agree on.

This story was pure pleasure to write. I need to re-verify if the newest version is posted here, but I have at one point re-edited it a bit, adding some polish. At one time the Mass Effect game series were an absolute joy to play and the universe was extremely interesting. I remember being slightly jaded with the ME3 ending, but being fine with the extended cut.

I am yet to purchase the remastered Mass Effect Trilogy, but I plan to replay it someday, and having a higher quality version would be nice. When I replay the Trilogy, that's when I'll get even more inspiration to carry on with this story.

The only downside was, once again, the unbounded nature of the work, as it would seemingly have to cover the whole trilogy of events, and that's a daunting prospect and a huge time commitment. It's like writing three books (maybe two), and I just don't know what to do with it yet.

I will certainly write at least a chapter or two and then decide.

Perhaps I'll reach a point where the main obstacles are solved, and I can just fade to black, only mentioning the events of the Reaper War itself.

Bleeding the Magic

(Harry Potter / Vampire the Masquerade)

This is an edgy fic I'm not too proud off. I want to write a chapter, maybe two if it gets too long, to give it closure and leave it completed, a lot shorter than it could have been.


The City - a story where a man who cannot live with the Technology goes on a crusade against a City. Things get complicated.

Included in the first DLP Anthology - Unbowed Unbroken Unrelenting http:///Unbowed-Unbroken-Unrelenting-Anthology-ebook/dp/B00BBFX39S/ - a book full of Anti-Hero themed stories.

To Free A Human - a short tale where a human is made free, in a world that is entirely different.

Included in the second DLP Anthology - Mysterious Monstrous Metropolitan http:///Mysterious-Monstrous-Metropolitan-Anthology-Volume/dp/0987329405/ - a book of Urban Fantasy stories.

The Lies of The Dragon - a story of the last dragon, Ax the Wise, and his duty to guard The Doors of Death. In some ways it is a nod for Moorcock's writings I grew up with.

Included in the fourth DLP Anthology - Of Wars and Wizards http:///Wars-Wizards-DLP-Anthology/dp/0987329499/ . These are the classical fantasy tales, usually with at least a dash of dark fantasy.


There was a third DLP anthology - Love Loss Longing http:///Love-Loss-Longing-DLP-Anthology/dp/0987329456/ , which I haven't submitted a story for.

The money from the Anthologies goes to pay for DLP's hosting and for releases of future anthologies. All of the anthologies always need honest reviews.


AS OF 2021-08

There is no exact schedule, sorry

(SitC final chapters should be already posted by now)

I have completed SitC but considering a non-canon alternate epilogue

I plan to write a chapter for BtM, finishing it early

I will try re-reading and replotting the FFF ending to come quicker

I have no exact plans for SMTG, but there will be at least one regular update at some point

I will update HTRO after I play though the ME trilogy again, whenever that happens


Destroyer of Words

(Batman / Death Note)

There's a story that was started in joint effort with Morta's Priest (Roarian), a man behind the most reviewed Harry Potter and Avengers crossover as of yet. This seventh story, Destroyer of Words is a Batman/Death Note crossover, and was posted via his profile -

We talked about it with Roarian, and I don't think we will ever finish it. I'm sorry about that. I still have my notes about it, but no idea what to with it, as I don't want to write it out alone, Roarian had a better L voice and knowledge of Death Note than I.

Stolen Destiny

(Harry Potter / Ars Magica)

There was also a Stolen Destiny quest that I had started on Sufficient Velocity

The newest addition to all that is Stolen Destiny quest that I've started on Sufficient Velocity (https:///threads/stolen-destiny-of-storms-and-magi-hp-ars-magica.17872/) which ran up to 2017, reaching 25 updates. It was Harry Potter stranded in Ars Magica setting, growing up with a different magical tradition.

I have no idea what I'll do with it going forward. I still remember both the outline and I still like to, but once again, running a quest requires constant time investment that I'm not prepared to offer at this point. Maybe someday, I'll pick up from where I dropped it, with a new intro and a new thread.

To add to that quest, there exists a self-sufficient Interlude on Albus Dumbledore - which grew and grew, and when I had it written, I've realized that I want it as a separate story. Thus, you have this new story that popped up in my list. Stolen Destiny: Alchemical Applications. It's a bit heavy on magical theory, but otherwise I'm writing it for fun.


Snake in the Chestnut - it's my attempt to write Harry / Daphne story, fairly loosely based on the popular fanon interpretation of Daphne. There's time travel involved, because I like stories with it. It could have been long, but I deliberately plotted out roughly seven chapters when I was starting it, and I managed to finish it sticking to that plan, even if I moved the timeline around a bit. The old chapters have been reedited in 2021, and soon all new content will be posted.

The Trump of Merlin - a story told in second person (I know, but everyone has that one experiment where they try it out), where the world of Amber comes knocking into Harry Potter world. As Harry Potter has no knowledge of Amber, the reader isn't expected to, although those who have read the Chronicles of Amber will find interesting tidbits of information. There are still some minor spelling mistakes there, I will have to get around to fixing them. Take a look if you have time for plots, crazy magic, and battles to the death. There exists a small possibility of a sequel.

The Last Enemy to be Destroyed - a Harry Potter story I wrote for a DLP contest that got only three entrants. The Judges gave it a score of 79/100 and it got the second place from the bottom. It is stemming from the oh so popular misuse of the phrase the Greater Good, and has to do with Apocalyptic scenarios.

The Eye for an Eye - a Harry Potter story I wrote about Alastor Moody and one of the skirmishes between the Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters. In its entirely, it should be blamed on Klackerz for prompting me to write it by talking interesting things in IRC.

Dead Last - a one-shot set in Naruto universe, where not everything is as it seems at first. There is a small chance for a prequel to be written at some point.

Rat Arrives Today - a bad story that needs rewriting, but I probably won't bother, since it was quite a first time writing in English, and neither the concept nor the resolution seem to leave an impression. You can skip this, unless you want to compare for progress I made. The changes in restrictions on formatting will steal the tails and eyes of the little rats the second I edit any of the chapters, so I delayed that to forseeable future.

The Original Legend of one Hairy Pot - a story I wrote years ago, in Lithuanian. I translated it at some point, out of curiosity, and made some slight edits. It is rather crazy and if you're expecting some sanity, you will find none there.


Any and all pictures on the stories are temporary - I kind of hate that feature.

I appreciate when someone takes time to point out an error. Nobody is perfect. English isn't my first language and in a way I'm using this as a means to learn it better. If it's a plot or logic error, I'll try to find a solution.

I hold anyone reading as intelligent and attentive - in my view, it is better to explain a bit too little than a bit too much in the story. I get too confusing sometimes, though (they always told me I'm slightly mad). For that matter, I'll try to respond to questions asked. Even when the answer is "I cannot tell you yet."

As someone who is somewhat easily influenced, I blame Ocs for making me write Bleeding the Magic, Klackerz for The Eye for an Eye and Roarian for nudging me to start writing the Steal My Thunder God.

Thanks for people who spend time helping me improve, including the vilest hive of scum and villainy that is DLP.


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