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what can i say hmm I am 28, from uk. I have quite a lot of time on my hands so i update on a regualar basis. Quick note. The more interest one story recieves. The more i will update that story.


Big fan of Percy Jackson series, Harry potter and Buffy The Vampire slayer

Favourite pairs to write about

Harry/Hermione (to me J K Rowling never thought out correctly who should be with who)

Harry/Daphne G

Harry/Dawn S (new favourite pair)

Percy J/Artemis

Percy J/Thaila

currently have 5 stories running. My Percy Jackson one and Child of Hecate as been put on the back burner for now. Due to a lot of interest my Newer stories Animagi Fury and Voice of reason, have my full attention at the minute. I am also working on a cross/over Buffy/harry potter. Involving Harry p and Dawn S.

Note all stories are M rated or MA Rated

Animagi Fury: (On Hold)

King Of Dementor: (possibly being adopted)

Heir Of Pendragon: Work in process (Up for Adoption)

Fresh Start: Work In Progress

Grey is better: work in progress

Legend is Born: On Hold (In the works)

Hidden Child Of Hecate PercyJackson/Harry Potter Crossover: (On Hold)

MA rated Stories Which can be found at Penname Ace1984

Grey Is Better Lemon Version: Work In Progress

Percy Jackson God Of Heroes: Work In Progress

Voice Of Reason: Work In progress

The Following Stories are now up for adoption.

Kit Decision

Next King Of games

Heir Of Pendragon (GizmoDragon90 Has Adopted This story.)

Hidden Child Of Hecate

King Of Dementors (Adopted by Firestormk27)


New Life

Link Adventure

Chapter One of a future story.

Harry Potter And The Elemental Warrior

Somewhere in England

Deep within a hidden chamber a shadow moved swiftly through the darkness. The shadow stopped as it peeked around one of the various pillars, and stared down at it's prize. The Shadow looked all the way around the chamber, suddenly he rolled to the side as three fire balls headed straight for him. The Shadow rolled behind one of the pillars and silently waited. He knew his enemy was out there somewhere, but couldn't pin point his location. Deciding to throw caution to the wind, the shadow swiftly descended down to the lower levels. Just as the shadows feet touched the ground three huge rocks flew towards him. Having no time to dodge, the shadow took up a stance and made a strange movement with his hands. The ground raised beneath the shadows feet and enclosed around him. The rocks impacted the make shift shield and harmlessly crumbled into piles of dust. Sensing the danger was over the shadow used his hands once more to force the earth back down to what it was before. Silently the shadow made his way towards his prize which was now resting on a Pedestal in the middle of platform. The shadow could see no way across. Moving his hands once more the shadow whipped up a powerful wind, that he jumped into and rode the air currents over onto the platform. Once he landed he dived to the side as another fireball missed him by inches. The shadow turned to face a hooded figure who's hands were now engulfed in flames. The Shadow prepared himself as this time a wall of fire headed towards him. Quickly the shadow placed his hands in front of him and focused all his energy. Just has the wall of fire was about to hit him, he growled and formed his own fire that sliced trough the wall of flames, leaving him unharmed. Seeing the hooded figure was about to attack again, the shadow focused his energy once more. He began to move around the platform, as if he was dancing. Soon four huge pillars of water were rising around him. The shadow opened his eyes and directed the four pillars of water at the hooded figure, who was doing his best to protect himself. The Shadow noticed the pillars of water were now wrapped around his opponent. The shadow took a deep breath before sending a chilling wave over the water freezing it instantly and trapping the hooded figure in a prison of ice. Seeing how his opponent was not going to trouble him anymore, he grabbed the statue and then turned to the hooded figure. He then closed his eyes and focused, moving his hands through the air, the shadow forced the ice to melt, freeing the figure from his ice prison. The figure suddenly coughed and pulled his hood down to reveal an elderly man smiling.

"Excellent work my young pupil. You have mastered the five elements and now can call yourself an Elemental. I am very proud of you Ace."

The Shadow suddenly removed his mask. Underneath was the face of a boy, who couldn't have been no more then 13 or 14. He had blue eyes and short spiky blonde hair. The boy suddenly fell to his knees and bowed to his master. "Thank you Master Steel." Ace waited until he saw his master gesture for him to stand. The boy then felt the old man's hands on his shoulder. The man was called Abraham Steel and he too was an Elemental.

"Come let us talk. Ace as you know I found you on my doorstep when you were a little boy. I took you in and raised you as my own son. I watched day by day as you grew to the man you are today. However I have kept a secret from you. Ace I am not just your master, but your grandfather as well."

Ace eyes suddenly widened. He quickly bowed his head as he was trying to come up with a reason why his grandfather would keep this from him for so long. Ace looked up into his grandfather face. "Why keep this a secret from me? Why for all these year pretend that I was your adoptive son, when in reality you were my grandfather."

Abraham sighed before taking a seat opposite his grandson. Abraham could tell that his grandson was upset with him, and he had good reason to be. Not only had he been keeping his true identity a secret but he had been keeping Ace's destiny from him. Ace was not just an Elemental but he was wizard as well. Abraham's wife had been a witch and the both of them had been blessed with a daughter. Abraham loved his wife and daughter however it soon became clear that his daughter had inherited her mother's gift of magic, instead of his own families ability to control the five elements. He had not been happy that his family legacy could die out and had began to resent his daughter, for her gift of magic. The rift between them had become so great that his Daughter had decided to leave home and immerse herself in the world of Magic. However the consistent fighting between him and his daughter had made his wife ill. She had soon passed away after their daughter had left. Abraham never heard from his daughter again until that cold dark night thirteen years ago, when he had awoken to find a basket and a letter within. It seems his daughter had married and given birth to a son. The letter had been short but it had asked that he look after his grandson and raise him, for a great destiny laid before him.

Abraham had given it serious thought in sending his grandson to an orphanage. After all it was very likely that the child had also inherited his mother gift of magic. However that all changed when he was giving his grandson a bath one day. Abraham had watched as his grandson had been able to form orbs of water all around him. Abraham had assumed that it was accidental magic like his daughter use to do. However it was a day in the garden that made up his mind that Ace had inherited his gift of being able to control the elements. The boy had stamped his feet and caused several clumps of earth to raise up around him. Abraham decided then and there that he would train is grandson is mastering the five elements. Everything had been going smoothly, until Ace Eleventh Birthday, when he received the exact same letter that his daughter had received on her eleventh birthday. Instead of having history repeat itself Abraham had hid the letters. Now though he was getting on in years, and knew he didn't have much time left in this world. Abraham turned and looked at his grandson once more before removing a letter and handing it to him.

Ace took the letter from his grandfather. He could see the regret in the old man's eyes. Ace removed his dagger and opened the envelope he then began to read. It was a letter from his mother, explaining what had happened and who he really was. By the time he had reached the bottom, Ace was ready to explode. "Why did you never tell me! Why did you keep this from me? My true heritage, my destiny. Why!"

Abraham lowered his head. "I didn't want history to repeat itself Ace. I knew that if I told you the truth and who you really was, then I could lose you, like I lost your mother. The day your mother began to show signs of Magic, my heart sank. I had wanted her to inherit my family gift of being an Elemental. I am the last of my kind Ace. The rest of us were hunted and wiped out by those who feared our power. I didn't want my family legacy to die and feared the worse when your mother showed no signs of being an Elemental. I pushed her away. After that your mother and I never saw eye to eye, and soon she left wanting to be around her own kind. For years I sat lonely, your grandmother soon passed away and I was left all alone. However that all changed when you were left on my doorstep. My daughter had left a note, I knew you too would then be gifted with magic. I didn't want another magic user inside my house and was prepared to put you up for adoption. However that all changed when you began to show signs of being a Elemental, I knew this was my last chance to pass on my family legacy and decided to train you in the way of the five elements. However It seemed the magical world was also calling out to you. So I decided to hide your magical side away from you, and now I know that was wrong of me. I was so selfish in wanting to make sure my family art was not lost, that I didn't take your feeling into account. Please forgive me."

Ace shook his head. He was disgusted with his grandfather. All these years training to be an agent of the Elements and hidden part of himself was being withheld from him. Ace stood from the table. And left the room. The letter had given him instruction to leave his grandfathers and travel to place in London called Gringotts. There he would find out his true heritage. Ace went to his bedside cabinet and opened it. He then removed a small tin from it. He placed the tin on his bed and then opened it taking out the money he had been saving. Ace had decided that he would leave his grandfather home, and travel to London. Ace waited until Dark, before grabbing all his stuff and sneaking out of the house. He turned to take one last look at the place he had called home for thirteen years. A stray tear left his eye as he vanished without a trace into the cool night air.

London King Cross Station

Ace opened his eyes as he heard the announcement on the train. It seems after a long trip he had finally made it to London. Ace grabbed his stuff and left the train. He then opened the letter once more. According to his mothers instructions there was a small pub just a few miles down from the station. Ace pulled his rucksack onto his back and made his way out of the station onto the busy streets. It didn't take him long to find the pub. Ace looked up and saw the Leaky Cauldron written above it. He pushed open the door. Soon as he entered he got the whiff of stale cigarettes and alcohol. Quickly he made his way to the counter and waited. Soon he was approached by a tall bald gentleman.

"Good afternoon sir. Want can I do for you today." Ace nervously showed the man the letter. The bar tender looked down at the letter and then the boy. "Are you not a little too old to be starting Hogwarts. Never mind follow me and I will let you through to the alley."

Ace followed the bartender who took him out back into the small garden. Ace then watched the man remove a small stick from his sleeve and tapped several white bricks. Ace suddenly found himself in his defense stance as the wall creaked before falling apart and showing an entrance leading onto a busy alley. "Gringotts is the huge building in the middle of the alley. You can't miss it. Well have fun my lad."

Ace turned to see the wall sliding back into place. He suddenly realised that he was all alone. He quickly made his way onto the alley. He froze as he took in his surroundings. Never had he seen such an odd place. Weird looking shops with strange names. However it was the people walking around the alley that most surprised him. Ace thought he had gone back into the Victorian times as everyone seemed to be dressed in outdated clothes. Ace spotted the building on his letter and quickly made his way towards it. Once inside Ace was stunned once more as he noticed small green little creatures walking around his feet. Many of these creatures were sitting up on high stalls counting and giving out gold to people. Ace noticed a small desk that was separated from the rest of the bank. He quickly approached the desk.

"Excuse me. I was wondering if you could help me. I received this letter from my mother instructing me to visit this place." Ace handed the letter to the creature, who pushed some glasses onto his face and scanned the letter. Ace noticed the creatures eyes widened.

"Master Thompson it is an honour to finally meet the noble Heir of House Thompson. Please follow me and I will take you to your account manager. We have waited years for your arrival sir."

Ace was confused, he followed the strange creature through various corridors until they reached a room. Ace watched as the small creature knocked and then entered the room. Ace decided to stay outside until he was called.

"Master Thompson, you may now go in. If there is anything else I can help with, then please don't hesitate to ask." Ace watched the small creature walk away up the corridor. Ace sighed before taking a deep breath, he then walked in and noticed another one of the creatures, however this one had a long beard.

"Ah Master Thompson. Finally please take a seat. Now as this is all doubt new to you then I will explain where you are. We are Goblins Master Thompson, and this building is Gringotts. A bank that all witches and wizard store their gold in. My name is Axehandle and I am the Thompson family account manager. I have waited many years for this meeting. You see I should have seen you on your eleventh birthday, before you left for Hogwarts. However for some reason, you never showed up. For many years we have tried to contact you, only for our letters to return undelivered. You see Master Thompson, you are someone very special in our world. But more on that later. Right now we need to talk about where you have been all these years."

Ace gulped. "Well I have lived with my grandfather since I was one years old. However it is only recently that he showed me the letter left by my mother, explaining who I was. I assume my grandfather was returning the mail as he didn't want me learning about my magical heritage. You see my grandfather is the last living Elemental and he decided to train me in the arts passed down from his own family. However when he discovered my mum was a witch, he couldn't handle it, as he wanted her to be an Elemental like him."

Axehandle listened carefully as the young boy told his story. He couldn't believe that he was actually sitting in front of a real life Elemental. He like many thought they had been wiped out years ago, however it seems the boy grandfather had survived and now passed the gift onto his grandson. "Well Mr Thompson. I am very surprised at your story. I assumed like many that your race was wiped out years ago, however it seems you are the very last Elemental which make you a very powerful individual. What with your mother's gift of magic and your ability to control the five elements. I would say you are on par with Harry Potter a Powerful and famous wizard in our world."

Ace looked at Axehandle confused. "Excuse me but who is Harry Potter, and why is he so famous in your world?"

Axehandle leaned back in his chair. Fourteen years ago, a Dark Lord known as Lord Voldemort terrorized our world. The Dark Lord decided to attack Master Potter and his parents, why no one knows exactly. However the boy known as Harry Potter, was about to be killed, when he deflected the deadliest curse known to our world, and destroyed the Dark Lord Voldemort. He bought peace to our world and is praised wherever he goes. In fact I am sure you will meet him, when you attend Hogwarts this year. Now onto more pressing matters. First we must find out if you are Master Thompson. Take this dagger and run it across your palm. Then place your palm over this chalice."

Ace took the dagger and examined it. He wasn't sure how cutting himself would show the Goblin who he was, but decided to just follow the instructions. He sliced his palm open and then held it in the chalice. He watched as his blood filled the chalice. Ace started to feel dizzy. He then noticed the Goblin muttered something and the cut was healed. Ace fell back into the chair, the Goblin then handed him a small vial. "That is a blood replenish potion. Drink that and you will soon feel better. Now to find out who you really are."

Ace noticed the Goblin spread what look like a old sheet of stained paper onto the desk. He then lifted the chalice and poured the contents onto the paper. Ace watched amazed as his blood began to separate into different lines and words.

Name:Ace Thompson

Father: Marcus Anton Thompson

Mother: Sarah Alice Steel.

Vaults entitled too: Thompson Family Vault: 15,000,995 galleons

Ace Trust fund Vault:150,000 galleons

Other abilities: Elemental Master

Ace stared down the paper in complete shock. He wasn't sure exactly what a galleon was but he was certain it was some type of currency and by looking at the numbers, then he was rich. Ace noticed the Goblin roll up the paper and then click his fingers. In front of him appeared a small box.

"Well Master Thompson. It seems you are who you say you are, and as you are fourteen then you are allowed to take up the headship of the Thompson Household. May I be the first to congratulate you on your ascension to Lord Thompson. Now there is the little case of sorting out your magical education. You should have attended Hogwarts when you were eleven. I hope you don't mind but i have arranged for the headmaster of Hogwarts to meet us here. I am sure he can be of more assistance regarding your magical education. After all us Goblins are just bankers."

Ace placed the ring onto his finger and watched as it glowed and resized. Just then there was knock on the door. Ace watched the Goblin leave his desk and then walk towards the office door before opening it.

"Ah Lord Dumbledore, thank you for coming on such short notice. Please come in."

Ace noticed the door opened revealing a tall gentleman, who had a long white beard, half-moon glasses and a pointed hat. Ace gulped even he knew by looking at the man, that this person was very powerful.

"It is no problem what so ever Axehandle. Ah you must me Lord Thompson. It is finally nice to meet the son of Marcus and Sarah. i knew your parents very well. In fact I attended their wedding. Well are you ready to go shopping for your school supplies?"

Ace just nodded his head and left with the tall gentleman. However just before he got out of the office. He noticed Axehandle hand him a bank card. It had his name on and in gold scribe Gringotts. Ace assumed this was how he was going to pay for all his school supplies. Ace followed the old wizard out of the bank. For someone his age he moved very fast.

"Now Lord Thompson. Although you were meant to start Hogwarts at eleven, the professor and I have decided that instead of making you start from year one, you will take private lesson with the professors. This way you won't feel out of place being a year one student, and it will give you the opportunity to interact with other teenager your own age. Now first on the list is school robes."

Ace groaned as he carried all his school supplies. They had spent all afternoon shopping. Ace had found it difficult to get a wand that didn't interfere with is Elemental powers. The old man had been most surprised when he had found out. However finally they had found the right wand. Now they were sat in the leaky cauldron having something to eat.

"Now Lord Thompson, seeing how you have got all your school supplies. I hope you don't mind but i have taken the liberty of arranging for you stay with a family i know. I thought it would be best that you are not left alone seeing how you have only discovered that you are wizard today. The family are expecting us later this evening. In fact you will not be the only one staying with them. A boy called Harry Potter and a girl called Hermione Granger will also be staying with them. Tomorrow you are all going to the Quidditch world cup, which reminds me. This is for you."

Ace took a ticket from the old man. he looked down at the ticket and read. Quidditch World Cup. Bulgaria vs Ireland. Ace was confused. "Excuse me sir, but what is Quidditch?"

Albus smiled down at the young lord. "Quidditch is the sport that we play here in the wizarding world. However i am sure young Mr Weasley will explain it all too you. Now are you ready to leave?"


Ace nodded his head and picked up all his stuff, he then noticed the old man walk towards the fire place. Ace was confused by this, however the confusion soon turned into fright as the old man threw some sort of green powder into the flames. Suddenly the flames raised up and turned green. Ace felt his robe grabbed and pulled through the green flames. Ace walked out into a small kitchen where a rather large lady with bright red messy hair was busy doing something. Ace noticed the woman turned around and smiled.

"Oh Albus, I wasn't expecting you until later. Oh and who is this handsome young fella."

Albus smiled once more. "Molly may introduce to you Lord Thompson, the son of Marcus and Sarah. he has finally decided to join our world at last."

Ace noticed the woman walked up to him and looked him all over. he then found himself in huge bear hug. "Oh look how you have grown. Why i remember when you were just a baby. It good to see you again Ace. Your mum and I use to be good friends when we were at Hogwarts." Ace suddenly heard a huge crash outside.

"Oh those boys. I told them not to experiment to close to the house. Ace why don't you follow me dear, and we will get you settled in." Ace followed Molly up several flight of stairs before they entered a small room. Ace noticed two trunks in the room. One read Ronald Weasley, the other read Harry Potter. "I am afraid you will have to share with Harry and Ron for tonight."

Ace placed all his stuff in the space provided. Just as he finished Ace noticed a boy run into the room. "Mum, when will dinner be ready? Hey who's this and why is he in my room."

Ace felt rather uncomfortable. He hadn't had much interaction with other people, unless of course you counted his grandfather and his various private tutors.

"Ron Weasley, is that any way you talk to our guests. Ace here as been missing from our world for thirteen years, and will be attending Hogwarts with you this September. So I advice you to be polite to him. Now why don't you take Ace to meet Harry and Hermione."

Ace could see in the boy body language that he wasn't too thrilled to show him around. never-less Ace followed Ron down the stairs and out into the garden. They made their way into a small wood where they came to a small pond where a boy and girl was lounging around the pond.

"Oh Ron you're back. Oh who is this." Ace once again felt like he was on display in a zoo as both the girl and boy looked at him oddly. Ace noticed the girl extended her hand. "Hello my name is Hermione Granger and who might you be?"

Ace took hold of Hermione hand and shook it. "Hi my name Ace Thompson. Forgive my shyness, but I haven't had much contact with other kids my age."

Hermione face fell. "Oh I am sorry to hear that. Well let me introduce you to my two best friends. This is Ron who you have no doubt already met, and this is Harry Potter."

"Heads up!" Ace heard the sound of voices, in the woods. He quickly got into his stance and noticed several coloured balloons coming towards him. Ace frowned and avoided the balloons before concentrating and causing a wave of water to leave the pond and shoot right into the woods where the balloons had come from.

"What the hell! Who drenched us." Ace noticed two boys walked out of the woods. Both had orange hair and were completely drenched from head to toe. Ace noticed every ones eyes were on him."

"Did I forget to mention that I am an Elemental."

Big announcement Computer Off-line till 23 March 2014. Apology to all my loyal readers.

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