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The name is Aubrey. And yes, it is the same name for my story, My Life Turned Into Twilight except it's spelled different. I usually don't do that, but I didn't count on publishing the story.

Social Media Accounts:

I got a tumblr: http:///


Annnnd my instagram is @aubreyburkie

Fun Facts About Me:

-I hate bananas, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and scary movies.

-I am 17 years young.

-I danced competitively for years and am involved in musical theatre.

-Class of 2016

-I am a big follower of Christ. I'm from the Methodist faith and if anyone wants to ask questions or talk to me about religion, I would love to!

-My personality is rather out there. I'm labeled the class clown and love making others laugh. Although I'm sorta shy when you first get to meet me.

-I don't know how to flirt.

-My laugh=obnoxious.

- RENT is probably my favorite musical.

-I sing, play the viola, and the piano.

-Butterflies and Asian Elephants are my favorite animals. I also like vultures, lol I don't know.

-I am pretty mature for my age. My mom says I'm an old soul.

-I would love to live by mountains, a beach, or a lake. There's also this secret part of me that wants to live in NYC.

-I have a fear of public bathrooms, fireworks, being scared, balloons popping, and bees. My fear of bees is so severe, that on each form I write that I am allergic to bees. I actually am not, but I figure if I have it on record and exclaim that I am allergic, people would sacrifice themselves for me so I won't die. I am pretty sure the school thinks I am actually allergic to bees.

-Researching and looking up things is one of my favorite hobbies.

-I play Jeopardy in my free time.

-Reality TV is my guilty pleasure.

-I enjoy Starbucks.


-I have two sisters. One is 12 years older than me. The other is 11 months older than I am. (My parents didn't waste time) Lol, my sisters were planned and I was the accident.

-I can be very hard on myself. I have struggled with depression and eating disorders. It's a battle and seems to reoccur often once I think I'm better.

-I am absolutely and completely obsessed with Idina Menzel.

-I ship me and Ian Harding.

-I ship me and Robert Pattinson.

-I have a potty mouth.

Writing/Reading Facts About Me:

-I write a lot, but I am super self conscious about my writing that most of them are locked away or never get finished.

-I like writing my original plots and fanfiction.

-Twilight, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Glee are my favorite things to write when it comes to Fanfics.

-Usually my main OC characters have a lot of my personality infused within them. Aubrie is the only character I have that is loosely based off myself.

-I have terrible grammar.

-I have never read a slash fic, lol, I'm too scared to. Don't ask why.

-So I read 50 Shades of Gray. I was surprised that the sex scenes were mild compared to what I've read on this site. LOL

-I overuse the word lol. Actually, I want to put it in my story but I choose not to.

-I read my first sex scene when I was 11 years old. I didn't know how sex actually worked until I read a fic on Mibba. It was a Jacob/OC story (which idk why I read that because I was never team Jacob) too.

-My first fanfics I remember reading were Nick Jonas ones, LOL I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT WAS FANFICTION THEN

-I hate the c word and the n word. I hate reading about them. I hate hearing about them. I hate it.

-Obviously, I like to read about Mr. Edward Cullen.

-Despite some of the Bella bashing I do in my stories, I don't actually hate Bella, she a'iight.

-I can read anything paired with Edward. Except Jasper, which seems super popular. (again, I'm scared to read slash, lol)


Aubrie's Family: http:///burke_swans/set?id=125005380

The Cullen's: http:///cullens/set?id=125009956

The Fowler's: http:///fowlers/set?id=125011419

The Wolves (relevant ones) (SO FAR!) : http:///werewolves/set?id=125018153

Aubrie's Human Friends (Girls): http:///human_ladies_part/set?id=125013024 & http:///human_girls_part/set?id=125016108

Aubrie's Human Friends (Boys): http:///human_boys/set?id=125017262

FORKS CHEERLEADERS (listed by stunt group):

http:///forks_cheerleaders_part/set?id=125020835 & http:///forks_cheerleaders_part/set?id=125027957



Chapter 1 (First Day of School): http:///mltit_chapter_first_day_school/set?id=111760150

Chapter 1 (Cheer Tryouts): http:///mltit_chapter_cheer_tryouts/set?id=111771452

Chapter 2 (First mentioned school outfit): http:///mltit_chapter_first_school_outfit/set?id=112152360

Chapter 2 (Second mentioned school outfit): http:///mltit_chapter_second_school_outfit/set?id=112460175

Chapter 3: (Outfit where she gets hit by the van): http:///mltit_chapter_school_outfit/set?id=112548674

Chapter 4: (First mentioned school outfit): http:///mltit_chapter_school_outfit/set?id=112798861

Chapter 17 (Baseball game!): http:///aubrie_baseball_game_outfit/set?id=89508900

Chapters 22 & 23 (Airport outfit) : http:///aubrie_mltit_chapters_22-23/set?id=89509805

Chapter 23 (When James attacks): http:///aubrie_mltit_james_attacks/set?id=89510399

Chapter 25 (Prom) : http:///prom/set?id=69597501

Summer Chapter 1 (Aubrie's Birthday): http:///birfffday/set?id=70670761

Summer Chapter 2 (First Job): http:///cgi/set?id=130383367

Summer Chapter 3 (Viewing of Twilight): http:///aubrie_movie/set?id=80650680


Chapter 1 (School outfit): http:///cgi/set?id=130384633

Chapter 1 (Bella and Aubrie's party outfits): http:///party/set?id=78510178

Chapter 2 (Aubrie's duplicate dress): http:///party_foul/set?id=78890487

Chapter 3 (First mentioned school outfit): http:///mwsinm_chapter_first_outfit/set?id=109538436

Chapter 3 (Second mentioned school outfit): http:///mwsinm_chapter_outfit/set?id=109479917

Chapter 3 (Cheer outfit): http:///mwsinm_chapter_outfit/set?id=109479917

The Day After (Mike's party outfit): http:///aubrie_mikes_party_outfit/set?id=89513509

October (Dress up party outfit): http:///mwsnm_october_party_outfit/set?id=112563706

October (Other people's dress up party outfits): http:///mwsnm_party_in_october/set?id=116407417

October (Aubrie and Friend's Halloween costumes): http:///halloween/set?id=119971358

October (Fowlers Halloween costumes): http:///fowlers_halloween_costumes/set?id=125001916


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