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Author has written 3 stories for Seven Realms series, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter.

So my updates are taking longer and longer (I have school to thank for that)... but don't forget to leave me reviews, because I really could use the encouragement and the advice :)


No matter how hard I try you're never satisfied. This is not a home I think I'm better off alone. You always disappear even when you're here. This is not my home I think I'm better off alone.


FULL NAME:SIRIUS ORION BLACK"My parents had this thing, you see, about keeping with family tradition. So I'm a son-of-a-bitch, as I like to joke. Get it? S-O-B? Okay, okay. Anyway, we're all named after stars or something like that, which I think is stupid. It's something pureblood and goes back as far as the Black family does. No doubt little Reggy will keep it going on in his family because he always does what mummy and daddy want him to do. Dipshit. Sirius is okay, at least, 'cos it's Canus Major, and, well, that's what I am, innit?"

NICKNAMES:SIRI, PADFOOT."Siri is just one of those nicknames that came about when someone was genius enough to realize that saying Sirius is just far too long. I mean, it doesn't matter much where it came from, does it? And Padfoot is just what my friends call me. We've all got cooky names like that, don't we? We're Moony-Wormtail-Padfoot-Prongs, and we're probably gonna ruin your life. Unless your Lily Evans. Then you're just saved and you should probably thank us."

AGE:16."I just want you to know that if you don't know it yet, life sucks at a sixteen year old. If it weren't for my friends, I don't know what I'd do. Especially James. He's been a great guy for me this past summer. When I showed up at his place this year... well, I mean... y'know what? James was perfect, and maybe sixteen isn't so awful when you've got the right people to spend it with."

BIRTH DATE:MAY 18, 1959.

BLOOD TYPE:O-"The notion that any other word outside of "O-" matters is bullshit and you're not getting it out of me. I'm not flaunting that, so fuck off, you. I hate you and I don't even know you. Don't you ever ask me again."




































my patronus is a Padfoot, which makes sense because... well, it just makes sense, okay? A Padfoot is one of those big black dogs that haunts the church yards and if you see it, it's supposed to mean that you're gonna die soon and stuff, so it's kinda neat that it's what protects me. It'd be even neater if the patronus wasn't all silvery and shit because then my enemy would be like "GAHHHH A PADFOOT!" and just drop over dead and my whole problem of needing a patronus would be solved. Oh, wait, shit. No, nevermind. I forgot that they're used against dementors. D'you think that you could scare a dementor to death like that?"

"Uh, getting back on topic, my best memory that I use to conjure it is, um, the day I met Remmy and James and Peter 'cos, like, before... well, I had never had anyone like me. I just hung out with a bunch of purebloods and these people -- even James is like me, but he's so different. I wanted to be their friend. And I willed myself into a different house and then they were there and it was magical. I had friends who loved me no matter what my family was and they didn't care about how my cousins treated me in the halls and we came up with ways to prank them and, Merlin... how aren't they my Patronus?"


I should probably say that this was the night that I tricked Snape into going to the Whomping Willow, but it's not. I'm over that. Moony and I are okay now. It's the night I left home for good. It felt so right and perfect, but the words thrown at my by my parents -- it bothered me. I grabbed exactly what I needed and bolted. I just showed up at James holding exactly what I had grabbed (which wasn't much) and said nothing of what happened and he knew. That's just how he is. He's never asked and I've never offered. I don't think I could."


"I want to be an auror so I can help get rid of every last death eater - that's what they're calling themselves now - and kill the dark lord and make sure that our children never know this sort of hate. I wish there was some way to make sure that blood status never mattered, but I could start with eradicating war and hate."


"I guess it's not so much a real thing that happened, but it's what I know is happening and what's going to happen and that's what scares me. My boggart is Regulus, lying on the floor, dead, his dark mark directly exposed, and I suppose it's suffice to say that I'm the one that's killed him. And I don't want it to be that way, but I'm going to be the one that kills him because he's going to turn out that way - he's mummy and daddy's son, after all - I just wish there was something I could do to help him. But he's a stupid shit and it doesn't matter because I don't hang out with Boggarts all too often."



THAT STUFF THAT REMUS WEARS (I don't know; I think it's because it reminds me of muggles and muggle stuff, but I don't really know. this is odd.)












GOOFS OFF TOO MUCH (according to moony)






Sirius' personality is a firecracker, and you can never be too sure on what you're going to get. Around his friends, he's on thing, and around people that he doesn't know, he's a completely different person. He's guarded and has walls that no one with a sane mind would want to climb (although they're greatly lessened for the marauders), but he is perhaps the most charismatic and loving person when you chip them away just a little bit and start to get to know him. Fore starters, Sirius is a prankster. He doesn't want to live this life seriously (no pun intended). Whenever there's a tense moment or something that requires urgent attention going on, Sirius will be there, ready to act... but also ready to crack a handful of jokes. To some, it seems to be rude and arrogant, but to others it's just what it is. Someone needs to be the comic relief, and it's how young Mr. Black copes, so his friends accept it for what it is and don't comment too much on his lack of tact. Fore example, Sirius would not be out of his realm (in his opinion) to show up to a funeral, crack a million and a half jokes about the deceased, and then stroll out as if nothing happened. That's just how he is. Sirius is also dreadfully loyal. To the untrained eye, it appears that he would have done well in Hufflepuff, although he gets rather defensive when you even suggest that. He would lay his life down for any of his close friends, and he would expect them to do the same (although he would never say that, and he would still lay his life down first, no questions asked). Loyalty is just something that goes along with his nature, and something that he feels that he owes to his makeshift "family" that he crafted out of the likes of Remus, Peter, and James. Another quality of Sirius' is the fact that he is extremely jealous. For example, when someone steals one of his beloved Marauder's attention away and it isn't him, he'll go on the war patha nd do anything to get it back. He's afraid that once they get to know someone else better, they'll realize that Sirius isn't that good of friend anyway, so he doesn't want that to happen. In one good example of this jealousy, there's the great mashed potato incident of year three in which James was talking to a semi-attractive girl of Ravenclaw house. Sirius couldn't take it anymore and at dinner when the girl-from a different house- decided to join the four of them for dinner (the nerve!), Sirius snapped. He didn't like the way James had goo-goo eyes and looked at her the way that Sirius thought James should look at him, so he simply levitated the mashed potatoes and slammed them all over the happy couple. Needless to say, it was worth James' anger for a day or two, the non-dating of the two, and the three weeks worth of detention that Sirius got out of it. Jealousy. Pfth. Finally, Sirius is a lover. He's always seen with some sort of eye- candy on his arm and he's not afraid to flaunt it. None of it means anything to him. However, he knows he's quite the catch and he likes to get what he can now while he's protected within these halls and safe from the waging war outside. He believes that one day he'll find someone to see past his good looks and who will get to know him deep down, but until then, it's a bumch of one night stands and "Yeah, sure, I'll talk to you later" empty sort of promises that come with his nature.





"Well, my family is quite loaded, but I've been kicked out/I left, so I'm broke as shit. That's okay, though, so it doesn't matter. I'll figure something out."






Sirius had the typical pureblood upbringing. However, when even before it came time to start him at Hogwarts, everyone knew that there was something "different" about him. He didn't get overly excited about his Dark Arts training. He was different than Narcissa and Bellatrix. He was more like Andromeda, who was different too. He wasn't quite as excitable as even his little brother, Regulus. Nevertheless, he was sent off to Hogwarts and they hoped for the best. Sirius was greeted with a howler within a day of being sorted. His cousin had sent an owl home and his mother had exploded. The whole Great Hall heard her distaste for him-she threatened right then and there to blast him off the family tree, to not let him ever come home again, to killl him the next time that she saw him, to feed him to Lord Voldemort and his minions. The list went on and on. Just because Sirius was now in Gryffindor house. Sirius did the sensible thing and threw his head back and laughed as the howler exploded in his face. His new friends sat open mouthed and shaking at the experience and Sirius, used to it, just laughed. He then calmly got up and walked out of the Hall and to his first class of the day- something like Transfiguration. It didn't matter to him if he wasn't part of that family anymore. He had new friends. They were better anyways. As it went on, it didn't get better. He didn't go home for the holidays and he didn't talk to his cousins anymore. Perhaps on occasion, he'd talk to Andromeda, but she was afraid to be seen with him. He was a lone black sheep in this world, and mostly he was okay with that. Summer meant being expected to go to things where there would be Death Eaters and the like, something that Sirius did not appreciate. When he rejected the idea that he had to go, Sirius was mistreated by his parents with a couple haphazard Crucios or something similar. He learned to be touch, which is something that he hopes will help him when he enters into Auror training. It's a secret that he kept, but it's still a part of him. it was harder existing in a world where Regulus existed and not talking to him, but habit quickly formed and it didn't hurt as much. Besides, there was hardly time to ache when you could joke and prank and ruin people's lives that way that he could with the Marauders. It made up for his stupid as shit brother any day. Three brothers were better than one, Sirius had long ago decided. Although he wished that Regulus would see the errors of his ways, he had long given up hope of trying to dissuade his younger brother that what he was doing and believing in was wrong. His brother seemed to be more impressionable than he himself was. It was a tragedy in himself, because he always believed that together, they could the Black family something great again. Over the past summer, Sirius had one final blow with his parents. His parents were the sort of people who thought Sirius would eventually come around to their cause... but Sirius never did. After an ultimatum was given, Sirius left, never to look back. The Potters- Merlin bless them- took him in and treated him like their own son, the way his parents treated Regulus. It was so surprising to see, but Sirius finally now felt (at sixteen) that he had a home.

"Fuck, it's dark out," mumbled Sirius as he stumbled out of his parents house, tripping down the last three cement stairs to the grim old place that he had called his childhood home. He had a small, brown, hard back suitcase under his arm that slammed against the pavement below as he fell. Luckily for him, it didn't open. Shaking his head, he grabbed it and moved stealthily over to his motorbike that was near the lamppost on the opposite side of the street.

Just as he reached the motorbike and started to shrink his stupid suitcase so that it'd be pocket sized, the front door from his parents house opened, flooding the street with light. A red light was hurled at him, to which Sirius ducked, feeling it graze the top of his head. "Quit it, you batty old woman!"he bellowed, mounting his bike, trying to kick the kickstand up.

"If you leave here, you're never allowed back! You bastard! You were never a son of mine!"she screeched, another jet of light -this one green - sent at him. It missed him by a mile, a clear indication that she had either been drinking (a strong possibility, knowing his mother), or that she wasn't really trying to kill him (not that strong of a possibility. she had no maternal bone in her body).

Sirius kicked his bike to life, letting it roar against the otherwise noiseless street. He didn't care if the muggles all came out to inspect what was going on. "Consider that a promise. I won't be back. Ever,"he vowed, calling as loud as possible over the roar of the bike. He then took off speeding against the pavement of the street, just wanting to feel free. Instead of stopping at the stop sign, he pulled the lever on the bike, flinging it into the sky, feeling free for the first time all summer. He just wanted to fly and drive and be alone for a while.

Sirius flew for what seemed like ages, not really sure of where he was going; he had no set path in his life at this current moment. He was sixteen. He had no home. He was sure that Peter wouldn't be allowed to take him in - he was just living with his dad, if Sirius remembered correctly. He couldn't go to Remus' because Remus' parents had enough to deal with when it came to Remus'... issues than to have to add a runaway on their hands. That left the Potters. The Potters loved Sirius. They thought of him as another son, and he and James were closer than close. Sirius tilted his bike and aimed towards James', letting out a yelp as the bike shook and rumbled, laughing too.

This was free.

Another hour of flying, he landed rather roughly on the ground outside of the Potter Manor. Quietly, as it was 4:39 AM, Sirius moved his bike to the back of the house, resized his suitcase, and walked up the front steps of the manor. Knocking tentatively, he realized how small and stupid he looked (and felt). This was ridiculous. Who did this? Just as he was about to turn away, the door opened to reveal a messy haired boy with glasses - his savior.

"So, are you gonna make me stand here all night, or are you gonna invite me in?"



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