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Hey guys! I decided to update my profile in a more "homely" way and list some of my interests and favorite things. (Kudos to Jennie for this idea! I love you, Asian! ^_^) For your info, yes I am American, yes I would like to live in England, yes I am 19, and yes I like sheep. ... I'm sorry, did I say sheep? I meant Harry Potter. ^_^;

Favorite Shows:
~Highlander (Holy poop; Methos is hot. I want him forever.)
~Drew Carrey (Ryan is the man.)
~Whose Line is it Anyway? (Colin is the man, too. :P)
~Monk (YAY to Tony Shaloub for winning a Golden Globe! ^^)
~Law and Order: Criminal Intent (Who couldn't love a name like Vincent D'Onofrio? :P)
~Monty Python's Flying Circus ('Nuff said.)
~Horatio Hornblower (Ioan Gruffudd...)

Favorite Cartoons:
~The Hobbit and The Return of the King by Rankin/Bass! :D
~Pirates of Dark Water (An oldie that comes on Boomerang. It's pretty awesome! ^^)
~SWAT Kats (If I were a cartoon cat, I would so go out with Razor. ;D)
~Spongebob Squarepants (I don't care if Squidward IS mean! He'd be the man, too, if he weren't an aquatic creature! :P)

Favorite Movies:
(In no particular order)
~The Harry Potter Movies (Duh.)
~The LotR Movies (Duh again. :P)
~Monty Python Movies (Yes. I like lavitorial humor. So?)
~Dogma (I don't care what denomination you belong to or what you believe, this movie has some good shittin' points in it. And it's got Alan Rickman and Jason Lee in it! XD~~~~)

Is this getting boring? o.o Well, if it is, stop reading it! NARF! :D

Fav Foods:
~Ramen (Mmm...)
~Bacon (Mmm-hmm...)
~Steak (Me carnivore.)
~Chicken (Tastes like chicken! :D)
~Cookies! ^_^

Fav Animes:
~Record of Lodoss War (Ashram..)
~Geobreeders (So cute! ^.^)
~Trigun (Wolfwood! ^_^)
~Inuyasha (SIT!)
~Ranma 1/2 (I dressed up like girl Ranma for Halloween... I have red hair, did ya know, uh, uh? :D)

If you don't wanna read this, skip to da end or email me to get rid of it. o.o But the last category is...!!!:

Fav Video Games! ^_^ (In order.)
~Suikoden 2
~Suikden 3
~Suikden 1(Yea. I like Suikoden games... How did you know? o.o)
~FF7 (Cid is... ... yes, you guessed it! Great! :D Ha!)

Yo yo, I is BACK! I read the 5th Harry Potter book and now I am KICKIN'! Thanks so much to everyone's support during my time of struggle! I love you all! ^_^

And on to my stories! Check out my recommended reading section! (Fav authors and stories) Email me if ya wanna chat! Lata! ^_^

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