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Poll: So, I decided I want to write a Cristmas special. Hetalia, for sure... because hetalia and christmas go together like old people and pirates. What Pairings should I base it around? why do I feel like this is a stupid question...? Vote Now!
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I LOVE Yaoi!

This account is for, Yaoi, Yuri, and regular Mature Content!

You read that correctly I said Yuri, even though I am straighter than a pole, I decided to try my hand at Yuri, got a problem with it? You are in the wrong place. I like to think that I have an open mind, if you dont, you have been warned.

Something that I am not very open about: Incest or Pedophilia. I wont threaten your life or flame you if you write it i have read it a few times and it has its charms. However, I don't usually write it. (unless, asked very nicely)


I am Lame... I Like doing things for people, and This means I will write Yaoi, Yuri Or Other Mature content(OMC), Just for you!

1) I will put an effort into writing anything and everything

2) If you ask for Yaoi, Yuri or OMC with characters from an Anime or Manga I have not Watched or Read, I will need to research it.

3) However, there are a few things I wont even research (yeah I'm a bitch) Avatar: the last airbender, Naruto, DragonBall Z (Why? I dont like them thats why.)

4) Requests will be oneshots only. Sorry I am REALLY LAZY.

5) If you REALLY dont like it, I will write you another one, Limit 2 per person.

6) Send me a message telling me how you like it!

7) Warning: I will Take poetic license!!!

So get to reading requesting and reviewing!

My OTP(s) are pairings I read, but I swear I will write every pairing! if I don't like the pairing the fic sometimes doesn't taste good (I meant sound but screw that!)

OTP(s): GerIta, Spamano, FrUK, PruCan, Ameripan SebxGrell, WillxGrell MattxChristie MelloMatt PepsiCola Erisol PB&J Dirk/Jake Karezi Equius/Nepeta Rosemary

N-OTP(s): USUK, USCAN SebxCiel, MattxEmily, Inuyasha and Kikyo(She's dead, Get OVER her) L and Light I'm not a dick Homestuck ships, I think everyone's ships deserve to sail.

A little bit about me

Overall personality: Goofy-silly-Loving-B average-loud-quirky-eccentric-Homophiliac


Other interesting stuff: I have a rat people say I'm weird for that i tell them to violate an albino Boa constrictor. I love drawing. I am the kind of person who loves almost anyone and anything. I was first Hooked on Anime by my friends Cousin... I worship my Anime-Sempai!

Loves: almost all anime including InuYasha, Hetalia, Furuba, Dramacon, xxxHoLiC, Kuroshitsuji! OHSHC, High school of the dead, chobits, DEATH NOTE, Spice and Wolf. Elfin Lied SOUL EATER!!! Currently HOMESTUCK IS DEFINATELY MY NEW OBSESSION


Me and Spec haven't talked for a long while but she and I are cool this is the link to her profile, tell her I love/miss her. tell her you appreciate her. or ingore this and keep scrolling... that works too,


She really does so much for me. Love you Spec! Thanks Uber Much!


Requests: DenNor

All I ask of you: Sebastian and Grell song fic somewhat of a sequel to Music of the night

Non-requests: other assorted Homestuck writings

Thank you talk to you later all my little Pinkies!

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Baile Con La Bula by Wendigo Heart reviews
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Bad Day reviews
Written as A present for my friend AJ. I love you disaster! Karkat has a bad day and Sollux is NOT helping. Sorry it sucks Major butt and I took so long working on it.
Homestuck - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,465 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 3 - Published: 3/2/2013 - Karkat V., Sollux C. - Complete
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Dave: go to the kitchen to satiate your grumbling tummy. first Homestuck fic... as it is my new obsession.
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How was our favorite mountie conceived and what was his time in the womb like from the point of veiw of his father... mULTI chaPTER lets find out MPREG FRUK YAOI DL'DR
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