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Hiya Everyone!!!!!

Gender: Girl.

Date of Birth: December 8th, 1999

Age: 13

CONTEST!!!: Hello everyone! I, LivingParadise, am hosting a contest. If you would like to enter, PM me. The contest is for anyone who would like to enter and OC in my new and upcoming fanfic, Sky on Fire. It's undecided what anime it will be, so please vote by PMing me. There will be three winners:

  1. First place winner will recieve the main OC placing, relationship of choice, their choice in alignment, and anything they suggest.
  2. Second place winner will recieve partner OC placing(They'll show up a lot.), relationship of choice, and their choice in alignment.
  3. Third place winner will recieve OC placing(Show up a lot),relationship of choice, and their choice in alignment.

May the best OC win. Oh, if your OC doesn't place and I like the OC, I'll use it sometimes.

Rules: You need to enter a full description, back story, and bio.


If you have ANNOYING younger or older siblings, Copy and paste this to your profile!!!!


:)= Happy

:-(= Sad

:-S= Confused

:-P= Sticking tounge out

:0= Suprised

;-)= Wink

>:-)= Evil smile

:'(= Tears

:-B Bucktoothed

>:-(= Angry

C=:-)= Chef

d:-)= Baseball Player

Q:-)= Garduate

O:-)= Angel

):-)= Uncle Sam

o_o'= Sweat Drop

o_O'= Animated sweat drop

:{)= Mustache

B= Sunglasses

:= Awsome Pokerface

I want to thank SarahElric1999 for letting me copy those emoticons down! :)

I also want to thank ChikitaWolf for her kindness in becoming my friend! XD

Last but not least (for thank yous') I want to thank everyone for thier creativity!!! B)

Annoying things to do on an elevator

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2) STAND silent and motionless in the corner facing the wall without getting off.

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5) MEOW occasionally.

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21) SWAT at flies that don't exist.

22) CALL out "Group hug" then enforce it

Okay so heres whats been happening:

1) Chapters 2 and 3 have been updated and I promise to make them longer!

2) I started typing a new Fan Fiction which will be out soon and the chapters are longer than the chapters in Switcheroo.

3) Stupid Government is trying to take away religous rights.

4) I've been reading and watching D.Gray-Man which also means every time I saw Allen my heart race and I went bonkers!

O. O. . o. o ()O... o. () O. O. . .. .SNOWBALLFIGHT!!"o.()O...o. () O. * *. *O. . . oo. Got ya.. pass it along

Last updated: 9/4/2011

Hey everyone,

I just put up chapter 1 of my new story D.Gray-Man 2 and I hope you will all read it!

If you put me in you faveorite authors list I fully appretiate you!

If you did that and you private message me I will be sure to make you one of my faveorit authors!

Also if you have a DeviantArt acoount I'd like to know so I can look yoou up and watch you.

Btw...If you haven't already noticed I L-O-V-E Allen Walker! >/////

Please PM me and let me know why you like my fanfic and give me a reason because I'm a very curious person and would like to know!


Updated: 9/5/2011

Name: Adrianna Walker

Innoence: Parasite/Crystal


Family: Allen Walker and Zoe Walker

Bio: Her left arm becomes Crowned Clown and she can turn her body into a crytalized wepon.She was found by Mana while Zoe and Allen were with him and they became a circus family of 'colors'. Adrianna-Yellow, Zoe-Black, and Allen-Red. When the three "revived" Mana, he cursed them and gave them each a pentecal topped scar on their left eye, which now let's them see Akuma souls. Allen's hair immideatly turned white, Adrianna's hair took a few weeks, and Zoe's a few months. General Croos took them in, he used Adrianna and Zoe to "reel" in ladies and Allen to pay his debts so Adrianna and Zoe were spoiled. Adrianna helped Allen out with debts a grew a grudge against Cross just as big as Allen's.

So...Right now I'm working on Noah Prevails...I'm going to put my friend Maryam's OC Maryam (PFFFT!) in the story and a few OCs from a virtual friend of mine. (Sorry I haven't learned you screen name yet...I know it begins with Ghost...Gold? I dunno sorry.)


Sup Everyone!

I'm going to write a Maximum Ride and Hetalia Fanfic!

I Need an idea for the Hetalia one. PM me if you have any! THx. Continue Making pasta and NOT war! = w =

(Update July, 15 2012)

Here we go! I've been offline for SO long! I'm here to make a story update and put in a description about my Hetalia and Maximum Ride OC.

I'm starting Reader inserts! If you haven't noticed yet...There is an Dark!Italy X Reader in my stories!!!!! I'm uber happy about the views I have on another website. Noah Prevails...*sigh* I will do my best to post the next chapter. (So sorry fans.)

Character: Italy Vicenza

Name: Anottieta Vicenza Vargas

Age: 14

Eye and hair color: Eyes: Caramell ,brown Hair: Light brown

Desc: Vicenza is a country in NorthEastern Italy. She is Tripersonalitied. Tow curlsreprestent that. One Italy placed curl and one Romano placed curl. WHen one twitches, she automatically switches personalities. Whenboth twitch she obtains her ownshy personality. (Other two are her Italy and Romano personailites.) She has a huge crush on Japan and usually fights with Taiwan. Her older sister is Sicily/ Anabella Sicily Vargas. She feels allthe impact of Italy andROmano's fights. Because Sicily has snapped tris her hardest to get VIcenza to reach that point hopping she'll be a powerful addition to her Mafia.

Clothes: A china sleeved Italian flag shirt, blue skirt,and light blue flare jeans.

Shoes: A black version of Iceland's boots.

Character: Indigo

Age: 14

Eye an Hair color: Eyes:Baby Blue, Hair: Golden Blonde

Desc: Indigo was found by Max while Max was escaping an Itex building. Indigo had been beaten emotionless and didn't understand the fact she had been mutated. When Max taught her how to fly, all of Indigo's emotions flooded in at once. She fell in love with the strawberry blonde, Iggy! Inigo's powers are all those of the Flock's and some of her own she obtained.

Clothes: A black bikers jacket, white tee shirt, red skirt, and black knee high boots.

EDIT: June 13, 2013

Oh my gosh.

I've been inactive for a whole year...sports have been stealing my valuable fanfiction time... ;_;

Don't tell Sempai...


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