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welcome to my profile. My name is Cinderheart.

The reason I chose Cinderheart for my user name is because

she is great. (Not my favorite, but pretty nice.) She is like

another life of Cinder Pelt who was a great Medicine Cat of

Thunder Clan, if you didn't know. I think it's pretty cute how she

begins to like Lion Blaze. (Listen guys, sorry if I spoiled something for you,

but you looked here, so it's your own fault!) And that's the reason I chose

her as my user name.


I love to Role Play. Mostly Warriors, for Wolves and others are not really something I would select.

I like fair, and reasonably good Name Rating Sites. If there are fights bursting out constantly, for example, then I probably will not visit that site. But if every one on that site is pretty decent, then I'm more likely to enter that place.

WARRIORS! *Eyes go misty* I just can't put down those books no matter what!


First up is Prin Pardus, she's like the first person I had met here, and she's really sweet and considerate for others. She's an awesome writer, as I have read some of her stories; They are detailed and beauitfully plotted.

Next is Snowfluff, who is quite fun to have around, and always make you feel brighter than when you started out. Snowfluff is like the second person I think I met as friend.

Amberyamber is the third person who I can think of as a friend. She's super nice and is very sweet person to talk to. She doesn't try to act superior to you or anything, she's nice, and thats why she's one of my Fan Fiction friends.

Roseleaf99: Very steady and firm on her Warrior Cat judgement, which I find is a skill not worth doubting. She is very neat about her posts, and also has a friendly side.

Morningcloud is also a good friend, she has one of the first Rating places I joined, and its always nice there.

Sunshinebaby is one more friend to add to this list! She brings the day to a whole new level, and I love that!

Books On Fire has a firey oddly interesting persepctive of things, this makes her unique, and thats why she's is on my friend's list!

Ashwhisker is added as a friend because this person is such a kind person, giving out nice comments and always making you feel good! It really brightens up your day!

I have Shimmertail as a good friend. Good person to rp with! :D

Pure Awesomeness is also funny, serious, and a whole bunch of qualities which makes her an AWESOME friend!


1. Firestar

2. Lionblaze

3. Jayfeather

4. Brightheart

5. Greystripe

6. Spottedleaf

7. Bluestar

8. Cinderheart

9. Dovewing

10. Hollyleaf

Imagine a 1 and 3 couple.

That would be messed up.

Firestar: "Jayfeather, would you be my mate?"

Jayfeather: "Screw you!"

Would 7 and 8 be a good couple?

And why do you want to know if Bluestar and Cinderheart would be a good couple?

That answer is no.

How about 5 and 6?

Ah, Greystripe and Spottedleaf? If she weren't dead, I'd say they'd be pretty good togther...

Oh wait! She's a medicine cat! NO! DON'T BREAK THE WARRIOR CODE SPOTTED LEAF!

What would happen if 1 walked in on 2 and 3 kissing?

Excuse me?

Firestar: *walks through ferns and sees Lionblaze kissing Jayfeather* TALK ABOUT BROTHERLY LOVE!

Jayfeather-Oh *.

Lionblaze- YOU! *attacks leader*


If 10 tried to kiss 9, what would happen?

Ah, that is a story which will not end well. You see, Hollyleaf is not into kissing any one since she is in the tunnels and she hates her clan members. And every one else. She supposidly is dead. (ISNT!) Here's what would happen:

Dovewing:Give me a kiss!


What would 8 think if 3, 7, and 10 all wanted to be her mate?

Oh. M. G. You really think Jayfeather, a meddie would mate her?

You think Bluestar, who is a SHECAT and a FEMALE would mate her?

You think Hollyleaf would mate her? THIS IS SICK!

What would 10 think if 9 died?

She wouldn't know...She didn't know much about Hollyleaf and would shrug.

Think of a name for a 2 and 4 love story.
Love & Lionblaze..

What happens when a scarred she-cat and a invincible Tom meet.

What would it be about?

Brightheart first feels betrayed by Cloudtail, because he loves Daisy, and ignore her. Then Lionblaze shows feelings for her, and she starts to love him..(uh..)



1. Brook

2. Storm Fur

3. Feather Tail

4. Moon Flower

5. Lion Heart (NOT Lionblaze..)

6. Greystripe

7. Leaf Pool

8. Crow Feather

9. Bracken Fur

10. Sorreltail

Imagine a 1 and 3 couple.

Sorry, that's not happening.

Would 7 and 8 be a good couple?

OMG. You want them to try to get together again? First of all, Nightcloud would become outraged and try to kill the both of them for secretly meeting up again, and second of all, Crowfeather hates Leafpool now.

How about 5 and 6?

Lionheart-Hello, my apprentice. It's nice seeing you. Wanna mate? I mean, we could have the time of our lives! Greystripe: Erg, u creep me out.

What would happen if 1 walked in on 2 and 3 kissing?

Brook would hate Stormfur for loving another cat, and if Feathertail were dead, would he be kissing a dead cat?

If 10 tried to kiss 9, what would happen?

Awww, so cute. Then Bracken fur would kiss her right back! He loves his mate!

What would 8 think if 3, 7, and 10 all wanted to be her mate?

Well Crowfeather is a HE. And he would be confused why so many she cats are after him! He would love Feathertail..But then she'd be a dead cat..

What would 10 think if 9 died?

NO! NO! NO! SORRELTAIL! MY LOVE! *dies* He loves her, so he would scream and cry for a VERY long time.

Think of a name for a 2 and 4 love story.
Going back In Time

What would it be about?

Stormfur uses a time machine, meets up with Moon Flower, kills Storm Tail, and ruins Bluekit and Snowkits lives. Lol...

My Own Odd Stuff (NO seriously, I made them! DONT TAKE THEM!)

Flametail:Will you marry me, Jayfeather? *proposes*

Jayfeather: *stares* but were both boys!

Flametail: None of that matters now..Just take the ring..

Jayfeather: But cats don't wear rings! And we'd be breaking the warrior code! Not only because its gay, but because were meddies!


Jayfeather: I summon Tigerstar!

Tigerstar: Leaps out of no where and kills Flametail. *turns to Jayfeather* Now weres the money?

Shimjim (18)