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"I left home that day, hoping that someone would leave me alone for once. But then again im never alone, for he's always watching me. And i hate the fact that i can never escape, from his everseeing eyes up above in the heavens..."

Name: Laruku/Lolita-sama
Age: Unlucky Thirteen
Fave animes: NARUTO, Trigun, dot hack, Serial Experiments Lain, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rurouni Kenshin, Noir (you could basically say all the dark animes that make absoulutely no sense to everyone else but for ppl like me, find them amazing)
Idols: Yoko Kanno, Tsuneo Imahori, J.R.R Tolkien, CLAMP
Likes: Uchiha Sasuke, Gothic Lolitas, Kenneth Oppel's Silverwing Trilogy, Anything NuMetal, Trance&Euro, Do As Infinity, Orli
Dislikes: pork, KoGals, hentai, obsessive yaoi girls, fanfiction boards overloaded with yaoi (but that doesn't defeat my love for Naruto ^^)

Laruku is the short form for the j-rock band "L'arc-en-Ciel", I've liked them for quite a long time, so hence the username. Lolita-sama is my alter ego, another aspect of myself. She's sort of my dark moody and gothic side which i get whenever i feel depressed or trapped up in one of my mood swings. No one really knows about her, so it's often hard keeping all those feelings inside. So i decided to introduce her in my writing to help write all my dark emotions out.

Currently foccussed writing on:

NARUTO: by Masashi Kishimoto

Current projects:

Scroll Sealer Sakura

AU fic, CCS crossover

Current number of released chapters: 8


Genre: Action/Adventure, Humor, Mild Romance (more romance factors will be introduced later on until more characters are introduced)
Couplings: This will become a Sasusaku fiction although this coupling will again, be not introduced in the begining. Other than that, this fiction contains many varied couplings.
Summary: Sakura is your normal average girl who just wants to get through with her life and become a good shinobi. However with the strange queer dreams and occurences going it seems she has no hope of that, she can't even accomplish Henge no Jutsu without something going wrong. Sakura then discovers the hidden location of the Twelve Legendary Kage Scroll of Seals, and ends up releasing dangerous spirits that she has eccountered in her strange surreal dreams. Now chosen by the last remaining guardian spirit, Kyubi, Sakura has now been appointed the role of "Scroll Sealer" together with her friends Naruto: The Almighty Nine-Tailed Fox Demon sealed by the Yondaime himself, and Hyuuga Hinata, Sakura's most trusted and beloved friend, the begin their desperate search for the twelve spirits before it is too late. Little does Sakura know, of what dangers and myseteries lie ahead.

Author's Note:This is my first Naruto piece and i am currently very pleased with it. Scroll Sealer Sakura is an Alternate Universe fiction meaning that it does not follow Kishimoto-san's plot in the anime/manga "NARUTO". It is an anime crossover with the series "Cardcaptor Sakura" hence the similar titles. Couples are varied but it is intentionally centered around sasusaku (although this factor will not appear until later on). I wrote this fiction because our Haruno Sakura needs more love. ^^ I sincerly hope this will turn out for the best. Reviews are always appriciated from everyone (including flamers). feedback keeps my writing spirit alive.

The Frog, The Snake, and The Snail

Current number of chapters released: 1


Genre: Action/Adventure, Humor
Couplings: undecided
Summary: Young naruto goes on a quest all by himself to go look for his missing mother and become a hero! Equipped with several pairs of underwear, bandages for owies, and three packs of glorious dried ramen he goes in search for adventure meeting up with unexpected allies along the way. . .
Author's Note: Created for the love of chibis! Another alternate universe. I really don't have a lot planned out for this fic, i just wanted to write some fluff. I also thought it be interesting to write the perspective of a younger version of "NARUTO". I didn't really have a reason to write this fic, except just to have the title. The title just popped up into my head and i quickly wrote a chapter just to hold down the title before someone else thought of it. Tsunade's summoned animal is actually the slug, but i always thought that Sakura had a snail so i used snail instead of slug for the title. besides, i prefer snails anyway. ^^



Minna-san, I've finally updated, be happy. ^^ Skool's starting soon as you all know, which might keep me a but busy for awhile (stuff like this get's time to get used to for me), but what i'm trying to do from now on is weekly updates. Might not exactly be weekly but at least i'll update more often. If you find that i'm updating to slowly give me a shout but anyways i'll do it for you guys. Keep tabs on my profile for future updates. Ja ne!

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Scroll Sealer Sakura reviews
UPDATED! AU fic,CCS crossover: Strange dreams, lead to strange occurences. Coincedence? Not when the Twelve Kage Scrolls are released. Everything is as real as it seems, and Sakura must now face this with all the possible help she can get. varied coupling
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