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8/9/11- I've been reading fanfictions for a while now, but only just recently got this account to keep track of my favorite stories/authors. Of course, I'm bored and on summer break, so the inevitable happened and I will soon be posting a story under Prince of Tennis. I'm also the current writer of "One Piece Marriage Prospects," although the first three chapters were written by my older sister, xanimelover121x (it's also on her account).

8/16/11- YAY! Prologue of HWGA (see below) is up! It's pretty short, though the four chapters I've got done are eleven-page-whoppers. Now let's see if anyone reads...

8/19/11- Huh. HWGA's doing pretty well... Oh yeah, and I did the math because I'm bored, and turns out 0.02% of the people who read actually bothered to review. Come on people, it'll take two minutes and I'm really pathetic. Pleeeaaaaseeeeeeeeeee?

9/14/11- Bleh. Back to school... The updates will still be weekly though, because I, being the awesome person that I am, have several already written. I also just fixed this major publishing error to do with documents and chapter numbers and basically resulted in, for example, chapter two being where chapter one should've gone. I fixed it. And almost got a migraine in the process.

11/11/11- I love typing this date... and writing it... and saying it. How the hell did HWGA get so popular? Not that I'm complaining.

12/10/11- Just to let you know, I will be updating on the sixteenth, then I'm going to skip the next two updates. Winter break and all that. After the sixteenth, my next update will be on January 6th. Have a great [insert regional holiday] everyone!

3/7/12- Damn. It's March already and HWGA's hit its half-year mark... When'd that happen? Now, as it so turns out, typing (and ergo, writing) is rather difficult with a broken thumb. Skiing accident... again. Sorry for the slow down in production... again.

7/7/12- The regrettably long delay is almost over- the new chapter is being edited at the moment and will be up soon.

4/10/13- *sigh...* No, people, HWGA isn't discontinued. I just have no time or inspiration lately. I'll update in the foreseeable future though. Hopefully.

Here We Go Again

Two years have passed since Seishun Gakuen conquered the Nationals. Two years have passed since Echizen Ryoma left to conquer the Grand Slams. Now, the Prince returns and Seishun Kokou is ready to take the Junior Circuits by storm once more. Rated T for language, slash (nothing hardcore), and reference to mature themes.

Fanart (author art?) for HWGA up on my deviantart profile, just keep in mind that most are just sketches, and the quality's pretty crappy

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"In all matter of opinion, our enemies are insane."

All Oscar Wilde quotes. Pretty sure the guy was nuts, but he was damn clever.

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