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4/21/2020 (updating my 5/26/2014 profile)

I’m working from home during the pandemic for my IT day job. I’ve been re-reading the Merlin series, ’A Question of ...’ by Alaia Skyhawk after needing a break from Harry Potter fanfics. My last profile update was almost 6 years ago! I haven’t done the possible rework and completion of ‘The Awakening of a Magus' yet. I still will not revisit 'Harry Potter - The Rest of the Story' because I can't force myself to do a Harry/Ginny story after all. I despise that pairing. Everyone is welcome to their own opinion ... That's mine.

From my 2014 update, I still have a couple of other plot bunnies that had reared their furry heads, and I may do something with them as well. As a teaser, their titles are 'Mirror, Mirror' (not related) and 'Anchors Awry' (not Away) which would both be relatively short, as in less than 10 chapters.

I will say this: I won't start posting a story until it is complete. Then I will likely post 1 chapter per week until done. No more uncertainty once a story starts.

In the meantime, I'll continue to read Merlin (I'm an overaged Colin Morgan fangirl *sigh*) and Harry fanfics, play Evony on my iDevices (until I switch to another game), and act as Promoter for Liberty Wrestling Entertainment, an indy promotion in Iowa run by my daughter and her fiancé. And for the past few years I’ve been a part of the cast of Dr, San Guinary’s Creature Feature as various characters, plus other (regrettably unpaid) acting. I may not have been writing, but I’ve been involved in stuff.

And, last but not least, I am proud to have been the beta and copyeditor of my daughter's novel, 'The Raggedyman' by S L Whitaker, available in trade paperback and ebook on Amazon. (Probably M for some graphic violence.) *end*shameless*plug*


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