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A little bit about myself...

I love reading Harry Potter fan fiction and occasionally, I may write a short one-shot from time to time.

I am married with three wonderful step-children.

My wife is my soul mate.

I am old enough to be a grandfather, seven times now with an eighth one due at the end of February. That will make it five boys and three girls.

I was in a terrible motorcycle accident just prior to my 19th birthday.

Since then, I have endured twelve surgeries including one double transplant.

I lost my eyesight in 2002.

My kidneys stopped working in 2002.

I spent nearly three years on dialysis.

I was a walking, talking poster boy for the pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately, I was just existing, no longer living.

There had to be a better way, I just knew it, but I felt time was running out for me.

Then, whether luck, chance or by the grace of God, I was introduced to the most amazing thing God ever created.

The Mangosteen fruit, a tiny, tangerine sized fruit that is purple in colour.

The following is a list of KNOWN benefits of this amazing fruit also known as the Queen of Fruits, a moniker given to it by Queen Victoria herself, who was rumoured to offer a knighthood to anyone who could successfully deliver some of this fruit into her hands before it spoiled.


The Whole Fruit Puree of the Mangosteen

Known in folklore for hundreds of years as "Food of the Gods" – "The Medicinal Fruit"

Known to modern health science as "The Richest Source of Xanthones Of Any Food On The planet"


1.) Anti-fatigue

2.) Anti-obesity

3.) Anti-depression

4.) Anti-anxiety

5.) Anti-Alzheimer’s

6.) Anti-arthritis

7.) Anti-periodontic (gum disease)

8.) Anti-allergenic

9.) Anti-seborrheic (skin disease)

10.) Anti-pyretic (anti-fever)

11.) Anti-Parkinsonism

12.) Anti-diarrhea

13.) Anti-neuralgia (nerve pain)

14.) Anti-vertigo (dizziness)

15.) Anti-glaucoma

16.) Anti-pain (for example, dental pain)

17.) Anti-inflammatory (cox-2 inhibitor; like Vioxx & Celebrex but without side effects)

18.) Anti-ulcer (for example, ulcers of stomach, mouth, small bowel, large bowel)


19.) Anti-oxidant (can be measured)

20.) Anti-cancer (can be measured)

21.) Anti-aging (can be measured)

22.) Anti-hypertension (can be measured)

23.) Anti-hypoglycemia (can be measured)

24.) Anti-immune-system-depression (can be measured)

25.) Anti-blood fat (can be measured)

26.) Anti-atherosclerosis (blood vessel and heart disease) (can be measured)

27.) Anti-osteoporosis (can be measured)

28.) Anti-viral (can be measured)

29.) Anti-bacterial (can be measured)

30.) Anti-fungal (can be measured)

31.) Anti-kidney stones (can be measured)

32.) Anti-cataracts (can be measured)

Don't just take my word for it, Dr. James Duke, world-famous ethno-botanist has compiled this list of the many Garcinia mangostana’s benefits and scientific proof can be found in over 150 independent scientific articles; see www DOT PubMed DOT com and enter "mangosteen" or "xanthones" as the search word.

Since being introduced to this amazing fruit, I have gained back about 70 percent of the total field of vision in my right eye. The clarity isn't very good, yet, but I can once again look into my wife's eyes, see how my children have grown up and become adults and watch my grandchildren as they grow.

I still take certain medications, but the juice that I drink has lessened the harmful side effects that long term drug therapy causes. I no longer suffer from fatigue, my body is functioning more normally, my lab results are always textbook perfect and my weight that soared to over 315lbs., thanks to the use of steroids as part of my drug therapy, is slowly coming down.

Remember, I was in a motorcycle accident and mobility is one of the issues I still deal with on a daily basis, an issue that became more prominent in 2008 when I broke my ankel and was confined to a wheelchair for almost 3 years.

Enough about me though, I have made it my goal to share the news about this amazing fruit with everyone that I can reach and hope that it will bring as much, or more improvement to your own life as it has for mine.

The company I now represent applied for and was given a patent on the juice so that it can be delivered around the world to everyone as it only grows in one part of the world and nowhere else.

If you have come this far and want to know more, you can check out the list of available products at the following:

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and discover if what I have to offer is for you.

In the meantime, enjoy my tiny contributions to the HP Universe.

DnG - The Blind Guy

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