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MY DEVIANTART PROFILE (I go on here the most often):




About my alter-ego, the namesake of my username

Hi, I'm Monica. I'm 17 years old, and as you can see, I was, like, SO TOTALLY in love with JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!! Ahh! Oh, and One Direction too. I was a fucking idiot, okay?

I used to be a Belieber (He's becoming an asshole now. Not cool.), but I still I love all things bright and beautiful. I used to not really like rock music that much, but Seize the Day by Avenged Sevenfold isn't really so bad. I kinda like it. I think Zacky Vengeance is pretty cute. (I guess I have a thing for lefty guitarists. JOHNNY BRADDOCK. DAYUM. Yes.) I listened to The Forgotten by Green Day, too, and I actually like it. Yeah, I hated at first to learn that Green Day was going to be on the soundtrack to Breaking Dawn, but I think they did a pretty good job. Oh, and CANNIBAL CORPSE IS AWESOME! Yes, really.

I'm five foot ten and, sadly, always taller than most guys I know, but the weird thing is that I've always had a thing for shorter guys. Short guys are cute! Why don't people give them a chance? I also hate wearing heels, which is something rather unusual for a girly girl like me. Being so tall is a fucking curse. It's hard to get guys when you're this tall. ...I'm single until now, because my last ex Charlie Backer (if anyone still remembers him anyway) dumped me years ago after he spread nasty rumors in school about One Less Lonely Gurl. I was also kicked off the cheering team, and became unpopular, which explains my almost-permanent hiatus from said fanfic. All that is behind me now, however, and the remake is currently being written. As of now, I have not much interest in getting into a seriously committed relationship. I'm just here to enjoy my life and pave the way towards my dream of becoming a great writer.

I love the color pink, obviously. I used to hate the color black, but I like it now, combined with baby pink.

I think Italian food is disgusting simply because I'm lactose-intolerant. I prefer Chinese food. I also love soda, especially Pepsi. My favorite chips are barbeque-flavored Pringles.

I read romance novels a lot also. When I get to college, I will take up a literature major and follow my dreams of becoming a writer. (Even though I have outgrown my love for Twilight and now see how ludicrous its premise is, I can still thank Stephenie Meyer for inspiring me to pursue my dreams.)

Yeah, sure I used to write horribly, but I sure hope things would change now. Everyone deserves a second chance, right? Now, I am an MSTer, with my partner, Jimmy...

About the real me

Name's James, and don't wear it out. As you can see, I have a female alter-ego named Monica Gilbey. I should've 'killed' her years ago, but something tells me not to. So, she stays, now a better person than she was before.

I'm just a guy who is interested in the limits of human stupidity and how far it could go. Hence, my pastime of writing trollfics and commentating on them as well. I have an amazing girlfriend who accepts me for who I am. I'm an architecture student, so that means I am quite preoccupied with projects and all-nighters, so I will not be posting as much. However, none of my fanfics will become deadfics. They WILL get updated eventually. I promise. (You may know more about me by visiting my deviantArt page. I'm most active there.)

By the way, I'm keeping my old username for the lulz.

NVR is NOT a fanfic I wrote. I just (somehow) own the rehost page.

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My Mëtäl reviews
Salutations, fellow brothers and sisters in the best genre of music ever: metal! AWWWWWW YEAH! From the troll who brought you One Less Lonely Gurl and Plankton's Eye View comes an epic tale of epic proportions told from the perspective of a stereotypical metal elitist. RATED M 4 METULZ! \m/ NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN SIRIUSLY! (Yup, it's a parody of the infamous My Immortal.)
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Yep, that infamous fanfic, which has since been deleted from FFN. Fortunately, there's a repost, with a link to it in my profile page. I'm going to challenge myself to translate it into more intelligible English. Please do remember that none of the original author's beliefs reflect my own. Contains sarcasm and lampshading of the absurdity of the original version.
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